What an honor it is to say that EDEN BodyWorks has now been in the game for 15 years! One of the most important contributions to our growth has been your support and feedback. Education and open communication about our products’ functions are essential! We’re always on the lookout for your questions and concerns! Today, we would like to address a few of your frequently asked product-related questions.



A: The Hairdress can be used several ways:

- Melt it in your hands and apply it like a pomade for sleek buns + up dos
- Apply to ends as a moisture + protection treatment
- Use it as a primer for twists
- Use it to soften hair for braiding (melt in hands, apply, then braid)
- Apply to straight or curly hair for added sheen/shine 



 A:  Finding the products that work best with your hair type actually depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to its porosity. The density of your hair plays a role, protein sensitivity, and several other aspects such as regimen and technique. So keep in mind, your hair could still like items from a collection that isn’t suggested for your porosity type. With that said, below are our recommendations.

Low Porosity (difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft): JojOba Monoi, Hibiscus Honey, Almond Marshmallow, Peppermint Tea Tree, Citrus Fusion, and Coconut Shea in some instances (see how to create a cute protective style using this collection).

High Porosity (hair absorbs moisture quickly): Coconut Shea (especially for thicker textures), Papaya Castor and Peppermint Tea Tree.




A: The Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight formula that works best when used on wet, freshly washed hair. Follow up with the Almond Marshmallow Hydration Serum. It acts as a shine-boosting gelly that will seal in moisture and give great definition. This duo makes for a poppin’ wash ‘n go!



A: It’s a liquid hair vitamin (for external use only). Spray it on for added nourishment + moisture before or after styling. It can also be used as a daily refresher for loose or protective styles. The tonic has a lightweight, liquid consistency, so it is not heavy like some oils. 




Still have questions? Feel free to submit yours to us through Instagram, Facebook, or even via email at info@edenbodyworks.net.  We’d love to hear from you!


See you next time!


September 04, 2019 — EDEN BodyWorks


Eugene Gordon, Jr said:

Hello, I am a black male that what to know if your product can be used on my hair and beard? If so your recommendation is deeply appreciated. Let’s make this a great day.

Yei said:

Hi I have 2C/3A wavy hair/high porosity hair, some parts of my hair become very dry, I need a lot of moisturizer products, at the 2nd day my hair lose definition too. which of your products do you recomend to me? Thanks a lot

EDEN BodyWorks said:

Hi Jackie -
We have not heard of anyone using it as a lotion, but there’s no harm in it! Many of the ingredients found within our Pudding Souffle that are nourishing to the hair are also great for the skin (ex: the scalp), so its no wonder your skin is responding positively! If you’re interested, definitely give the #EDENSkin line a try, or the Citrus Fusion Hair + Body Butter, it’s dual purpose and SUPER moisturizing!

EDEN BodyWorks said:

Hi Janice –
We recommend first applying the Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner to wet, freshly washed hair (for moisture). Next, try using either our Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard or Papaya Castor Curl Jam to provide added moisture + hold for your twists. Finally, to help your ends stay sealed and secure, apply a slight bit of the Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress.

Janice Randle said:

Hello I have 4b/4c hair, for my two hand twist to stay and not come loose at the ends, & for dry hair which one of your products do you recommend? Thank you

Jackie Watters said:

sometime ago I ran out of body lotion and still had some of the coconut shea natural pudding soufflé on hand. I desperately need some moisturizer for my hands so I used some of this and to my surprise it work wonders on my cracked skin. Have you heard of anyone using is as lotion? I hope so.

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