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Lavender Aloe

Relax & Reimagine

Life can be stressful! This stress can negatively impact the health of our hair and skin. We launched Lavender Aloe to focus on supporting women by reducing the stress we often feel when caring for our hair. This collection is not only soothing (scent and treatment), but also strengthening.

Discover Lavender Aloe

We're reimagining wash day and give natural textures from type 2 to type 4 a reason to love on their hair! Designed to stimulate growth and reduce stress, this soothing Lavender and Aloe Vera-infused collection is packed with antioxidants that help kill bacteria, strengthen the hair cuticle and increase blood circulation to the scalp. We have you covered from head-to-toe with 7 moisture-rich products, whether you wear your hair curly, kinky, or straight.

Lavender Oil helps to:

Prevent bacteria and fungi from growing relieves itching

Reduce scalp inflammation

Promote hair growth

Prevent thinning

Aloe Vera:

Contains vitamins A, C, E and B12 known to strengthen hair folic acid to help prevent shedding collagen to repair sun damage

Soothes skin inflammation (good for dry, itchy scalp)

Adds shine to the hair

Collection Information

Lavender Oil
Aloe Vera
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Soybean Oil
Safflower Oil

Obsessed with Healthy Hair Too?

Look no further than the rich goodness that Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera combined will deliver to promote a healthier hair environment. Growth goals? Check. Attention to scalp? Check. Shine? Check. Softer, fuller hair? Check.

No Parabens. No sulfates. No mineral oils or dyes. Cruelty-free.