What You Need to Know About Our Cleansing Co-Wash

First things first. What exactly is a Co-Wash?  Believe it or not, this is still one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. So for anyone wondering just that,  co-wash is a conditioner that also cleanses your hair and is used in the place of shampoo. It is gentler than even most sulfate-free shampoos, and eliminates the traditional 2-step wash routine. Simply cleanse with the co-wash, detangle, then rinse. You can then jump right into styling, but we always suggest deep conditioning as well. That’s one step that should remain a staple  in your routine. Many curly girls opt for co-wash over shampoo because curls need to hold on to as much moisture as possible, and shampoos can be unnecessarily drying. Co-washes are also perfect for cleansing hair mid-week or between washes when product starts to build-up. It provides a way to remove residue while also conditioning the hair. Now that you know what a co-wash is, here’s what you need to know about ours: Key Ingre... MORE

Summer Cookin' with Shantelle Gary

  Pico Stuffed Avocados It's no secret that I love avocados. They are seriously one of nature's most perfect foods Especially when you master the delicate art form of picking them within that 24 hour period when they're perfectly ripe. Not too mushy and not too firm but just right. They're even better filled with more awesome food like pico de gallo and drizzled with lime juice, coriander, olive oil, cayenne pepper and sea salt.   Prep Time: 10 Minutes Makes 4 stuffed avocados   Ingredients: 2 avocados sliced in half with the pit removed 3 plum (roma) tomatoes diced 1/2 a cucumber diced 1/3 a cup of finely diced red onion 1 small handful of fresh cilantro chopped 2 juicy limes extra virgin olive oil pinch of coriander powder pinch of cayenne pepper sea salt and pepper to taste   Directions  First squeeze a generous amount of fresh lime juice and extra virgin olive oil onto each avocado half and sprinkle with a pinch of coriander powder pepper and sea salt and set... MORE

My Personal Independence Day - by Jasmine Lawrence

Part 1 Looking back there were two big moments that I remember and would classify as independence days. These were days where I recognized my life is my own and the next steps for my life were completely up to me. These were days full of possibilities, freedom and discovery. The first was the morning I woke up in my dorm room at Georgia Tech in August of 2009. When I woke up I finally felt the weight of the long journey that it took for me to get there. After 18 years of being a maker and science nerd I was finally in college studying to become an engineer. Waking up at Tech came after dozens of conversations with people about whether or not I should even go to college. I had been featured on major news outlets. I was still getting fan mail from my segment on the Oprah Winfrey Show and EDEN BodyWork’s products were selling well at over 1000 Wal-Mart stores nationwide. There were people who told me I should focus on keeping my business thriving and not get distracted with higher ed... MORE

Hiking with @NikkiGrowFit

Be Light. Take a hike. See the beauty of how nature works, then close your eyes. See that same light in yourself.     Just for a moment...allow me to take you on a journey. It's a peak into my world, my mind, my heart and my spirit.     See here...where the hiking path begins. I get to play with the elements of nature- earth, air, water, wind and of course I bring the FIYAH!  Sometimes I'll catch myself wondering, "How did I get here?” Then I remember,  the beginning of all things I pursue in life usually dictates the end. Today, where the hiking path starts to unravel, I set a very clear intention.  The mantra is...Trust. Before fear can seep into my mind,  I already hear my feet crunching the gravel, quads striking up a burn as I climb the hill and the deep rise and fall of my chest with every breath. The adventure is on!    If you ever doubt whether you should go on, know that your feet will not fail you. Move forward even when what lies ahead is not clear. Begin to pursue ... MORE

Summer Style: Fulani-Inspired Braids

By now you’ve probably seen this fabulous braided style circulating on your news feed. It’s this summer’s goto ‘do, Fulani-inspired braids. It’s certainly not a new look, but rather a throwback brought to life again. The question is, should you try it out this summer?   pc: @heycurlie   The Pros: 1. It tends to take slightly less time to install than some other protective styles such as traditional box braids or faux locs. It’s also a more light-weight option, should you opt out on garnishing with beads. 2. Easy access to your scalp! Now this may sound weird, but, we all know that healthy hair starts at the scalp. When your hair is worn in protective styles it’s important to moisturize your scalp! Especially because we tend to go longer between washes with these styles.   -Tip: Try a spray oil like our Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil to stimulate your scalp (see benefits here). Also, it’s important to moisturize the length of your hair within the braid as well. Our JojOba Monoi Ha... MORE

Becoming a Natural Silver Sista

By:Mildred Bean   I began dying my hair when I was in 9th grade. Over the course of time I think I've tried just about every red, black, blue/black, ash blond, and brown dye that came in a bottle. Changing my hair color was always fun!  That was until my hair started becoming more grey than brown and a little resistant to both color and relaxer. Keeping my edges “layed" while trying to keep my roots dyed became a chore, and color was no longer fun. After admiring a coworker’s beautiful silver hair for a couple years, I made the decision to stop dying mine. Transitioning from color treated hair to salt and pepper isn't easy nor did I find it flattering. So during the summer of 2002 I decided to shave all of my hair off and let my silver hair shine. Since my hair was relaxed at the time of that “big chop” and the purpose was to return to my natural color, not my natural texture, I transitioned to a texturizer for a season and then back to my relaxer. Without getting into the... MORE

Three Ways to Look Fabulous and Save Coins

By: Ashley of   Beauties, If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is encouraging women to look and feel fabulous.  Learning to feel fabulous on the inside was not something that happened for me overnight.  It came with the help of prayer, learning the importance of self-care and of course, dressing how I wanted to feel.  I have learned throughout the years that dressing fabulous can truly boost confidence and it does not have to include designer labels.  Dressing fabulous means wearing what makes you feel good and gives you the, “I can take on the world,” feeling. Thrifted skirt for under $4. My personal passion is showing women how to dress fabulous affordably.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may be familiar with my fashion steals.  For example, I purchased this brand-new Lane Bryant dress for only $10 and the original retail price was $110.   How do I do it?  It’s a combination of thrifting, couponing and of course, clearance shopping.  It’s totally ea... MORE

The Perfect Braid-Out

By Dana Nicole For me to have begun my natural hair journey in 2011, you’d think I’d have tried lots of products and styles, right? No! In my transitioning days I was the Bantu Knot queen, but since I big chopped, it’s been a long journey of wash-n-go’s and twist outs with an occasional rod set, haha! I liked my routine but knew I wanted to try more. EDEN BodyWorks has been my go-to brand since 2011. I’ve watched other widely-known naturals set their hair with EDEN BodyWorks Natural Curl Defining Creme alone (without a gel styler) and for years I told myself, that would never work on my thick head of hair! I was convinced it was impossible, until I did it. For this soft, voluminous braid out, I used the following products: Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme Starting with the CoWash, I take a generous amount to fully coat my strands and provide enough slip for easy finger-detangling. Since I am doing a braid... MORE

From the Air Force to the Classroom: Captain Veronica Parnell's Story

In honor of Memorial Day next Monday, we thought it would only be fitting to hear from Veronica Parnell, Captain of the United States Air Force (retired) and Senior Aerospace Science Instructor. How it All Started The flashy Air Force commercials with women in uniforms motivated me to do well in school and stay focused on my goals to join the Air Force. Two weeks after my high school graduation ceremony, I left home for a military training base in San Antonio, Texas.  Two years later, I was walking the streets of Germany. Joining the Air Force was the best decision I could have ever made for my life. I’ve loved every experience, and my life is better for every situation, whether good or bad. While stationed in Italy, I met and married my husband of 19 years and shortly afterwards we started a family. Together we’ve raised two amazing sons, who bring us immeasurable joy. My military travels have allowed me to walk the dangerous streets of Iraq and Afghanistan and to travel beautifu... MORE

Raising a Mixed Baby

By Abigail Martina (@abigail.martina) Thursday February 2, 2017, changed our lives completely. He was finally here after carrying him for 40 weeks and 5 days, our son Caleb James. 50% Dutch/ 25% Surinamese and 25% Caribbean, made out off 100% love. Our own mixed baby! When he cried for the first time it really sounded like music to my ears. Can you believe it? I guess  all clichés are true! The pain disappeared (well temporarily :-) as snow in the sun. From the moment the doctor placed him carefully on my chest, his cry instantly changed in a satisfied sound of relief, he looked at me and I felt it, he knew me! So many different emotions flooded at that moment. The biggest realization that felt like a warm bath was the fact that I, Abigail, suddenly became a mom. I want to take you guys back into my background. My husband and I have been together for 9 years, of which 4.5 years married. He is Dutch and I’m half Antilian/ Surinamese so that makes our son a real mixed baby... MORE

"Me" Time with MyCandiShoppe

In honor of Mother's Day, the lovely Candice Horn, creator of and also mom to three (Taylor, Gregory and Kennedy) hosted night 2 of our #EDENWonderMoms "Happy Hour" takeover on the EDEN BodyWorks Instagram page. There she shared how she manages to keep herself happy and healthy. If you missed it, you’re in luck, because Candice is here to share a few words on the EDEN Blog as well! Lately I’ve been taking time out of each day just for me. Some days it’s not a lot of time at all, maybe just 5-10 minutes but it’s been making such a difference in my patience and attitude. There’s no way we can give the best of ourselves to our families without a little self-care. Another Mom I admire, Whitney Alana of @styleofwhitneyalana, recommended reading a daily devotional and it has been so clutch. It gives me that much needed time with God and helps to recenter my thoughts and spirit. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m all about snacking. In fact, I’ve don... MORE

The Spring Switch Up

Versatility is one of the most beloved characteristics of natural hair, and many of us naturalistas like to take advantage of that by constantly switching up our styles - especially when the seasons change. With this being the first week of May, and for many, a transition into warm and sunny weather, there’s a growing itch to find a new look. The problem is, style switching can be pretty expensive, so we’ve decided to share some tips to help you switch up your hairstyle this spring/summer without breaking the bank. Looking to try a style like Marley Twists or Box Braids? Make it a DIY project Why? It’s much cheaper than paying someone else to install them for you You can control exactly how the finished product will look, and how much or little tension will be put on your hair We all know braids and twists get frizzy after a while. If you install them yourself you can touch them up whenever!   How? Use YouTube! Tons of stylists and bloggers have upload... MORE