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Expert Tips for Coloring Your Hair This Season

Expert Tips for Coloring Your Hair This Season

 New seasons bring about a strong desire for change - sometimes it’s for your environment, other times your wardrobe, hairstyle, or even hair color! The transitioning leaves just have a way of stirring up inspiration. If their warm, earthy tones have encouraged you to experiment with a new hue, we’ve got a few details you’ll want to consider before taking the leap. Licensed stylist, Fawnne Morris Smith, is sharing her expert advice and insight, just for you!

Owner, Master Stylist and Colorist at Salon Noa (located in Virginia Beach Virginia), Fawnne is a national educator and mentor with over 18 years of experience in the hair care industry!

“The way to ruin a great new look or the opportunity to impress new friends, is by having a less than professional or satisfactory hair color service performed. Before you decide to hide in a closet and promise to never come out again, let me recommend you seek a consultation with a professional color stylist to have your color service performed.

  • What To Expect From Your Consultation

Color Choices: your work environment can affect your color choice. Military, government, and professional settings may not allow trendy, fashionable colors “ie” green, pink or pastels, but instead give preference to brown, black, or dark blonde highlights. Your color choices should flatter your skin tones and eye color. You can use hair color changing apps where you upload your picture and try out different colors before you make your final decision. Using color swatch rings and placing them directly near your face or hands can also help to make a color match.

 Note: Check with your employer to make sure you are within your job’s dress code.

A client of Fawnne's


  • Maintenance Required

Keep in mind that getting a color service may require additional shampoo and conditioning services as well. Be sure to incorporate  moisturizing and/or hydrating conditioners to your shampoo regimen. It’s important to use sulfate-free or salt-free shampoos, washing weekly or biweekly to remove build up from the hair. Deep Condition (under a hooded dryer with a cap, a heating cap, or a steamer) with every shampoo session, whether at home or in the salon.

 Note: Lighter shades like blondes/pastels will require you to begin using clear, dye free gels and stylers.  Using dark colored gels can stain your hair and affect your color, causing it to look dull or muted. High heat/ flat irons/ blow dryers can also cause colors to fade. If you opt to use heat, keep setting below 375 degrees.

  • Budget/Prices:

    • Color is an investment. Permanent color/ lightener will last until you cut it or grow it out
    • Color service could cost as much as 3 to 4 times the cost of your regular salon visit and services done correctly, could take 4 to 6 hours. 
    • Factor in monthly salon visits to care for your colored service investment.
    • Also consider the purchase of new shampoos and conditioners to care for your tresses at home.
    • Finally, add on new products to style your tresses (hydrating leave in and moisturizing creams for daily maintenance.)


A client of Fawnne's
  • Schedule for Color Maintenance

         Routine Touch-ups/Retouch Service
    • 4-6 weeks for blondes
    • 6-10 weeks for other permanent colors
    • 5-7 weeks for pastels
    • 8 to 10 shampoos for semi-permanent/high pigmented

Note: Growing out color will require a trim and treatment service to get rid of split ends and provide a protein/moisture balance to the hair.

  • Product Recommendations:

"I hope this information motivates you to take the next step towards seeking out a professional to provide you with a color service. Remember, making the decision to maintain your investment will keep your color-treated hair healthy and beautiful." - Fawnne


Interested in booking Fawnne? Check out her salon’s website here and keep up with her via Instagram @salonnoa!

Now, you’ve got the facts straight from an expert! Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your hair. Color is a great way to express yourself, and with a professional to help you along the way (plus some great after-care products), you can conquer any look! 


In the comments below, tell us what hair color has caught your eye this season! Should you decide to go for it, share photos of your new look with us on social tagging @edenbodyworks

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October 22, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
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16 Influencers Share Why They Love EDEN BodyWorks

16 Influencers Share Why They Love EDEN BodyWorks

In case you were wondering, YES! We are celebrating our 16 year anniversary for the rest of 2020! We wouldn't be the brand we are today without the support of our community! Over the years, we've had the pleasure of partnering with countless talented creators, many of whom have become like family to us. Today, we're passing the mic to a few of these awesome influencers, so they can tell you why they love EDEN!





1. Favorite EDEN product? 

“My favorite EDEN BodyWorks product is the Natural Curl Defining Creme! It’s such a great product! It defines and moisturizes my curls. It became my fave when I realized I could use it for a one product wash n go! Game changer!” - @watchciwork


“That’s hard because I have two! The Citrus Fusion Hair + Body Butter because it’s so extremely moisturizing, smells great and it’s muti-use. The second is the Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress. Again it’s a multi-use product for me; I use it all the time when I’m doing mine or my husband’s hair, it doesn’t matter the style.” - @curlsandcouture


“My favorite EDEN product is the JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner. I love this entire line but the Deep Conditioner gives me a great amount of moisture while strengthening my stands at the same damn time! The jar also lasts forever which is great for my pockets! Love this deep conditioner!” - @maia_poppin


“One of my favorite EDEN products is the Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard! It was the first EDEN product I ever tried and quickly became a fave because of its versatility. The Hydration Custard can be used for protective styling, as a base for twist outs, wash n gos, braid outs, literally ANYTHING. The Hydration Custard is so moisturizing, smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and shiny.” - @somahriah


The Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave In Conditioner currently has my heart! In the past, I completely stayed away from "spray leave-in conditioners" because they would never work for me! Then I tried the entire Almond Marshmallow Collection & it was a game changer! The leave-in works AMAZINGLY and allows the process of moisturizing my hair to be quicker while still being very efficient. Definitely a Must-have product!” - @knotsncurls


“The Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo is a life saver! As a natural hair blogger, I'm constantly experimenting with new products which can sometimes lead to unfavorable results. After having a horrible experience experimenting with a product, using this shampoo for several wash days really helped bring my hair back to life!” - @stephrachel_


My favorite EDEN product is the Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard. It’s my everyday goto to moisturize my hair.” - @thevillage_baddie








2. Favorite way to #StylewithEDEN? 

Two & Three strand twist outs are my FAVE to do with EDEN because I get two styles in one. Generally, I use the Coconut Shea Leave in Conditioner + Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme -or- Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner + Papaya Castor Nourishing Curl Jam. I can wear my twists for a week knowing the hydration I receive from EDEN will not disappear and when I'm ready to bring my fro out, I simply coat my fingertips with my Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress and take down my twists. Boom, EDEN has made a wash day stretch for 2 weeks!” - @thisisdananicole


Wash + Go’s are my absolute faveeeuh, my OG, my go to- LOL, you get the point. Plus, I quite enjoy allowing my fro to sorta just do its own thing.” - @tropicurlie


“I love using the Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner to create a rod set.” - @heycurlie


I don’t do many hairstyles, but using the Coconut Shea Leave In as my base will allow all my looks to flourish. Especially my twist outs.” - @naturalpartnersincrime


"My favorite hairstyle to do with an EDEN product is a twist out. My twists always come out moisturized and beautiful." - @heyyyitsmimi








3. What comes to mind when you think of EDEN BodyWorks (or favorite memory)? 

When I think of EDEN, I think family. EDEN BodyWorks is more than a natural hair brand to me. It's a family of creators and curators that provide a new experience with every event and every new product launch. When I use EDEN, I genuinely feel like the product was hand-crafted with me in mind and my hair loves it. Favorite EDEN memory is my very first CURLFEST repping the brand. I was overwhelmed in the best way from all the love I received from my brand family, but also the naturalistas that attended who recognized me and trusted my judgement when recommending products. This sense of belonging and having my seat at the table with this family is an indescribable feeling.” - @thisisdananicole


I think about power, black power. Jasmine- a woman of color, defied the odds stacked against us with 16 years of business neatly tucked under her belt. 16 years of creating diverse and inclusive products. 16 years of helping to mend the beauty industry that once didn’t cater to us. All of this while being active in the community with philanthropic efforts to help women, and all of this as a black entrepreneur? Much more- a black female entrepreneur (who are not awarded the same opportunities as their non-POC and male counterparts)? There are so many hurdles that Jasmine, we, us as a community must overcome in a system that just isn’t built for us. I could walk circles around the block going on about how groundbreaking & inspiring her story is. Jasmine has been leading, inspiring & innovating for 16 years and might I add, ever so gracefully and if that isn’t an example of black power, I’m not sure what is. “ - @tropicurlie


“I had been natural for almost a year before trying any EDEN BodyWorks products. I experimented with so many brands and products (high end and drug store) but had never been able to consistently recreate styles until I started using EDEN products. EDEN BodyWorks has products for all hair types and conditions, with natural ingredients for soft, strong, and healthy hair. Although I do still use other brands, every style I execute I always have at least one EDEN product in my routine, whether that begins with my shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in or styler. I always know what I will get with EDEN products - and that is quality! My hair LOVES EBW.” - @somahriah


Family comes to mind when I think of EDEN BodyWorks. I’ve been using EDEN since I started my natural hair journey. The brand has been a major part of my life and natural hair journey.” - @heycurlie







4. One word to describe your natural hair experience.


Resilient - @watchciwork
Fulfilling - @curlsandcouture
Delightful - @maia_poppin
Enlightenment - @tropicurlie
Transformative - @somahriah
Exhilarating - @knotsncurls
Shocking - @therealdremajor
Enlightening - @stephrachel_
Life-changing - @thevillage_baddie
Revealing - @thisisdananicole
Resilient - @heycurlie
Educational - @syeda_bombom
Transitional - @imaprilchristina
Transparent @kensthetic_
Reinvigorating -  @heyyyitsmimi




Type 4 Naturals


5. How do you use your hair/style to inspire others? 

I use hair to inspire others by showing people how beautiful our hair is in its natural state. Contrary to what the media tries to tell us, our curls are beautiful just the way they are. Our hair is so versatile and unique. With the proper knowledge and products, we all can achieve poppin' hairstyles." - @watchciwork


“I'm a skinny, tall girl with big frizzy hair. In the natural hair world, much attention is given to the perfect frizz free curl and coil and we as women have enough to deal with on social media with body shaming if you don't have the "ideal body type" (whatever that is). Styling and showcasing my natural hair in all its craziness offers relatability. It's a confidence thing that I'm trying to communicate. I want my curlfriends/followers to know that the feelings they felt about their hair and body aren't unusual, but that place of self doubt isn't where they need to stay. I hope that sharing my insecurities and journey to acceptance of my hair and body encourage women to give themselves grace but also to make whatever necessary changes they need to expose the beauty within themselves, to themselves. Get that EDEN product, pick up that resistance band and work out; eat that pasta sis! You're STILL poppin'!” - @thisisdananicole


“When I started transitioning natural and subsequently launched Curls and Couture, my goal was to inspire women to love their natural hair and own it. Whether that was in a twist out, locs, braids, blow out, perm rod set, I want them to fall in love with their crown. So I chose to do that by sharing my journey of learning and loving my hair. “ - @curlsandcouture


“I use my hair to inspire others by showing simplicity. If you master a style and love it, keep doing it until you feel like moving on. That’s what I did. Also, my style is as simple as it gets. I want my audience to know that there are people out there that don’t get glammed up everyday and they’re just as awesome!” - @maia_poppin


How do you use your hair/style to inspire others? By letting others know that styling your own hair can be fun and easy! It's especially fun when you have great products to help you along the way :)” - @syeda_bombom


“Doing my hair is therapeutic. Coloring my hair has now become a part of my signature tresses look. Natural hair is not one dimensional. There are so many options - healthy options that you can turn to,  so I hope that anyone that follows me is able to see that & think outside the box for themselves.” - @imaprilchristina


I use my natural hair journey to inspire my audience to feel more confident in loving their hair and in turn, themselves.” - @kensthetic_


“As a low porosity type 4 natural with medium/high density hair, I use my platform to inspire others with similar hair types to really embrace and care for theirs. Ultimately, with the right techniques, regimen and products, caring for your natural hair is 100% feasible. If I can do it, anybody can!” - @stephrachel_


“I use wash ‘n gos to inspire because I feel like a lot of people think that their natural hair is “too much” or they just don’t know how to deal with it and I want people to see with their very own eyes, what their hair can be capable of doing if they take the time to learn to care for it. I also like to inspire guys. Guys can have natural hair as well. Guys can have NICE natural hair at that.” - @therealdremajor


I consider myself an average Naturalista, so when I’m able to achieve a great style I always go back to my followers with all my tips and tricks and products used to hopefully help them as well.” - @naturalpartnersincrime

I wear my natural hair out because I want to inspire females to do the same and to not be ashamed of their coarse natural hair. 4C is beautiful and it should be embraced and taken care of just like any other type of hair. “ - @thevillage_baddie


"There are many people with type 4 hair that want to become natural or want to maintain healthy hair in general, but don’t know exactly where to go. I try to inspire people through my styles and with experience/knowledge so that they can be motivated and excited to do their hair." - @heyyyitsmimi 




Establishing real relationships and a sense of community remains our passion. We're grateful for the opportunities EDEN has had to build that with these creators and many more. We look forward to making more memories, connections, and amazing products moving forward.




We'd love to hear your EDEN stories too! In the comments below, tell us how you discovered EDEN! 


Also, it's not too late to get your hands on one of our 16th Anniversary Boxes! Filled with 8 full-sized EDEN products + beauty and wellness items from 9 other women-owned brands, it's truly the ultimate self care package. Special treat: receive $20 off your Anniversary Box (shipping included)  by entering code: BOX20 today!



See you next time!


September 23, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
Who's Behind The Brand: Get to Know Team EDEN

Who's Behind The Brand: Get to Know Team EDEN

 This month, we're celebrating 16 years of EDEN BodyWorks! That's right, it's our anniversary! Since day one, it has been our passion to create high-quality, nature-inspired products that deliver amazing results. It all started with the JojOba Monoi Hair Oil and has now flourished into eight ingredient-focused collections. From dry scalp to breakage, and anything in between, we're still dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.  We're so grateful for all of the support we receive! And now, whether you've been rockin' with us since the beginning or you're new to the family, we want to know... 


How well do you know EDEN? 

Never have we ever...

Tested our products on animals
 Used harsh sulfates in our products
Had parabens
Made hair products for only one texture


 If you knew all of the above, we're thrilled! You've made it past first base. Now, it's time you get to know a little more about who's behind the brand.




Jasmine Lawrence



Founded EDEN in 2004


Seattle or San Francisco
North America Travel or International Travel
 Twists or Braids


Name something you learned from your experience in beauty that you’ve been able to carry over to tech (or vice versa)?

I've learned to focus on solving the root problem rather than just treating symptoms. This involves asking deeper questions and getting clarity on expected outcomes and goals.


What does EDEN mean to you now vs. what it meant to you when you first started the company?

It's the same! It's always been my personal opportunity to do good in the world by trying to help improve people's lives. I'm honored to be able to have this impact.


Best part of being a young, Black woman entrepreneur?

Being all of these things has given me the strength and focus that enables me to believe that anything is possible! 


What kind of impact do you want the brand to have?

The impact I hope to see from EDEN BodyWorks is that we can help people live their best lives inside and out. From products, conversations, and education this brand offers a wide range of experiences to meet people where they are on their journies and support them well.


Ylorie Taylor


Vice President

With EDEN since 2011


Suburbs or City (all day)
Date Night Out or Date Night In (too much time inside thanks to COVID, lol)
Zoom Meeting or Conference Call (old school, but I consider myself a closet Zoom Meeting person. I'm warming up to my visual glam as the new norm)


What’s it like leading a team primarily made up of Black women?

I discovered my love for serving and working with women of color, in particular Black women, at the end of my twenties. It was my first opportunity to work in beauty. I had a tech background, where few women, especially those who are brown and black, reside. As soon as I started my new role in beauty, I knew instantly that there was no other place I'd rather be - than surrounded by women who looked like me. Our tribe here at EDEN holds me up.

Most impactful lesson you’ve learned during your time in the beauty industry? 

​That you can work (in) your passion, but never forget your purpose. There are many lessons surrounding beauty - inside and out. I treasure the ability to mentor women in this industry to pull others along. I don't want women to go down rocky roads, when there's a smoother path available. Let me help you cheat to win!

How do you create harmony /manage your time between managing a brand, being a mom of 3 (with 1 under the age of 1), a wife and a mentor? 

​I'm glad you said harmony. I learned quickly that there's no such thing as balance. Something suffers when you're giving one (something) your all. I try to make sure I am deliberate in scheduling time in each aspect of my life, including time for me, so that I reduce burnout, limit stress, and ultimately feel satisfied and gratified in my pursuit of wearing multiple hats. If my cup is empty, I am no good to anyone else. I feed my love of travel and quiet time often. I never take for granted the ability and opportunity to excel in each of these roles. I simply give myself grace and am always in prayer that harmony is achievable.


Debbie Thrasher


Customer Relations Manager

With EDEN since 2011


Staycation or Vacation
Take Out or Dining Out
Hot Tub or Jacuzzi


Best part of interacting with customers daily?

Engagement.  When customers feel they’re engaging with a person rather than a faceless corporation, they enter an emotional relationship with the brand that fosters a strong sense of loyalty.  I believe customer interactions are the lifeblood of a company because they humanize the brand.         


What do you find to be the most challenging part of your position?

I’m most challenged when a customer has an issue and/or complaint and the resolve is not immediate. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes reply/resolution times are slow.  The challenge is keeping the customer satisfied and retaining their business, boosting customer loyalty.           


Funniest or most interesting question you’ve ever been asked by a customer?

The most interesting question recently has been regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.  I’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from customers wanting to know if the brand/founder is Black.  It’s such a pleasure to answer, yes, we absolutely are.




Assistant Marketing Manager

With EDEN since 2015


Big City Living or Suburban Life (but close enough to the city for weekend fun)
Mall Shopper or Online
Netflix or YouTube


What’s the best part (most enjoyable) about working for EDEN BodyWorks?

Honestly, it’s getting to work with so many incredible Black women (both internally and externally)! I grew up and went to school assuming I’d end up in a more “traditional” and male-dominated career environment - one where it was likely I wouldn’t have many coworkers or superiors who looked like me. When I joined EDEN, it felt like my wildest dream had come true. It’s such an honor to be able to work not only with a team predominantly made up of women, but Black women specifically - all who have such unique career backgrounds and reputable skills to bring to the table. I’m always learning from them! 


What are your top 3 beauty product must-haves (1-skin, 1-body, 1-hair)?

Skin - an exfoliator! I love a good natural apricot scrub. 

Body - a quality moisturizer. Any blend of natural oils and Cocoa Butter seems to treat my skin well. 

Hair - Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner! Leave-in the most crucial step in my routine for a great wash ‘n go, and this one has been my staple for so many years. It clumps the curls,  keeps them moisturized, and brings me the same results every time. Can’t help but love it.


Bucket list of places you want to visit (or things to do) before you turn 30?

I have a little less than four years to tackle these goals so they may be a tad ambitious; however, I'd like to make it to Maui and Greece, and later hopefully to South Africa to bring my 30th! I'd also love to purchase a condo.



Ashley Stewart


Designer & Innovator, Patent Ventures Consultancy

Cardio or Weights (but with conditioning)
Glamour or Simplicity (whatever makes you feel sexy; maybe a combination of both with a little G-mentality in there, so sleek)
Twitter or IG (Black Twitter)


Describe your design style.

Jazz personality, G-Mentality. Or Abstract, Conceptual, Sensual. I'm a minimalist who sometimes likes to do the most.


How do you stay inspired to find unique ways to share brands?

By listening. Letting myself wonder. Finding things that please me and indulging and asking the universe really hard questions. 


Number one tip for getting out of a creative/design rut? 

Dance. Have a twerk session. Travel or workout. Whatever releases your mind from its current state into a place where it's free to roam around and explore.



Sean Ondes


Website Services & Consulting


Winter or Summer (Summer for sure. I love the heat and being outdoors)
Cycling or Martial Arts (I like cycling but that's more about just getting exercise. Martial arts, specifically Budo Taijutsu, has been a passion of mine for over 20 years.)
Uber Eats or Home Cooking (Definitely home cooking! I love trying new recipes and sometimes experimenting on my own.)


Favorite part of site-building?

I like the challenge of collecting all the information I can, brainstorming ideas, sketching out a plan, and then putting everything together. Then, at the end of it all, there's this brand new website. The scary part is that no matter how much consideration and planning goes into a project, there's always a huge risk. There aren't any guarantees.

What is it like working with a team of women?

I feel incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a group of professional and capable teammates who I know I can depend on. Honestly, I don't ever think of our team as a team of women -- plus me. Obviously, I know they all are but that thought never crosses my mind.


Most exciting project you’ve worked on with EDEN and why?

It's almost a tie between relaunching EDEN's website last Spring and upgrading our email marketing platform back in the Fall of 2019. I think the website redesign wins though just because of the scope of the project. This was an overhaul from the bottom up of everything that customers see on the site. Ashley and I put in a lot of hours planning, building, and getting all of it ready. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's a nice looking site and most importantly, the redesign is resonating with our visitors.




Designer & Co-Founder, Key Design & Media


Photography or Videography
Bold Colors or Neutrals
Europe or The Caribbean


Is it ever challenging to get on one accord when working with a team of designers vs. working independently? 

I actually love working on a team with other designers. Each designer can bring something unique to the project.  EDEN does a great job of making sure that their design team communicates and collaborates on projects. 


How does it feel seeing your designs go live (on social, ads, websites and etc.)?

I absolutely love seeing my designs once printed. Large formatted prints and packaging makes me the most happy to see.


What do you enjoy most about having EDEN as a client?

I love working with EDEN. They are super organized with their marketing and plan ahead for all of their graphic requests, which gives me the opportunity to think ahead on how to plan and execute an effective design deliverable. Honored to have them as a client for the past several years. 




Most likely to... 

Watch a Rom-Com: Jasmine & Ylorie
Live in a big city: Jasmine & Ylorie
Enjoy a day at a museum: Debbie, Sean, Keisha & Briana
Play with Robots: Jasmine
Have a strange phobia: Keisha
Read a book in one day: Sean
Cook an elaborate meal: Debbie, Sean & Keisha
Move to a different country: Sean
Win a Nobel Prize: Jasmine
Bring home a stray animal: Briana
Hide from the camera:  Jasmine, DebbieAshley & Keisha
Win in a fight: Ylorie & Ashley
Spend hours in the gym: Jasmine & Briana





Thank you for taking a moment to get to know the team! It has been our pleasure to build and connect with our customers over the years. We look forward to bringing you more EDEN goodness in the times to come!


Want to learn more about EDEN? Visit the links below:



See you next time!


August 11, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
This Or That: Best Natural Hair Care Products and Practices

This Or That: Best Natural Hair Care Products and Practices

It’s no secret that we take haircare very seriously. However, today, let’s have a little fun! Every head of hair is unique, some requiring more TLC in particular areas than others, but we all tend to measure our “hair fitness” according to a few general concerns. We’re coming through with a special game of “This or That,” the "hair fitness” edition, covering 5 areas of concern: Definition, Detangling, Moisture, Breakage, and Scalp Care. Play along and pick which contenders suit you best!



Round 1: Products 




An OG fan-favorite, this thick, humidity-resistant styling cream is known for providing medium hold, helping to make even the coiliest of curls pop! It’s specially designed for high density hair and delivers moisture along with the definition. Stand out ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Rice Extract, and Jojoba Oil. It’s ideal for wash ‘n gos or stretched styles like twist-outs or braid-outs.







Nicknamed “Liquid Gold” by customers, this jelly-like serum slips and slides through all textures of hair, providing unmatched shine and definition with soft-medium hold. Its lightweight formula smooths down the hair shaft to combat frizz and frayed ends. It hydrates and protects hair against daily pollutants. Reputable ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract, and Aloe Vera. Great for wash ‘n go styles + slicking back updos!



Round 2: Methods 




The raking method refers to applying product to wet curls by using your hand as a comb and “raking” it through the hair, from root to tip, section by section. This takes a moderate amount of time, depending on hair length and density. It leaves behind defined “day one” hair, with moderate volume prior to fluffing or picking.







During the shingling method, product is applied to the hair overall (wet), then each curl is individually coated, clumped and twirled, one by one. This tends to take a considerable amount of time, leaving behind highly defined “day one” hair, with minimal volume prior to fluffing or picking.






Round 1: Products 




Minty and refreshing, this rinse-out conditioner provides quality slip to varying hair textures. It’s creamy, but not super thick, so it spreads through curls with ease, providing a tingling sensation that’s therapeutic to the scalp. It’s built to fortify and soften the hair, especially following a clarifying shampoo. Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Carrot Seed Oil are just a few of its knockout ingredients.







This hidden gem can serve as a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. Soft and sweet-smelling, its lightweight consistency provides major slip to curls while also penetrating them with hydration. Key ingredients: Hibiscus Flower Extract, Honey, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera.



Round 2: Tools




Made with incredible flexibility, this brush is only bonded on three sides, unlike most brushes, which are bonded on all four sides. These “flexi-bristles” provide fluidity, allowing them to move with the hair, which prevents pulling and breakage from occurring. It was crafted by professional stylist and Hollywood’s Natural Hair Guru, Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair).






Simple, yet effective, this OG tool gets the job done. It’s a comb with teeth set spaciously apart from one another, to prevent breakage to curls.





Round 1: Products



Thick and ready to hydrate, this custard moisturizes while it styles. It helps smooth and strengthen the hair + define curls with a soft-medium hold that’s perfect for twist-outs, braid-outs and other stretched styles. It works particularly well on high density curls and coils. Made with Hibiscus Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Rice Extract and Aloe Vera, it’s sure to fight off dryness! 






Don’t let this product’s dual purpose fool you, it delivers when it comes to moisture - whether it’s used on the hair or skin. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this butter provides intense hydration, leaving behind moisturized tresses (and skin) that’s soft to the touch. Castor Oil, Acai Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera, Honey, Grape Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil are just a few of its impactful ingredients.



Round 2: Practices




This type of treatment involves thoroughly applying a designated hair masque or deep conditioner to the hair, especially focusing on the ends, which tend to be the oldest and driest part of the strand. Cover the hair with a plastic cap, and let the product work its magic for a minimum of 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Those with low porosity hair (when moisture doesn’t easily absorb into the strand) may also want to sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap to ensure the product penetrates. The frequency of these treatments depends on the individual; they can be done as often as every wash day, or as seldom as once per month.







An age-old practice, hot oil treatments are an effective way to saturate the hair with moisturizing nutrients. A number of different oils can be used or even mixed together to perform the treatment; some of the most commonly used are  Olive Oil, JojOba Oil, and Coconut Oil. One of the most effective ways to carry out a treatment is to thoroughly apply the oil from root to tip, then cover the hair with a plastic cap. Sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap for 15-30 minutes, then rinse. Heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the benefits of the oil(s) to penetrate.







Round 1: Products




Another OG customer fave, this deep conditioner is thick and packed with nutrients. It treats hair that’s damaged from daily manipulation, heat styling, coloring or over-processing. It penetrates strands with moisture, locks it in, and smoothes out the cuticle, boosting the hair’s overall strength and integrity. It’s key ingredients are Jojoba Oil, Tiare Flower, Coconut Oil, Chamomile, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, and Tea Tree Oil.







This masque has incredible slip! It melts right into the hair and smoothes out frayed ends. It infuses restorative ingredients into each strand, protecting the hair from snagging or becoming rough and brittle. Sweet Almond Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil are its top performing ingredients.



Round 2: Protective Styles 




Shelter-in-place has inspired many to try out DIY protective styles like this one. Mini braids are a series of small braids installed on natural hair, no extensions added. It’s super cute, and the style can last for weeks if the hair and scalp are regularly moisturized and cared for. 







Trending right now, this style is very similar to traditional box braids, except the braiding hair isn’t added at the root. Instead, the extensions are gradually added to a person’s natural hair in small portions as the braid continues down, feed-in style. The result is: more “natural” looking roots, with less weight, tension and pulling. Knotless braids can last for many weeks, if the hair and scalp are properly cared for on a regular basis.






Round 1: Products




Scalp therapy in a bottle! This Hair Oil contains a unique blend that quickly absorbs and penetrates into the hair and scalp. It leaves behind a tingling sensation that helps stimulate blood circulation + relieve itching. The essential oils within its mix also work to treat dandruff without leaving behind buildup. What does it consist of? Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and more!






This daily scalp treatment was formulated to provide hydration and nourishment at the root. It’s a lightweight serum that readily absorbs into the scalp. It soothes and cools, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth - great to use while protective styling! Ingredient highlight: Papaya Fruit Extract, Castor Oil, Mango Seed Butter, and Aloe Vera.



Round 2: Practices




Oiling the scalp is self-explanatory. It’s a way to alleviate itching, prevent dandruff and promote growth. While a number of different oils can be used, it’s important to opt for those that easily absorb into the skin to assure the scalp is actually reaping benefits. Some examples: Peppermint oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil. Many routinely treat their scalp with oil on a daily or every other day basis.







Co-washing is a practice intended to remove buildup between regular shampoos. Essentially, it means using a conditioner to wash the hair. Co-washes are conditioners containing very gentle cleansing agents that can break down product build-up on the scalp and hair while also infusing moisture back into them. Co-washing does not replace regular shampoo sessions, but it can be especially beneficial to those prone to buildup. As an example, if a person normally shampoos every 10 days, on day 5, they would co-wash.




Congratulations! You made it to the end of our “This or That” game. We’d love to hear your results! In the comments below, be sure to share which matchups were your favorites, along with your winning picks.


See you next time!




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How To Treat Dry Natural Hair: Maintaining Moisture

How To Treat Dry Natural Hair: Maintaining Moisture


Dry hair is a prominent concern that many naturals experience; in other words, they are struggling to retain moisture. Today, we’re going to tackle the issue head-on. 





As one may suspect, a number of factors can cause dry hair, diet being a top contributor. Consuming foods that are high in sodium can dry out the body. Naturally, it will rehydrate itself by pulling moisture that’s been on reserve in other parts of the body, including (but not limited to) the skin/scalp and ultimately, the hair.  How do you balance that out? Drink more water! It seems simple, because it is. Our bodies are primarily made up of water, so to keep them healthy, functioning, and flourishing - even for beauty purposes - we must continue to hydrate with water, otherwise we’ll see the negative impact both internally and externally. How much water should you be aiming to drink? It’s generally recommended for the average adult to drink about 64 ounces of plain water per day, but it never hurts to discuss exact quantities with a doctor first, because every case is unique.


Hair Type

When we say hair type, we aren’t referring to the chart that names your curl pattern by number and letter (for example, 3b, 4a, and etc.). We’re talking about how porous your hair strand is, a factor that is not dependent on its curl pattern. Hair porosity is a measure of the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture + the speed at which it does so. More technically, it refers to how tightly bound the outer layer of the hair strand (the cuticle) is.


A simple test can be performed at home to determine your porosity type. Below are a few characteristics of each type:


Low Porosity: The cuticle layer is very tightly bound, which makes it difficult for moisture to enter the strand. Low porosity hair does absorb moisture, however, it takes a very long time for it to do so. Because of this, products + oil may appear to sit on the hair instead of penetrate it. To help speed up the moisture absorption rate when styling, try using a hair steamer/applying product while in a steamy room (like after a hot shower), and sitting under a hooded dryer/using a heat cap whenever deep conditioning.


Medium Porosity: The cuticle layer is neither tightly bound nor lined with gaps. It doesn’t take a long time for the hair to dry, but it also doesn’t dry particularly fast. Medium porosity hair holds styles well, and doesn’t have trouble retaining moisture.


High Porosity: The cuticle layer has many gaps and holes. While moisture is easily absorbed, the hair dries back out very quickly, making it difficult to retain that moisture. It is important to note that one can naturally have high porosity hair, however, it’s common for repeated usage of heat tools and chemicals (such as hair dye) to cause strands to become more porous over time. Those with high porosity hair should especially avoid using heat; opt to air-dry only. Using sealant products after a moisturizer will help with retention, as well as using cool or lukewarm water to rinse the hair whenever possible.


pictured - @naturallycha






The food and water put into the body are essential, but the products put onto the hair are too! Choose products that are both sulfate-free and paraben-free. Sulfates, mostly found in shampoos, tend to dry out any hair type; they strip strands of their naturally produced oils and moisture. If you’re struggling with dry hair, it may even be useful to introduce co-washing to your routine. A Co-Wash is a conditioner formulated with very gentle cleansing agents. It removes build up, restores moisture, and can be used to detangle. A Co-Wash should not replace your regular shampoo, but rather help give the hair and scalp a refresh and extra conditioning between regular washes.  




When styling, go for moisturizers that have water listed as the first ingredient. Water is the ultimate source of hydration, so any product that contains a high amount can be beneficial when combating dryness. Products with primarily natural ingredients are healthy + safe for all hair types, however, it can be especially helpful to choose a product line based how its ingredients are known to perform with your porosity level.

For example:

Low Porosity: Products with Coconut Oil are particularly beneficial to low porosity hair because this oil absorbs into the skin and hair with ease, unlike some others which seal, but do not easily absorb. JojOba Oil is a great option for that reason as well. Peppermint + Tea Tree Oil can help break down product buildup that tends to sit on low porosity hair over time. 


Medium Porosity: This porosity level often performs best with products that are not super thick or heavy.  Sweet Almond Oil  is ideal because it’s lightweight, yet effective at maintaining the hair’s natural moisture while keeping strands protected.


High Porosity: Products containing Honey will be your best friend. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it helps to preserve moisture. Products with Castor Oil are also a go to! Castor Oil is great at sealing in moisture, especially on hair that absorbs liquid it quickly; Shea Butter too!


It’s important to note that while certain ingredients and product lines may be specifically helpful to certain hair types, it doesn’t mean they are exclusively beneficial to those types; that’s the great thing about natural ingredients! 

Products for Type 4 Hair
 pictured - @_iamlenn



Finally, we can’t discuss treating dry natural hair without covering technique and regimen! Choosing the right products is a great first step, but using them in an effective order is equally important. For example, if someone has brittle hair and is struggling to retain moisture, it would not be ideal to apply just a gel or an oil straight after washing without first applying a moisturizing product. Some commonly practiced techniques to achieve the utmost amount of moisture are referred to as the LOC and LCO methods. When using either of these methods, each step/product type must be included, but the order of the last two steps varies depending on personal preference. However, oftentimes, those with low porosity prefer LCO, while those with high porosity sway towards LOC. 

L = Liquid O = Oil C = Cream
Water, or a quality Leave In Conditioner An Oil that either penetrates the hair shaft, or seals in moisture A styling cream, custard, pudding or butter that moisturizes, but also provides definition + hold


L O C                                                L C O


Once you’ve locked in which application method works best for you, it’s important to practice it on every wash day. Sticking to a regimen is essential because it gives the hair a chance to adjust and fully reap the benefits. While every person’s routine may vary a bit, a general regimen that can be followed to maintain healthy hair and scalp + lock in that moisture is: 


1. Detangle (using a leave-in or pre-poo)
2. Shampoo (using a sulfate-free cleanser)
3. Deep Condition (using a deep conditioner or hair masque)
4. Moisturize (using a liquid or leave-in)
5. Style/Seal (using a Cream and/or Oil or Gel)



Deep conditioning is crucial, especially for dry or damaged hair! No matter the hair type or texture, a quality deep conditioner should be a staple in your routine every time you shampoo. Allow the product to set into your hair under a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes (Bonus: add heat for penetration). How often you should be washing and styling is dependent upon your individual lifestyle and habits.  




Also, keep in mind that protective styling can be a viable option to help treat dry hair. When tresses are tucked away and not being manipulated for stretches of time, they’re generally able to hold on to moisture for longer periods of time as well. However, even when protective styling, the steps mentioned above should be taken prior to the style’s installation. While wearing any protective style, be sure to treat the scalp + re-moisturize the hair with a light liquid or leave in, and seal the ends at least once per week. 



If you're interested in learning more about which EDEN products can help address dry hair and other hair-related concerns, click here!


Take some time to apply the information provided and let us know in the comments below how your hair’s moisture retention is coming along.


See you next time!


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Peppermint Oil + Tea Tree Oil for Natural Hair Care: What You Need to Know

Peppermint Oil + Tea Tree Oil for Natural Hair Care: What You Need to Know


We joyfully celebrate Earth Day. As a brand that’s heavily inspired by nature, we’re incredibly thankful for all of the goodness that our planet innately produces.  We believe that plants, herbs and natural ingredients truly assist in maintaining the body’s heath and original design. While the key ingredients across our entire suite of products draw from the earth, today we’d like to focus on the green - our classic Peppermint Tea Tree collection, that is. This OG quadruplet is formulated to clarify and treat any dry, flaky, or irritated scalp. 


The Roster:
invigorating clarifying cleanser
high-slip rinse-out conditioner
lightweight leave-in lotion
penetrating scalp oil


If anything is expected to grow and flourish, its roots must be well-nurtured. The same rule applies to hair care! A scalp that’s experiencing dandruff, itch, or heavy buildup will ultimately affect the health, look, and feel of the strands too. That’s what motivated our creation of a collection that would utilize plants to tackle scalp-related concerns. Although this line has been around for some time, we’re still frequently asked questions about how and why it works. We've got the details just for you!


How Do Peppermint Oil and Tea Tree Oil Benefit the Hair + Scalp?
Peppermint Oil is a powerful essential oil made up of vitamin A and C, plus an array of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. It has natural antiseptic properties which allow it to heal stressed or inflamed skin. Peppermint Oil also contains menthol, which provides a stimulating and therapeutic cooling sensation meant to soothe an itchy scalp. Tea Tree Oil is an antioxidant that’s both anti-fungal and antibacterial, so it effectively fights off bacteria and fungi. It acts as a solvent, with the ability to break down layers of dead skin and product. 

Can Increasing Scalp Circulation Help With Hair Growth?
Yes! Many factors contribute to hair growth, however, increasing scalp circulation means that the blood flow is stirred up or reactivated in that particular area; this acts as a wake up call to hair follicle roots which may have otherwise been dormant. Regular scalp massages combined with the application of products that provide a natural tingle can help encourage this kind of stimulation.



Are Clarifying Products Harmful to Natural Hair?
Let’s first settle the myth surrounding clarifying products like our Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo. Many believe that for a cleanser to be clarifying, it must contain sulfates, which result in that squeaky clean feeling, but can ultimately be harsh and drying to the hair. Thankfully, this is not the case! What actually qualifies a product to be considered a solvent (“clarifying”), is its ability to dissolve other substances like oils, creams and dirt. Tea Tree Oil does just that… naturally! As a result, the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo removes all traces of product from the hair + scalp, without harmful detergents. Not to mention, it also provides a great lather!



Why Should A Clarifying Shampoo Be Used?
Leave-ins, butters, oils and gels build up on the hair shaft and scalp over time. Natural sebum and dead skin cells also accumulate. All of these substances can clog the scalp’s pores, which blocks beneficial nutrients from entering and can eventually cause irritations and even prevent growth. Using clarifying products at least once per month ensures that all residue gets removed. Doing so results in a clean, clear base, ultimately promoting a healthy environment in which the hair can flourish.



How Often Should A Clarifying Shampoo Be Used?
 It depends on the individual. One wash day per month dedicated to a clarifying shampoo is enough for many naturals; however, for those who regularly expose their hair to chlorine, combat scalp issues, or sweat often, it can be used in a weekly wash routine (we suggest no more than once per week).  


How Do The Conditioning and Leave-In Products Benefit The Hair?
While Peppermint + Tea Tree Oil within the Conditioner and Hair Milk work their magic to tingle and soothe, both of these products are packed with other natural ingredients that infuse hydration. To name a few, JojOba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Aloe provide an array of nutrients to the hair. These ingredients balance pH, and keep the hair feeling soft, hydrated and easy to detangle.



How Is The Hair Oil Used?
The Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil is a lightweight blend of oils formulated to specifically treat the scalp, but it’s also beneficial to the hair shaft. The oil is easily absorbed, and it promotes shine. Spray it directly onto the scalp, and massage it in, allowing a little to slip down the strand as well. Apply daily, or as needed between washes.




Still have questions about this collection? Watch it in action! 


Curlfriend, BreAnna Dona’e used Peppermint Tea Tree from start to finish to wash and style.



Have you tried products from this collection? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

See you next time!


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The Perfect Product for Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Product for Your Zodiac Sign

There's no doubt about it, hair has personality! Have a little fun and find out which EDEN product best suits your traits, according to your zodiac sign.  



  Meet our water sign curlfriends Edwina, Sonata, and Tyler 


P I S C E S  



gentle · imaginative · dreamer

As a water sign, Pisces are intuitive by nature and fuel their emotions by practicing the art of reflection. Pisces are constantly seeking hydration and need room to express their versatility. If Pisces is your zodiac sign, the Hibiscus Honey Blow Dry Cream is your go-to for hair protection, conditioning and stretching. It allows you to freely switch up your style.


 S C O R P I O



passionate · intuitive · independent

Loving and passionate, Scorpios are dedicated individuals who know what they want. They are resourceful and very careful when choosing who to let into their heart... and what to put into their hair! If you are a Scorpio, the Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard is a product you can place your trust in.  It provides the flexibility you enjoy to keep styling exciting, the sweetness that appeals to your senses, and the reliability you need to ensure that your results come out fierce every time.



JUNE 22 - JULY 22


protective · sensitive · caring 

Cancers are tender-hearted and sentimental beings. Greatly moved by empathy and their love for others, they are some of the most protective and caring individuals. Much like they do in their relationships with others, they place great value in tending to their hair's needs. If Cancer is your zodiac sign, the JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner is exactly what you need to show your hair the TLC it craves. 







Meet our earth sign curlfriends Mariah, Alyssia, and Aubreana 


T A U R U S 

APRIL 21 - MAY 21


reserved · patient · reliable

Highly practical and grounded, Taurus are some of the most reliable curlfriends. They are creatures of habit and also very dedicated individuals. When a Taurus finds a product that works for them on all fronts - smell, consistency, moisturizing ability + hold, they will stick to it. If Taurus is your zodiac sign, the Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme was made for you. It's an OG fan-favorite curl styler that can be trusted to deliver a defined wash 'n go every time.





humble · analytical · hardworking 

Like their fellow earth signs, Virgos are both hardworking and loyal. They are hardcore planners and strive for perfection in all that they do. Remaining humble is rarely an issue for them. Virgos often opt for polished hairstyles that are frizz-free. If you are a Virgo, the product for you is the Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze. With it, your baby hairs will stay laid and your styles kept sleek!






resourceful · intelligent · traditional

Independent, responsible, and ambitious - all major characteristics of the Capricorn. Capricorns are also intelligent and place high value on loyalty, especially when it comes to tradition! With hair care, any product that can tackle multiple concerns at once will likely become a staple in their routine. If Capricorn is your zodiac sign, the Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash will take care of your wash day needs: shampooing + conditioning all in one (plus it's a longtime fan-favorite)!






  Meet our fire sign curlfriends Zenita, Tia, and Jasmine 





courageous · confident · honest

Go-getters by nature, Aries are confident and determined people. They remain optimistic and don't mind being the first to take a risk. Aries don't have the patience to deal with tedious or time-consuming styles, so quick and simple looks are a must. If you are an Aries, the Coconut Shea Curling Jelly will serve you well. It's a one-product styler that will give you the definition, hold + shine you need to be on your way without having to layer it with any other products.



L E O 



bold · warm-hearted · passionate

As a fire sign, Leos wear confidence like a crown and love to stand out! Often creative, they are passionate about whatever they put their mind to, which makes them generous and lovable leaders, not to mention that they have a fun sense of humor. The Leo mentality: bold hair is good hair!  If you are a Leo, the Almond Marshmallow Hydration Serum (nicknamed "liquid gold'), is the key to making your curls POP with shine + definition.



S A G I T T A R I U S 



free-spirited · thoughtful · humorous

Sagittarius are very open-minded and love their freedom. Curiosity keeps them actively learning and exploring new people and places. A silly sense of humor is one of their best qualities. When it comes to hair care, versatility is key! If Sagittarius is your zodiac sign, the Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner is your go-to! It's moisturizing, yet won't weigh your hair down + it mixes well with just about anything you can think to cocktail it with. 






Meet our air sign curlfriends Samiya, Steph, and Iyana 



MAY 21 - JUNE 21


curious · adaptable · outgoing

As an air sign, Gemini are friendly and sociable people. They easily adapt to change, are quick-witted and expressive + they are known for being highly versatile. Gemini enjoy playfulness in their hair care, switching up styles regularly. If you are a Gemini, the Citrus Fusion Hair + Body Butter will bring the variety you desire. It can be used as a lightweight styler and/or a moisturizer for your hair + body, cleverly covering two needs in one.






 gentle · witty · mediator 

Libras love peacefulness and equality. They are true diplomats who value being in the presence of others and working collaboratively. The gentle Libra can find it difficult to choose just one product to try out on their hair, but as long as it mixes well with others, they're open to experimentation. If Libra is your zodiac sign, the Hibiscus Honey Curl Hydration Conditioner will treat your curls with care. It compliments any shampoo without fail and can be rinsed out or left in, because it easily harmonizes with styling products too!






friendly · humanitarian · collaborator

 Aquarius are problem-solvers who enjoy being surrounded by community. Helping people is what they love to do, in addition to holding intellectual and progressive conversations.  Aquarius are all about tending to their hair's needs so it can be as healthy as possible. If you are an Aquarius, the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo suits you well. It will clear up any dry scalp, itch, or product build up, plus it works well with the Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner to leave behind a refreshed + stimulated  scalp.




Interested in learning more about what's in these products? Check this out


See you next time!



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28 Afros with Ziajah Nellom

28 Afros with Ziajah Nellom

My name is Ziajah Nellom and I’m the creator of #28Afros, an annual month-long series dedicated to recreating iconic afros in celebration of Black History Month. 
About 28 Afros
There’s no doubt that the afro hairstyle is multidimensional. Through the 28 Afros series, my goal was to showcase how intricate and versatile the hairstyle can be. I wanted to highlight shrinkage as well as stretched-to-full-capacity hair. I also wanted to display shapes and how the texture of an afro changes daily.
It amazes me that we, as a people, still have such a hard time with something as simple as hair. Whether it be at home or in the workplace, it can be challenging for some people to feel comfortable wearing their hair in its natural state. When describing natural hair, I use words like intricate and multidimensional as a term of endearment, however, these same terms are used as synonyms for words like complex and difficult which are used in a derogatory manner. I believe that people have such a hard time accepting natural hair because it is complex. Individuals don’t understand how an afro changes everyday or how the texture is so different from every other hair type. Creating visuals like 28 Afros helps people to have a better understanding of the diverse and complex characteristics of natural hair.
Not only does 28 Afros aim to create understanding for society as a whole, but it encourages the natural hair community to take pride in their hair. The display of shapes throughout the series allows for people to see how natural hair molds and hopefully it motivates individuals to have a sense of comfortability with these shapes. Every morning I wake up with my hair molded into the shape of my head scarf; often flat on all sides. As funny as it may sound, the natural community needs to find peace and comfort with their flatness. What do you think inspired Lupita’s cubed shaped fro’, portrayed in one of my 28 Afros tributes?


Channeling Lupita Nyong'o


As you enjoy the series,  know that each shape, coil and mold is normal for natural hair and it shouldn't be something to shy away from. Be inspired by the shapes , be inspired the shrinkage and most of all be inspired by the flatness.



Reverend Al Green


Lauryn Hill




Tia Mowry


Solange Knowles


Yara Shahidi
To keep up with Ziajah and view the latest in the #28Afros series, follow her on Instagram at @ziajahenstyle.
See you next time!


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Tags: Inspo
Natural Hair Care for Men: Q & A

Natural Hair Care for Men: Q & A

The hair care world is overflowing with the glorious fros, slicked styles, helpful tips, tricks and influence of amazing women... and we LIVE for it! However, we mustn’t forget that men are taking charge of their hair regimens too! It’s not often that we hear men talk about their personal hair journeys, so to shed a little light, we're passing the mic to a few fellas who are passionate about their curls!




Q1: Has taking care of your hair always been important to you, or is it something you grew interested in over time?

OZZIE: Taking care of my hair has not always been a priority, it was something I defaulted to nature and thought just washing it and using grease occasionally was enough when I had short cuts. Over time, I picked up tips from my mother, friends, women I dated, and random pages online. But over the last year, I really started asking more questions and doing research and trying different natural hair product lines because I moved to a new city, and my mother wasn’t doing my hair for me. It dawned on me that I am responsible for my hair’s health. That’s how I discovered EDEN BodyWorks,  through a friend, because I wanted to do a better job taking care of my hair. 

STEPHON: Taking care of my hair has always been important to me, but how I took care of my hair has evolved over time. When I was younger, "taking care of my hair" meant trying to have waves and getting haircuts and shape-ups to keep looking sharp. I was using Luster's Pink Lotion and a hair brush... religiously. My parents didn't allow du-rags in the house, so I would borrow a headscarf and tie it down tightly at night for protection! Dark times. 

Over the last 5 years, haircare is much more about how my hair, beard and scalp feel, rather than how it looks. Pink Lotion and Head and Shoulders can't do anything for me. I've taken the time to understand what my hair needs to thrive, and build a regimen to support it. 


DARIUS: It’s definitely something that I grew interest in over time. My mother and sister really informed me about how important it is to take care of your hair. Or at least take care of it as best as you can. 

Stephon - @stephmart_ceo



Q2: How much time do you put into your haircare daily/weekly?

SHELDON: I always take at least one day out of the week to care for my hair's needs. This typically starts with wash day & takes about 3-5 hours from start to finish.

DEANDRE: I dont put as much time into my haircare as people would think, my wash day is the longest day of course. But after wash day it takes no time to refresh my curls for the day. 

DARIUS: Usually everyday at least 5 or 10 min. Stray bottle with water, hair moisturizer and coconut oil to seal everything in


Q3: Most important step to your regimen?

STEPHON: Water! My hair loves moisture, and it's really the only way that it's able to absorb any product. I think it’s a very slept on step for most men, but I recommend that every guy has a small spray bottle full of water handy.

DEANDRE: The most important step in my regimen would be deep conditioning. A lot of hair problems can be solved with deep conditioning


Q4: Favorite EDEN product + why?

OZZIE: My favorite product is the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo because I feel like it does such a good job of cleaning my hair, especially since I frequent the gym and therefore sweat quite a bit. Also, washing my hair thoroughly in between getting it braided is super important to help the braids look crisp because clean hair and a clean scalp go a long way. 

STEPHON: Hands down it's gotta be the Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle. I love the texture, and I love how it moisturizes my hair strands. It also helps that coconut and shea butter smell great 100% of the time.

DEANDRE: My favorite EDEN product is the Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner because it moisturizes, defines and clumps my curls. It also pairs well with a lot of gels, and my curls are ALWAYS poppin' when I use it! 


DARIUS: Favorite product would have to be the  Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner. The reason why it’s my favorite is because it has coconut oil and shea butter in it, which has always worked best for my hair. Also, it really keeps my hair moisturized and soft. 


Darius - @dariusbeckett



Q5: Do you feel there's enough male representation in the natural hair industry/community?

OZZIE: There is definitely not enough representation for men in the natural hair community. I’m hoping to help change the narrative. We have hair too and we want to know how to treat it as best we can. A lot of men just use their girlfriend’s products, allow the hairdresser or barber to use products or recommend things, and we really have no way of knowing what's best for us or our hair.  I’m thankful to companies like EDEN BodyWorks making efforts like this article. I think this is a great way to let men know help is available, plus the brand and products are of high quality and integrity. 

STEPHON: This is a loaded question - on one hand, I believe that women deserve to be *more* represented in this industry. Society has policed women's (and black women's, in particular) hair for centuries, and I think it's high time that natural hair becomes a societal staple in all of its shapes, lengths, textures and styles. On the other hand, I feel like there is room for growth in terms of marketing and educating men on their hair. While hair education is universal, beard textures are niche to men, and the application of hair education is a little different. A lot of men are just using whatever they see their friends, family or partners using, and it would be great to help build their knowledge base moving forward.

SHELDON: Definitely not-there's really only a handful of male natural hair influencers who are consistently producing content, I really hope this is something that changes this year!


DEANDRE: I do not feel there is enough male representation in the natural hair community. The community needs to know males want their curls to be poppin' as well! This is one of the reasons i started my YouTube channel! (Major Ways


Ozzie - @ozanidas

Q6: Something you'd like others to know about men + natural hair care?

OZZIE: I want men to know to take care of their hair.  It is an extension of you and whatever look you go for, be intentional. If you are nice to it, you will have it longer. As men, we all want to keep our hair for as long as possible. I would recommend reading articles, watching videos and trying out different things. 

SHELDON: It's OK to take care of your hair! You won't have it forever, so cherish it for the time that you do!

DEANDRE:  I would like people, especially males, to know it’s ok to want to take care of your hair, test out different products, and experiment with different styles! Learn to love your hair!


Q7: What do you love most about your hair?

OZZIE: I love the versatility of it and how it can be worn in many different styles. Also, when I see that it is growing and looks healthy, I feel proud of my efforts. There is always something new to learn about natural hair. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

SHELDON: I love everything, the shape, the texture, the curls, my hair plays a huge factor in my overall self-esteem. When I have a good hair day, no one can tell me anything haha!

DEANDRE: The thing I love most about my hair is how versatile it is. I can wear it curly, braided, twisted or even blown out! 


 Sheldon - @kxd.sheldy


Q8: Do you share your opinion with your significant other or the women (whether family or friends) in your life about how they wear/style their hair?

STEPHON: I do, but only to a certain extent. I believe that you should be empowering those around you, so an opinion on whether or not a protective style or a wig is "suitable" for them does nothing constructive. Further, if you distill most of those "you shouldn't wear your hair like this" opinions down to its core, a lot of them are rooted in racist and misogynistic philosophy. I offer my girl feedback on styling based on what her desired "look" is, and I encourage her to explore her hair in every fashion she sees fit. If she's having an off day, I'll let her know too...(carefully of course.)

SHELDON:  I do, but my opinion is merely that-an opinion. I always want the best for all of my loved ones-even if it just down to choosing the hairstyle that suits them best!

DEANDRE: Yes, I share a lot of my opinions with the women in my life. They know that I know a lot about natural hair, they know I take very good care of my natural hair and I'm always here to help! 


Q9: Did a woman (or women) have influence on how you wear your hair - or the products you use?

OZZIE: Absolutely! When I first started growing my hair, any women I saw with nice natural hair,  I would ask what they used in their hair and the response was always very warm and informative about their approach to caring for it. They would tell me products and some dos and don’ts. Once my mother began to braid my hair, she shared a lot of information about methods and products too. Even still to this day, I take the approach of asking women that I meet information about their hair and I try many of their suggestions out. 

SHELDON: Most definitely! That's all you saw-particularly on YouTube-was women giving insight on natural hair. Learning about my hair inspired me to start my own channel & share with a male audience as there weren't that many men doing it at that point in time. Three of my biggest inspirations were Mini Marley, Bri Hall, & Sayria Jade.

DARIUS: Yes definitely, my mom and sister. Because they have natural hair I started to use the products that helped them. I learned mainly everything from them. They also showed me what products work best for our hair texture. 


Q10: Advice you'd give to other fellas looking to put more effort into their hair care?

SHELDON: It's OK to care for your hair. It's not going to be easy at first, you will have to find what works best for your hair-most importantly make sure you keep it healthy! The feelings you get when you finally start to learn about your hair, & you get to physically see the difference, is incomparable!

DEANDRE: My advice to other men would be to get educated and listen to your hair. It may seem like a lot at first, but it gets so much easier! I promise! 

DARIUS:  I would say to stay consistent with it and that will make it easier because that will train your hair to stay a certain way. Wash and condition it at least once a week but keep it healthy and moisturized with some type of leave in conditioner and oil. I prefer coconut oil 9/10. 


 DeAndre - @therealdremajor



Wanna learn more? Share your questions, comments and concerns below + be sure to keep up with Ozzie, Stephon, Sheldon, DeAndre, and Darius on social. 


See you next time!




February 12, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
Join #EDENCurlfriends!

Join #EDENCurlfriends!


You asked, so we're delivering! Now is your chance to become a part of #EDENCurlfriends, our official brand ambassador program. Get ready to create community while gaining access to free products, features on ads + social promo, a personalized coupon code, opportunities to work brand events, and more!


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Official Rules

- Must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada; no P.O. Box addresses permitted.

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How to Apply


Complete this survey.



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Email your video + a headshot of yourself (high resolution only) to





And That's It! 

Selected ambassadors will be notified via email.

Good luck!


February 11, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
Get Curl Definition: 5 Twist-Out Techniques

Get Curl Definition: 5 Twist-Out Techniques

Getting your desired definition is almost like making the right calculations: product + technique = ?

Rounding up eight of our favorite twist-out videos, we decided that it's probably better to show you, than to tell you. But to also make the "which product should I buy" choice easier, we've added the product used and matched them with hold potential, technique and definition results.  

Watch The Twist-Out Technique Playlist (8 Videos)



For Soft-Hold, Loose-Wavy Definition - Twist & Curl 


For Medium-Hold, Wavy Cork-Screw Definition - 3 Strand Twist

For Medium Hold, Tight Cork-Screw Definition- 2 Strand Twist Out

For Strong Hold, Tight Cork-Screw Definition- Flat Twist Out

February 11, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks
Are Clip-Ins & Extensions Healthy For Natural Hair? 5 Styles For Your Hair

Are Clip-Ins & Extensions Healthy For Natural Hair? 5 Styles For Your Hair

There's nothing wrong with adding volume, length, or wanting a new look with a temporary texture. The magic of clip-ins and style-saving ponytails quickly come to the rescue; but are they healthy for your hair? 

Wearing clip-ins and extensions for an extended time, without caring for the hair that is underneath or showing concern for tension points can be damaging. Using non-harmful products on your own hair to strengthen, lock-in moisture, and restore vital nourishment is crucial.  

6 Tips For Keeping Temporary Extensions Healthy:

  1. When sleeping, or when possible, remove extensions to reduce tension
  2. Make sure hair that is left out is moisturized
  3. Avoid constant heat styling and use thermal protection
  4. Gently wash & care for your scalp ( apply a balm, hairdress, or oil to scalp)
  5. Deep condition and detangle your own hair every 2-3 weeks
  6. Use a conditioning product on edges to prevent drying them out
We're serious about healthy hair however you choose to wear it.  We collected a few videos featuring extensions styled with best selling EDEN BodyWorks products. Stream the playlist and shop the products used to blend and care for their hair and extensions.

Watch The Playlist


#5: Side Bangs Tapered Cut ( w/ clip-ins)

 How To: Low Sleek Ponytail On A TWA , Short Natural Hair

#4: Low Sleek Ponytail On A  Short Natural TWA


#3: No Heat Sleek Low Braided Pony ( w/ added hair)


#2: Perm Rod Curly Fro ( w/ clip-ins for volume)


#1:  Half Up Bun ( w/ clip-ins for length & volume)

February 03, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks