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3 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself This Fall

  Fall can be busy. It’s easy to get so caught up in daily tasks and appointments that you begin to neglect your own self care a bit. But, don’t underestimate the power of taking even just a few minutes a day to slow down and do something for yourself.     1. Hot Tea Anyone? Of course most of us love our fancy coffee drinks, but we’re talking tea, because it can actually be good for you and help with relaxation! Black and Green teas especially, contain natural antioxidants which can help to benefit your body in multiple ways, including better heart health. These antioxidants can also exude to your outward appearance as well (clearer, glowing skin… wink, wink!). Not to mention the warmth and taste are comforting! Chamomile tea actually has properties that aid in relaxation and calming the stomach. So heat up a cup and enjoy!     Image from Medical News Today             2. Festive Face Mask There are tons of memes out there poking fun at the endless options of pumpkin flavored… well... MORE

So Long NYFW, Hello Inclusivity!

New York Fashion Week 2018 has come to an end... and we’re sad about it.   We LOVED keeping up with some of next season’s fiercest looks and hottest trends from the hair, down to the heels. But, now that it’s over, what is it that we’ll remember most?   The clothes were great, of course, but the changes arising within the industry is what’s left a lasting mark on us, thanks to designers like R&B artist, Rihanna.   On September 12, she hosted a show for her Savage X Fenty Lingerie collection, and the diversity amongst the models truly captured our hearts! Not only did the show feature models of different shades, ethnicities and cultures, but it also showcased women of varying body types and shapes, including women who are pregnant.   In a world that’s constantly placing beauty standards on women, whether it’s to look like x or to look like y, it’s so refreshing to see a NYFW show with such an inclusive cast of models. It helps convey that beauty isn’t limited to one shape, size, ... MORE

3 Easy Hairstyles for Fall

By Angel Lee  @angelcassandra8   The time of year is near, when fall is in the air, school is back in session and the pumpkin spice latte is making a reappearance.  It is also a time of year, when the weather is starting to cool down, making it easier to get more wear out of our hairstyles. Here are a few hairstyles that hopefully will help to make this transition into fall a bit easier and all of which, can be prepped the night before.     Curls and Bun For the curls and bun hairstyle, you will begin with dry, detangled hair.  First, part the hair with a comb or use your hands to section the hair into two halves, a top half and a bottom half.  Apply the EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème to the back section and also add a gel for extra hold. Brush the hair together to form a ponytail.  Once in a ponytail, then form the hair into a bun. Next, for the top section, also apply the Curl Defining Crème. With that section, twist the hair into small to medium-sized two strand twists an... MORE

4 Back-to-School Hair Hacks to Save Time

Whew! It’s already mid-August and we have no clue where the time has gone! Summer vacations are drawing to a close, and many are already planning, packing, and shopping for the upcoming school year - Moms, grade schoolers, and college students alike. We know that means schedules are about to become a lot busier, with little time to spare (even for those who aren’t prepping for back-to-school). To provide a little help, we’ve got 4 Back-to-School Hair Hacks to hopefully save you a little time!     1.Style Hair at Night! Especially if you or your child’s goto styles are wash ‘n gos, try washing your hair at night and sleeping in your deep conditioner (wearing a plastic shower cap and bonnet will keep you from wetting your pillow); this will allow you to wake up in the morning, only having to rinse out the conditioner and apply your styling product. Using this method, your hair can air dry throughout the day. To save even more time, throughout the week, you can even style your hair be... MORE

Let's Celebrate! - A Note from Jasmine Lawrence

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the founding of EDEN BodyWorks. I’m immensely proud of the impact the team has made and continue to be optimistic about the future that lies ahead. Now that I’ve spent more than half my life at the helm of this organization, I’d like to share some thoughts on the journey thus far, where we’re going, and what keeps us moving.        Looking Back Some of you may be familiar with the story, but for those who aren’t, I founded EDEN BodyWorks as a teenager after facing my own challenges with managing my natural hair and understanding my value beyond my looks. I had two goals in mind when I set out to start my own company. First, I wanted to share the natural products I created and healthy hair tips I had learned through research with women around the world. Second, I wanted to encourage, support and empower people to pursue their best, happiest, healthiest lives regardless of what challenges they faced. What started with a hair oil made in my kitc... MORE

Get to Know Your Hair Porosity

 This week, Kerone Maxineau, author of Kinks, Curls, and Coils: The Ultimate Guide to Natural and Healthy Afro-Textured Hair, is sharing a snippet from her book with us, and it's all about hair porosity! So get ready to take notes!     Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coiled, knowing your hair’s porosity can help you to discover the best ways to retain moisture for your specific hair type. Porosity is your hair’s ability and willingness to absorb water or moisture and keep it in. This is based on how closed or open the cuticles are. Porosity is mostly determined by genetics. However, heat, pH balance, and chemicals can affect and change your hair porosity as well. Hair porosity can range from low, to medium, or high.  Like the pores of your skin, when pores are open, it is easy for creams and products to pass through. When pores are blocked or have tight spaces, products struggle to enter. Your hair behaves similarly. Low porous hair has low levels of pores or ope... MORE

Top 7 Summer Vacay Styles

Is anyone else ready for vacation? Whether you’re traveling far or just planning for local day-trip outings this summer, chances are, you’re looking for some cute summer hairstyles to help you switch it up for the occasion. We’re here to help bring you some inspiration! Here are our top 7 vacay hairstyles for summer ‘18:   1. Cornrows! This classic look is great with or without hair added. It helps to keep your ends protected and out of the way so you can just focus on having fun.This style is low maintenance too!   @heygorjess       2. Fulani-Style Braids! Fulani braids can add a little twist to traditional box braid styles. They allow you to get creative with the design.Add accessories (beads, cuffs and etc.) for a little extra embellishment as well. @modelesquenic       3. Fun Bun! You don’t have to add hair to get a Fulani-inspired look. Just add a couple braids at the front of your hair and you’ve got the look! This style is super cute, simple, and quick to achieve.  @curl... MORE

Pepper-minty: Haute + Spicy Ways to Catch Up On Your Body Goals

“Summer bodies are made in the winter”... It’s a saying that I learned quickly when I first began training to compete in NPC Bikini competitions. Although that chapter of my life is closed, I still carry the essence of the saying with me. I am cognizant of the lesson it teaches about delaying instant gratification and creating habits now that will pay off in the future. Fitness isn’t instant. It’s discipline and harmony. Butttttttt if you’re late to the body goals party and need a plan B you may be wondering or even hearing on social media about all the spicy ways you can catch up. Let’s address them.  1. Speed Dieting (hmm...)   A post shared by Lift Heavy | Live Healthy (@30daysofdope) on Jun 18, 2018 at 8:31pm PDT Diets are marketing tools for quick weight loss. Simple as that. They’re intended to get you seeing results quicker so that you feel better about yourself and (hopefully) stay committed. Spoiler alert: we all fall off of a diet plan sooner or later.... MORE

Drink Your Way to Healthy Hair & Skin

*This post is a compilation of content repurposed from our #CelebrateMyBeauty tour.     Source: Just like there are (no, okay maybe a few) get rich schemes, there’s some work involved with achieving healthy hair status. It’s not just the care of the scalp and hair, but also what we are feeding our hair. Luckily, there are quite a few food groups that are touted for healthier hair growth. Salmon is loaded with strong hair supporters like Vitamin D and protein, along with omega-3 fatty acids for healthy scalp Eggs are also an excellent source of omega-3s and the yolk contains biotin (a favorite supplement form taken for hair growth) Almonds also have a high biotin content Sweet Potatoes are loaded with beta carotene Sunflower Seeds have an abundance of vitamin E to enhance blood flow to the scalp and promote faster hair growth  Avocados mixed with sour cream as a topical application to the hair and scalp have the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production - ... MORE

Passing the "Naturalista Torch" onto My Daughters

Yolanda Renee and her daughters, Taylor and Sylar - @etcblogmag TEACHING MY DAUGHTERS HOW TO CARE FOR THEIR NATURAL HAIR When you see a beautiful, smart, brown girl rocking her unique natural hair, what comes to mind? Most people would admire the craftsmanship and wonder, “How did her Mommy create that style?” Right? When styling my girls’ hair I ask myself pretty much the same question- “How can I create my vision?” My thought process goes even a step further as I want the styling process to become a learning lesson for my girls. They can subconsciously learn about caring for their hair if I keep them involved.   My top advice for Mamas who are struggling with wash days + styling is, “ALWAYS SET TIME ASIDE TO PATIENTLY CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S HAIR. "  -Yolanda Renee When you do not have strict time constraints you have more patience. PATIENCE is extremely important to make your child comfortable, less fussy, and willing to participate. And of course you have to make this... MORE

4 Things to Do Besides Shave Your Legs

By Blossom Onunekwu   It’s 2018. We know America’s beauty standards are complete B.S. We know women were pressured by male hair-removal industries to start shaving their armpits. We know that there’s a pink tax that makes female beauty products cost more but have less product. And if you don’t know already, now you know.   With that info, you can choose to either buy the male versions of your favorite razors and shaving creams, because the main difference is you’ll actually get what you paid for. Or you can quit while you’re ahead and do more meaningful things with your time. Such as:     1. Build your personal brand. A lot of people think you need a business to start developing your brand. But as long as you’re in the work force, you are your brand. Get some professional photos done. Pimp out your LinkedIn. Add professors, past employers, and family friends. Make business cards for yourself. Once you know what you want to do with your life, you should make sure you are working t... MORE

Uh, Huh Honey!

We did it again! ANOTHER new collection, and this Hibiscus and Honey-infused combo is perfect for spring!   The Hibiscus Honey collection is made up of five products, designed to hydrate your hair from the inside out, thanks to its Hibiscus Flower Extract and  Honey ingredients.   Hibiscus Flower Extract Aids In: - hair growth - Strengthening hair - Thickening hair - Combatting hair loss   Honey Aids In: - Strengthening hair - Moisture retention (natural emollient) - Reducing breakage - Antibacterial & antiseptic properties - Adding shine   The awesome thing about this line (besides the amazing smell and ability to hydrate), is that it allows for style versatility!  With products for curls and for stretched or heat styling, it’s bound to be a staple in your hair care collection!   Hibiscus Honey Curl Hydration Shampoo This shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes the hair. Adds moisture and softness to give your curls an extra boost of hydration. ———————     Hibisc... MORE