Passing the "Naturalista Torch" onto My Daughters

Yolanda Renee and her daughters, Taylor and Sylar - @etcblogmag TEACHING MY DAUGHTERS HOW TO CARE FOR THEIR NATURAL HAIR When you see a beautiful, smart, brown girl rocking her unique natural hair, what comes to mind? Most people would admire the craftsmanship and wonder, “How did her Mommy create that style?” Right? When styling my girls’ hair I ask myself pretty much the same question- “How can I create my vision?” My thought process goes even a step further as I want the styling process to become a learning lesson for my girls. They can subconsciously learn about caring for their hair if I keep them involved.   My top advice for Mamas who are struggling with wash days + styling is, “ALWAYS SET TIME ASIDE TO PATIENTLY CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S HAIR. "  -Yolanda Renee When you do not have strict time constraints you have more patience. PATIENCE is extremely important to make your child comfortable, less fussy, and willing to participate. And of course you have to make this... MORE

4 Things to Do Besides Shave Your Legs

By Blossom Onunekwu   It’s 2018. We know America’s beauty standards are complete B.S. We know women were pressured by male hair-removal industries to start shaving their armpits. We know that there’s a pink tax that makes female beauty products cost more but have less product. And if you don’t know already, now you know.   With that info, you can choose to either buy the male versions of your favorite razors and shaving creams, because the main difference is you’ll actually get what you paid for. Or you can quit while you’re ahead and do more meaningful things with your time. Such as:     1. Build your personal brand. A lot of people think you need a business to start developing your brand. But as long as you’re in the work force, you are your brand. Get some professional photos done. Pimp out your LinkedIn. Add professors, past employers, and family friends. Make business cards for yourself. Once you know what you want to do with your life, you should make sure you are working t... MORE

Uh, Huh Honey!

We did it again! ANOTHER new collection, and this Hibiscus and Honey-infused combo is perfect for spring!   The Hibiscus Honey collection is made up of five products, designed to hydrate your hair from the inside out, thanks to its Hibiscus Flower Extract and  Honey ingredients.   Hibiscus Flower Extract Aids In: - hair growth - Strengthening hair - Thickening hair - Combatting hair loss   Honey Aids In: - Strengthening hair - Moisture retention (natural emollient) - Reducing breakage - Antibacterial & antiseptic properties - Adding shine   The awesome thing about this line (besides the amazing smell and ability to hydrate), is that it allows for style versatility!  With products for curls and for stretched or heat styling, it’s bound to be a staple in your hair care collection!   Hibiscus Honey Curl Hydration Shampoo This shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes the hair. Adds moisture and softness to give your curls an extra boost of hydration. ———————     Hibisc... MORE

Spring Cleaning! How to Maximize Your Space (with Tips from The Baby Shopaholic)

Spring is here! It's time to clean! If you're looking to neaten up your place and maximize your space this year, check out some of the organization tips we have for you below.   Need to Organize Your Closet? Tall rolling racks can be purchased for fairly low prices at an array of stores. They’re perfect if you have a surplus of clothes that need to be hung, but just won’t fit on the racks already in your closet.  You can roll them right into your closet, or anywhere you may have some extra room. If you’re still struggling to make enough room for your entire wardrobe, extra thin hangers are a big help as well! Many stores carry extra thin hangers that stack without bulk. They can also help you fit more of your clothing into your closet than the average hanger.   If you’re really into making your closet look neat, try color coding your clothes.  Organize them in whatever order you like best, or you could even try doing it according to the order of the traditional rainbow: red,... MORE

Living Beyond the Label

If you were asked to describe yourself, where would you begin? Most likely, you’ll start with your name and profession, then expand from there. Or maybe you’ll start listing values and characteristics that you believe make you likable, descriptive words that convey a person worth knowing beyond those labels.  Women tend to wear many hats, with the demanding roles to match. We don't have the luxury of wearing one at a time, either. If we're moms, we're always moms in addition to being an entrepreneur, CEO, volunteer, carpool coordinator, chef and whatever other role life demands that day.      Beyond the Label aims to shine light on women at their core, along with their many complexities. We aim to go below the surface and highlight the various tasks and achievements made by the every day woman, including the pursuit in overcoming the personal challenges and obstacles they face daily. It's no longer adequate to look at a woman and see only a carrier for a child or a career. It's ... MORE

The Power Trio Profile

Drumroll please… Our NEW #Almond Marshmallow Trio is FINALLY Here!    We revealed little sneak peeks of our newest collection back in December, and ever since, the buzz around Almond Marshmallow hasn’t stopped. It’s official arrival has been heavily anticipated, and now, the wait is finally over! The entire trio is now available for purchase! However, before trying it out, you may have questions about the new line, so we’re here to answer them for you!   What’s It Made Of? As the name reveals, this trio is made with Sweet Almond Oil and Marshmallow Root Extract which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that work together to seal in moisture, drive away damage, and improve split ends, leaving behind long-term benefits. All three products also contain Aloe Vera Leaf Extract!   What Does It Do? Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque Deeply penetrates and conditions hair to repair current damage and prevent additional damage from occurring. How Do I Use It? After sh... MORE

28 Afros with Ziajah Nellom

My name is Ziajah Nellom of and I’m the creator of 28 Afros, a month-long series dedicated to recreating iconic afros in celebration of Black History Month.    About 28 Afros   There’s no doubt that the afro hairstyle is multidimensional. Through the 28 Afros series, my goal was to showcase how intricate and versatile the hairstyle can be. I wanted to highlight shrinkage as well as stretched-to-full-capacity hair. I also wanted to display shapes and how the texture of an afro changes daily. It amazes me that we, as a people, still have such a hard time with something as simple as hair. Whether it be at home or in the workplace, it can be challenging for some people to feel comfortable wearing their hair in its natural state. When describing natural hair, I use words like intricate and multidimensional as a term of endearment, however, these same terms are used as synonyms for words like complex and difficult which are used in a derogatory manner. I believe that people ... MORE

Why We're Praising Black Panther

Marvel’s latest superhero film, Black Panther, was released this past if you didn’t already know. The hype surrounding the film even before its release was unreal. Once viewers actually got a chance to see it over President’s Day weekend, social media went wild, and with good reason.   Cast, Marvel Image   A film such as Black Panther represents a major milestone and achievement in the black community. Never before has there been a black film release to this caliber, from the budget, to the marketing coverage around it. Not only that, it’s been amazing seeing a nearly all-black cast, represented in an extremely positive light. No gangsters, no drop-outs, no drugs, no jail, no slavery, no mammy or overly-promiscuous female archetypes. Instead, we see respected kings, queens, princesses, warriors, spies and engineers, all in the beautiful setting of their very own homeland - Africa (in the country of Wakanda to be specific). Each of the characters are portrayed to be hi... MORE

Knock, Knock Who's there?: Tender Love, Care & Hair

If you've landed here you're in for a sweet treat. This Valentine's Day we're recounting our favorite inspirational self-love & haircare moments:   "I believe in being healthy from the inside out. Taking the time to appreciate the good things in your life, regardless of how small they seem, is the key to unlocking your blessings." —Candice  @candicoatedcurls shared this wisdom with us on the EDEN BodyWorks channel, showing us one of the ways that she keeps herself positive. Taking time to reflect and count our blessings is a great start to inspiring optimism in our lives.   A post shared by EDEN BodyWorks (@edenbodyworks) on Mar 19, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT     "3 Simple Self-care Ideas: (1) Read a new book, (2) Have a spa day, (3) Journal" — Michelle @Naturalista86 gave our wonder moms three practical ways to practice self-care. We believe her recommendations can be applied universally to anyone looking to begin their self-care session. Michelle even threw in a shou... MORE

3 Things "grown-ish" is Teaching Everyone Else About Black Millennials

Tierra Loren, contributor at, recently wrote an awesome review of the new Freeform show "grown-ish," the spin-off of ABC's "black-ish." We thought it was so on point that we should share it here! *** "Grown-ish" is a realistic depiction of undergraduate life: the constant struggle between "being grown," balancing priorities, and discovering your identity.   1. This show gives great insight into young black millenials I've said it before and I will say it again: representation matters. Young black millennials matter too, and there are a lot of us poppin' in today's society. The leading star Zoey, played by Yara Shahidi, represents just that. As we get a close up look into Zoey's first year of college, we view her exposure to relationships, dating, and even drugs. One of the things I love most is the way "grown-ish" dissects dating through misreading the signs of Aaron's [Zoey's crush] interest, hookup culture and over-analyzing text messages. (We've all been the... MORE

Super Bowl Snack Ideas from @FoodHeavenShow!

Super Bowl Sunday is a BIG deal. Surely many are anticipating the game itself, but we’re talking about the snacks! Whether you’re planning to celebrate with a group or spend the evening solo, Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy, are sharing a few tasty (and healthy) snack ideas for the big day! These lovely ladies are registered dietitians and BFFs. They have been cooking together for years and they have a truly awesome platform packed with amazing healthy recipes! Below are a few easy grabbable foods that will have your taste buds cheering this upcoming Sunday.     Sriracha Cauliflower Poppers Serves 4 _____________________________ Ingredients: For the cauliflower 1 small head of cauliflower ¾ cup oat flower ¾ cup water 1 tablespoon olive oil For the sriracha sauce ½ cup sriracha ¼ cupp maple syrup ¼ cup water ½ tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon garlic powder For yogurt dipping sauce 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 tablespoon fresh dill, finely chopped   Instruc... MORE

5 Cold-Weather-Friendly Home Upgrades

Hello EDEN Family!    It’s Penned by Keyaira of here, wondering why our attention doesn’t turn towards home until the arrival of Spring cleaning. As a Jersey girl, I’m used to the cold but with nearly the entire country experiencing a chill, many of us are spending more time bundled up than at bottomless brunches. Here are 5 Ways I’m making my apartment a little cozier this winter so that I can enjoy my time indoors.      1. Adding Some Shimmer I love anything that sparkles, and lately, I have been on a glitter kick. I even invested in a sequined memo board for my kitchen. If you’re a little more subtle than yours truly, gold spray paint can upgrade almost anything in your living space. Crack a window, lay down some cardboard and go to town! Even small items, like this catch-all tray I keep in the hallway to avoid losing items like my keys or pins, can make a big difference in the way your home shines.         2. Switching Up My Essential Oils We can become n... MORE