Hibiscus Honey

Curly, Straight or Both

Packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients, this new
strengthening regimen developed with hibiscus and honey aids in
transforming dull, lifeless hair into healthy manageable strands.
Developed to give you options - whether you wear your hair curly,
straight, or both.

Should you try it? Uh-huh honey, we think so!

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There are many benefits to creating products using hibiscus such as
preventing premature graying, strengthening hair, and restoring
elasticity to hair. Honey, a natural humectant, is great for moisturizing hair and restoring hair’s natural luster.


Adds luster to hair
Aids in hair growth
Helps combat dryness.


Smooths hair follicles and adds shine
Helps hair retain moisture
Restores nutrients to hair and scalp

Hibiscus Flower
Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Aloe Vera

Two key ingredients

The true beauty of hair is being able to style it however you choose! When going from curly to straight, this collection is perfect to help maintain the strength and integrity of your mane hairdo after hairdo. Working in tandem, Hibiscus and Honey lessen frizz (hello, more manageable strands!) and add essential hydration.

No Parabens. No sulfates. No mineral oils or dyes. Cruelty-free.

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Shine & Moisture!

"What I love about the Hibiscus Honey collection is how hydrating it is. Your hair will drink these products up!"
— Anjie ( Washington, D.C.)

Fet: @brialarine

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