The 5 Most Unforgettable Moments of Summer 2019

The 5 Most Unforgettable Moments of Summer 2019

Summer 2019 was full of memories. It's easy to forget all the things you accomplished this summer, so take a second to recap all the highlights and lit like bic moments before the temperatures drop. 

1. Our First Time 

The 25th Annual ESSENCE Festival went down in NOLA, per usual, but it was our first time popping up at the show! Of course, EDEN showed up + showed out.

We made such a statement that ESSENCE named our Papaya Castor Scalp Massaging Serum as one of the hottest new products of the summer! 

2. Brunching Ain't New, But We Do It Best.

Brunch is nothing new for us, we've been doing #BrunchWithEDEN for years (since 2012). For our 2016 reboot we upped the ante and brought our friend-brands: Urban Skin RX, The Lip Bar, and The Honey Pot. Jasmine Lawrence, founder EDEN BodyWorks spilled tea with the rest of the founders Rachel Rof and Beatrice Feliu Espada (respectively) on Lizzo, self-care, team building, current Netflix binges, and business.  All of our guests walked away with EDEN Minis of our Papaya Castor Collection, as well as a gifts complimentary of our panel partners. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to keep in the loop for the next one. 

3.The BEST, MOST AMAZING Edge Control Ever

We don't mean to brag but our Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze gave us another summer of sleek, neat and polished edges! It's an OG summer style staple. Don't take our word for it though, read the review below. 

 4. The Plug & The Link Up 


Black women owned brands. That's it. That's the statement and that's the intention behind our collaborations. All summer long our Curlfriends have been slaying the silk wrap game with this custom scarf designed by Ashley L. Fouyolle, a black female founder and owner of Unwrp. In celebration of our Papaya Castor spring launch, Unwrp made sure to create a special gift that gives style and hair protection. 

5. One Time for the Birthday Biz! 

We celebrated the big 1-5 in August. That's 15 years EDEN BodyWorks has been championing beautiful healthy hair as nature intended, perfected by you. Without you where would we be? So this is as much a celebration for you as it is for us. Thank you for your love and support! 

What were your top 5 memories of Summer 2019? Or maybe you tried something new from EDEN this summer. We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a note in the comments! 

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