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On the Grind with @TheEsperanzaMaria

On the Grind with @TheEsperanzaMaria


Hey Beauties!

Erin here; better known as @theesperanzamaria on Instagram, I am the creator of The Sunflower Experience and co-founder of Curl Talk DC. I stepped into the blogging world a little over a year ago now and it has been such an amazing experience filled with an immense amount of opportunity, love and support. Taking on this role has commanded a great amount of responsibility and time management skills. I am constantly on the move, so much so, I literally have-to schedule everything sometimes even just hanging with my friends has-to be scheduled down to the minute.


Now that school is back into full spring, I have to factor in school, work, blogging and attending events or doing shoots. All of this sounds like a whole lot, I know, but when you are passionate about something you never allow anything to get in your way. Even if that is sleep sometimes, in the words of Tommy Pickles “a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do,” although, in this case a blogger’s gotta do… well you get it!



There are so many benefits to being an influencer and blogger from meeting and networking with interesting people to working with incredible brands and being able to hear stories from people of all walks of life! I am obsessed with the support from other influencers as well. I have made so many connections and genuine friends in this industry it’s almost unreal.  People sometimes have this misconception about influencers and think all we do is take pictures and get free stuff, but it’s so much more than that, it’s about creating a sense of mutual support and creativity that goes beyond material things and pretty pictures.


As rewarding as this job is (because it is a job), there are a good amount of challenges that I face as an influencer and business woman. Being taken advantage of is a big problem. What I do is valuable. I create content and spread positive words because I love it but it takes a good amount of time and energy to put into content creation and when people or brands don’t take notice or understand that, it can be frustrating. Finding time throughout the day to do everything is always a challenge because you want to be able to constantly create and talk to every person and brand but the reality is: priorities, priorities, priorities.


My day to day changes constantly, which is what I love about this industry! I have classes two days out of the week and work at my job 5 days a week which sometimes includes weekends. I have the daytime free because I normally work at night so on the days I don’t have classes I am responding to emails, writing a blog post or creating content for my Instagram page. Other than that, I regularly attend networking events, and I love to read; I am currently reading The Alchemist and I love to have wine nights with my girlfriends.



Being an influencer has been an amazing experience thus far and I’m excited to see where I go from here! I graduate in December so once I have my degree I hope that my opportunities will take me beyond the DMV area. I’d love to live in New York for a few years but hey, who knows!


Thank you so much for listening to my story! Feel free to follow me on Instagram and show some love. Also, check to check out my blog click the link below.


Peace & Love Beauties
-A Sunflower
September 13, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
Color Me Up

Color Me Up

You may have spotted the lovely art piece created by artist Brooklyn Dolly for our booth at CURLFEST 2017. Anyone who stopped by the EDEN BodyWorks booth had the opportunity to add a splash of color onto the “color me up” mural, and it was a hit!

Color Me Up by Brooklyn Dolly - Eden BodyWorks Color Me Up by Brooklyn Dolly - Eden BodyWorks

The image features three different women and their hair. One with a fabulous afro, another with Fulani-esque cornrows and the other with flowing waves. The ladies are adorned with flowers, leaves, butterflies and more, just waiting to be brought to life with vibrant color. We love this image because it reminds us of the diversity and natural beauty of the community who supports the EDEN family.

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve decided to provide a version of the image that you can download and print out right at home!

Download Brooklyn Dolly's original image

Color it, paint it, do whatever you’d like with it! And if you’re thinking coloring is just for the little ones, think again! Coloring intricate pictures has become a trend, but it’s actually been suggested by a number of psychologists as an alternative to meditation.

In other words, it’s calming, relaxing, and can help to enhance focus and concentration. So if you’re stressed out, bored, or even just looking for a way to get your creativity flowing, try it out and tell us what you think!

You can find more of Brooklyn Dolly’s work at or by following her on Instagram @brooklyndolly

See you back here next week!

August 02, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
Traveling with Zayna Amor

Traveling with Zayna Amor


French Riviera

I love traveling. Being on the go constantly is my thing as I’m a very adventurous person. There is so much world to see, and I want to experience and learn about it all. I don’t face many obstacles while traveling unless there is weather or delayed flights. I prepare and always plan accordingly and always check the weather before I leave. 

I love traveling. Being on the go constantly is my thing as I’m a very adventurous person. There is so much world to see, and I want to experience and learn about it all. I don’t face many obstacles while traveling unless there is weather or delayed flights. I prepare and always plan accordingly and always check the weather before I leave. 

Accra, Ghana
  I have faced challenges in different countries not only for being black, but being female as well. I've been denied service in restaurants and I’ve been asked to leave tourist attractions because I was dressed a little more fashionable than the other tourist. The ignorance of others has never discouraged me or made me feel less than. I leave with class and my head held high and take my money else where.
  Preparing for trips is simple. I find a spot and do some research (safety, weather, things to do, where to stay, ect), then book a flight. I pack according to scenery and how I want to look in certain places since I love taking pictures. I never pack light…really don’t know what that means. 
  Traveling is a lifestyle to me. Becoming more aware and more cultured is something I strive for. I can’t sit back and let others tell me about places and not experience them for myself.
Marrakech, Morocco
To keep up with Zayna and her travels, check out her blog at and follow her on Instagram @zayna_amor
We'll see you back here next week!
July 26, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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My Personal Independence Day  - by Jasmine Lawrence

My Personal Independence Day - by Jasmine Lawrence

Part 1

Looking back there were two big moments that I remember and would classify as independence days. These were days where I recognized my life is my own and the next steps for my life were completely up to me. These were days full of possibilities, freedom and discovery.
The first was the morning I woke up in my dorm room at Georgia Tech in August of 2009. When I woke up I finally felt the weight of the long journey that it took for me to get there. After 18 years of being a maker and science nerd I was finally in college studying to become an engineer. Waking up at Tech came after dozens of conversations with people about whether or not I should even go to college. I had been featured on major news outlets. I was still getting fan mail from my segment on the Oprah Winfrey Show and EDEN BodyWork’s products were selling well at over 1000 Wal-Mart stores nationwide. There were people who told me I should focus on keeping my business thriving and not get distracted with higher education.
In fall of 2009, EDEN BodyWorks was about to have its 5 year anniversary. It was a major milestone for me because very early on in my entrepreneurial pursuits someone gently mentioned that according to the United States Small Business Association half of businesses fail within the first 5 years. But EDEN BodyWorks hadn’t failed. Due to the passion and persistence of my team EDEN BodyWorks was growing and thriving. I felt like I needed to do “this college thing” for me. I loved being a CEO but I never expected it. I’ve always wanted to be a creator but I never would have guessed it would be in hair care. So waking up at an engineering school was a huge wake up call to see if this was really the right step for my life.
Long story short, balancing school and work was tough. I learned a lot about time management and about what’s important to me in life. I learned to make more time for the people that matter and to be ready to continuously learn. My time a Georgia Tech prepared me immensely for my career, but what it didn’t prepare me for was life outside of that.
Part 2
Living on campus gives you only a small taste of what “the real world” is like. It’s a tiny ecosystem designed to help you learn and grow with community support. My second independence day was the morning I woke up in my first Seattle apartment in May 2013. I wasn’t nervous about starting my new full time job at Microsoft. I was worried about what I
was going to do when the work day was over.
I had gotten familiar with my role as Program Manager and made friends during my internship the summer before. But after unpacking, getting groceries and getting my new Washington State license I felt overwhelmed by the expansive options I had for what to do in my newly discovered free time. I started the decision making process as I usually do by making a list of things that I like to do. I used this list to explore things on my own and as a way to share what I loved with others.
As I reconsider writing this list I’m glad that it wasn’t full of things to accomplish or places to go. It helped me lay a personal foundation for how I like to spend my time. I’ve learned that my careers are how I impact and change the world and that the person I am is also valuable to me. I am confident in the choices that make me who I am. I take responsibility for the decision I makes. I celebrate my freedom to choose and I hope to encourage others to do the same.
To keep up with Jasmine follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @edensjasmine
July 05, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
Becoming a Natural Silver Sista

Becoming a Natural Silver Sista

By:Mildred Bean


I began dying my hair when I was in 9th grade. Over the course of time I think I've tried just about every red, black, blue/black, ash blond, and brown dye that came in a bottle. Changing my hair color was always fun!  That was until my hair started becoming more grey than brown and a little resistant to both color and relaxer. Keeping my edges “layed" while trying to keep my roots dyed became a chore, and color was no longer fun.
After admiring a coworker’s beautiful silver hair for a couple years, I made the decision to stop dying mine. Transitioning from color treated hair to salt and pepper isn't easy nor did I find it flattering. So during the summer of 2002 I decided to shave all of my hair off and let my silver hair shine. Since my hair was relaxed at the time of that “big chop” and the purpose was to return to my natural color, not my natural texture, I transitioned to a texturizer for a season and then back to my relaxer.
Without getting into the science of grey hair, I can tell you that as my hair began to turn grey my texture began to change.  Not only did it become resistant, it became a little dry in the greyest areas and required additional moisture.  This occurred whether it was dyed or not; it’s just the characteristic of the hair itself.  My biggest struggle with grey hair when it was relaxed was keeping it from looking yellow and dingy due to the chemicals in the relaxer and flat ironing.  Immediately after every touchup I had to use a peroxide conditioner to remove the greenish-yellow residue that the relaxer left behind.
In 2012 I attended a small natural hair event with my daughter who was there as a vendor (neither of us were natural). I was so amazed by the beauty and diversity of the natural hairstyles the young ladies were rocking that I decided to no longer relax my hair and returned to my natural texture the following month.
Since rocking my natural texture I became a lot kinder and gentler to my hair.  I try to avoid harsh chemicals, dark oils such as olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil, and most hair products that aren’t clear or white.  This reduces the battle of discoloration.
My current hair regimen now consists of weekly cleansing and conditioning, deep conditioning once or twice a month and your basic wash and go using the LCO (leave-in, cream and coconut oil) method, topped with a holding gel.  Now that my hair is a little longer and since I workout a few times a week, I like to wear it up in a puff about 4-5 days of the week.  At night, if my hair is out, I may put it in three mini puffs and sleep on my satin pillowcase or sometimes cover it with one of my sleeping caps, wraps or a locsoc.  If it’s up in a puff I just sleep on the satin pillowcase.
I’m not sure which is more difficult to maintain, relaxed or natural hair, but I can say I can’t imagine going back to chemically processing my hair.  I’m often asked if I’d ever blow it out and wear it straight. Honestly, that never crosses my mind.
To learn more from Mildred, follow her on Instagram at @NaturalSilverSista


June 14, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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From the Air Force to the Classroom: Captain Veronica Parnell's Story

From the Air Force to the Classroom: Captain Veronica Parnell's Story

In honor of Memorial Day next Monday, we thought it would only be fitting to hear from Veronica Parnell, Captain of the United States Air Force (retired) and Senior Aerospace Science Instructor.

How it All Started

The flashy Air Force commercials with women in uniforms motivated me to do well in school and stay focused on my goals to join the Air Force. Two weeks after my high school graduation ceremony, I left home for a military training base in San Antonio, Texas.  Two years later, I was walking the streets of Germany. Joining the Air Force was the best decision I could have ever made for my life. I’ve loved every experience, and my life is better for every situation, whether good or bad. While stationed in Italy, I met and married my husband of 19 years and shortly afterwards we started a family. Together we’ve raised two amazing sons, who bring us immeasurable joy.
My military travels have allowed me to walk the dangerous streets of Iraq and Afghanistan and to travel beautiful cities in Europe. The people I’ve met along the way have become mainstays in my life. I’ve made mistakes along the way but the good times have easily outweighed the bad and for that, I’m thankful!

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

My father passed away from colon cancer, when I was 11 years old. I can’t remember much about the day he died except that I thought my life was over. I couldn’t bring myself to understand how a man who was barely 32 years old would die from this horrible disease. The emptiness and pain I felt was almost unbearable. The love of a God-fearing mother and grandmother, coupled with the protection of an older brother, helped me survive. Slowly, I began to heal from losing my father and I stopped feeling guilty for wanting to dream of a better life. My oldest brother and cousin had joined the Air Force and Marines respectively. Both encouraged me to do the same. All through high school, my one desire was to join the Air Force as soon as I was allowed.  
Great is Your Reward
More than 30 years after graduating high school, I’m the senior instructor for a high school Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. For the past 5 years, I’ve enjoyed mentoring students from ages 14-18; sharing with them my life experiencing and helping them to navigate through high school towards graduation and beyond. I’m reminded daily that the lives I touch aren’t much different than the one I lived as a child.
My love for natural hair, and the encouragement from a school counselor, led me to start a hair club at the school to teach the girls how to love and maintain their natural hair. The club has reached into the community and hosted natural hair meet-ups with plans to start a second club at a neighboring high school in the same school district. I’m also a mentor at the local Children’s Home, where I will teach those girls how to care for their hair as well.    

Believe in the Vision

Spending my days with teenage girls has helped me to live a life that’s filled with excitement and gratefulness. My bad days are easily forgotten when a former student sends a text, or calls to tell me something exciting that’s happening in her world. I’m quickly reminded that my labor is not in vain and that I’m making a difference.


May 24, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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The Spring Switch Up

The Spring Switch Up

Versatility is one of the most beloved characteristics of natural hair, and many of us naturalistas like to take advantage of that by constantly switching up our styles - especially when the seasons change. With this being the first week of May, and for many, a transition into warm and sunny weather, there’s a growing itch to find a new look. The problem is, style switching can be pretty expensive, so we’ve decided to share some tips to help you switch up your hairstyle this spring/summer without breaking the bank.

Looking to try a style like Marley Twists or Box Braids? Make it a DIY project


  • It’s much cheaper than paying someone else to install them for you

  • You can control exactly how the finished product will look, and how much or little tension will be put on your hair

  • We all know braids and twists get frizzy after a while. If you install them yourself you can touch them up whenever!



  • Use YouTube! Tons of stylists and bloggers have uploaded easy-to-follow how-to videos on how to successfully install protective styles like these. It may take a little practice, but it’s definitely worth it! Plus, you’ll get a special satisfaction out of knowing you created your look yourself!




Craving Color? Try Temporary Dyes or Hair Chalk


  • Temporary color provides a significantly cheaper alternative to a salon visit

  • Hair chalks and color sprays tend to be much less damaging to hair follicles than the harsh bleaches and stripping processes of permanent hair dye. Some temporary options, like Henna, are actually good for your hair

  • If you don’t like the way your color choice turns out, with temporary color, you always have the option to wash it out

  • Because these kinds of dyes are so temporary, you may feel more comfortable trying out bold colors that you wouldn’t otherwise (the bright pinks, blues, reds, purples and etcetera)



  • Research first! Use the internet, and YouTube! We can’t say it enough! There you will find a number of informative tutorials on everything from the best brands to use, down to application tips.


Looking for a new length? Try a DIY trim, a faux cut using bobby pins, or Clip-in extensions


  • A simple trim can do wonders to refresh your look, and since it’s not a drastic change, there are a number of methods that can be done at home for free

  • Haircuts require commitment, and many of us are attached to our strands. Tucking and pinning your ends under with bobby pins can help create the look of a haircut without actually saying goodbye to your length

  • If you want to add length, kinky/curly-textured clip-in extensions are a great way to go. They’re more of a splurge than the rest of our list, but still, clip-ins tend to be cheaper than full or partial wigs, and you can get them to match your natural texture!


  • Again, we’d advise watching lots of YouTube reviews and tutorials before purchasing clip-ins or putting scissors to your hair; you may even want to try asking a close friend or family member who may have experience with styling hair to help you out when it comes to trimming.

  • Research natural hair extension companies for a hair texture, length and price that appeals to you, then just clip them in at home

Check out @heycurlie using Kinky Curly Yaki Clip-ins to amp up her look


We hope our tips help you to save while you switch it up this spring! Let us know how you plan to change your style!

May 03, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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Being An #EDENRealBeauty - How to Believe In Yourself

Being An #EDENRealBeauty - How to Believe In Yourself

By: April C. Kendall

Outside of becoming a health and beauty blogger, I’ve always wanted to model. Not specifically runway, but I always wanted to showcase my natural hair. It has been difficult because I was always too short and never the right size to do so. When I saw that EDEN BodyWorks was looking for real models I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I have always thought about this and wondered if this could be my reality. It is important to understand that dreams can not only turn into potential careers but more importantly bring happiness to your life. I decided to follow my aspirations of becoming a model. Life brings you opportunities that you cannot pass by. Here are a few tips to help you follow your goals:


  • Follow your dreams: No dream is too big or too small to achieve. The only time it is not achievable is when you allow your dreams to remain a thought. Was I scared to submit my pictures to be considered? Absolutely! I have learned that it is okay to do things afraid. The unknown can be frightening, but the action of trying is quite rewarding. A no does not mean never, it can also mean that right now is not the right time to pursue your dream, but one day it will become your turn.


  • Stand tall and represent: I love EDEN BodyWorks. Their coconut shea line is amazing. My two favorite products are their Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash and Coconut Shea Hair Oil. These two products kept my hair moisturized and my curls defined. Before being selected as an EDEN Real Beauty, I was very familiar with the brand. This boosted my confidence because I already knew their products and how it positively affected my tresses. For whatever endeavor you wish to embark on, make sure you do your homework. Understand your dreams and everything that it can encompass for you and everyone involved.


  • Be true to YOU: I’ve learned from this experience that  being yourself is more than enough. There was no pressure for me to be someone that I was not. Feeling comfortable, like you are in your element opens you to a different level of confidence. Your personality and poise can stand out in the crowd - because what is meant for you just is.



I was excited when I got the news that I was selected to be one of EDEN BodyWorks Real Beauties. I believe that it is important to understand that no aspiration you have is hard to achieve and it can happen to anyone. Positive self-affirmations are influential for me. It allows you to set your own standards to continue to strive for greater personal depths. Never discredit opportunities such as social media posts. Do not let them pass you by. It can be your next break to fulfilling your purpose.


Follow me:
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @endonme








April 12, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
#EDENWonderMom Reporting to Duty

#EDENWonderMom Reporting to Duty

We're celebrating week 2 of Women's History Month with a few wise words from Ylorie Taylor, EDEN Bodyworks's very own Vice President, and also a proud momma! Enjoy!

In almost every conversation that includes a mom, I’ve heard another one say “I don’t know how you do it all.” The reality is we all wear many hats everyday that potentially place us in different roles, demanding various talents and time.

I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a sister.
I am a friend.
I am a Vice President.
I am a mentor.
I am my mother’s only child (yes, that means something too).
I am also… ME, independent of all the other roles I assume and love.


I love being a wife and mom. I also love running a brand I believe in – and consider my “other baby”. It’s quite the balancing act. Truthfully, I don’t believe in equality of time; balance by definition implies “even distribution” and that just doesn’t exist in my world. Nothing is created equal in my household. There’s a constant tug-of-war that I manage in regard to time. I actually feel at peace that no one – me included – feels neglected. I thank God for showing me how to “do it all” gracefully and with gratitude.

We launched #EDENWonderMoms when we introduced our kid’s collection to help make wash day a breeze for children. As a career mom, we kicked off this campaign to share tips, advice, and mommy-isms from some of our favorite go-to-moms on social media. From the looks of it, they make this mommy-thing look so easy (ha ha)!


@watermeloneggrolls, @naturalista86, @amberjanielle, @bossmomnation


Here’s a few things I know for sure as an #EDENWonderMom:

  • Self-care is crucial. I have a standing bi-weekly mani-pedi appointment. Even if I only do one or the other, I indulge. A few times, I’ve even taken myself to lunch after. Also, one weekend day a month, I get the house to myself while daddy takes his kids to breakfast. So much gets done when I’m home alone – and sometimes it’s just binge watching This is Us!
  • Fill yourself up as your fill others. You can’t be or give to others when you’re on empty. Start your day with gratitude, prayer, meditation, exercise, or whatever gives you the “get up and conquer the world feeling”. Being “full” is more about the mind than anything else. Peace is important.
  • Find activities that both you and your spouse and/or children enjoy. Simplicity rules in our house. We have favorite dinnertime TV shows (Family Feud or Modern Family) as well as board games and/or other activities we can do together (we happen to have a mini soccer goal that both of our children enjoy).
  • Multi-tasking only works if you are organized. Become a pro at scheduling – work, home, life, dates, girl chats, emails, to do lists, etc. Plan the work, then work the plan. Adjust and rework as your needs and wants change. When we evolve, things can change. I feel like my son is so much easier to “tote around” now that he’s a toddler. Changes how long I can window shop (yes!).
  • Learn the power of No! Best thing I ever did for myself years ago. Gave myself permission to be non-committal to things that just don’t fit who I am, what I want, or in my life right now. Timing is crucial. A year of yes … must include a few no’s along the way.

Having a job that I love, being around people that I enjoy connecting with and working with, healthy, happy kids, a sister circle, and a partner who most days gets me and my idiosyncrasies, definitely make the roles and hats I wear easier on a daily basis. For more tips on balancing it all as a mom, I encourage you to visit the hash tag #EDENWonderMoms on Instagram.

See you back here next Wednesday!


March 08, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
Tips for the Fly Female Entrepreneur

Tips for the Fly Female Entrepreneur

What better way to kickoff Women's History month than getting a few tips from #FlyFemaleEntrepreneur herself, Renae Bluitt? Ms. Bluitt is a PR consultant as well as the content creator and founder of Crush Media and In Her Shoes, a blog created to empower, enlighten and uplift women committed to realizing their dreams. Today, she's sharing a few tips with us on how to successfully be your own boss.
1. If you don’t truly love your business then you won’t be successful. If you read the stories of famous entrepreneurs and how they built their businesses, you will find that it all comes down to the root of loving what you are doing. Money is definitely important, but it could take a long time to come and if you don’t truly enjoy your work then you won’t be able to convince yourself to keep going. You can only do something that you don’t really love for so long before you give up. By all means, do what you love.
2. Brand yourself. No matter what you do, it is important to have a strong personal brand and for the record, your "brand" is much more than a logo. It is collectively, what people say, feel and think about you, your product, service or business, when you're not in the room. As an entrepreneur, branding yourself is your only real security.
3. Nobody is perfect or has the skills to do everything themselves. You need to be totally honest about what it is that you bring to the table and what you need to surround yourself with. If, for example, you are very creative but have no interest in keeping financial books, then you need an accountant to help you. By getting people around you who complement your skills, you will be able to achieve your goals and have a lot more fun along the way!
4. Know when  to disconnect. It's easy to lock yourself in your office and work all day and night, especially when you're doing what you love, but learning to disconnect is just as important as working hard. Your brain needs rest. Disconnecting can give your brain the necessary reset it may need to help solve the problems you're facing that day. This might be the most valuable lesson you learn on the entrepreneurial journey.
To hear more from Renae, be sure to check out her blog  and Instagram @inhershoesblog. 
See you back here next week!

March 01, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks


Your hair is such an important part of your identity. When scrolling through Instagram, YouTube and other social media for inspiration it can be really easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. It’s great to have people who are at a different stage in their hair journey to look to but it shouldn’t take away from the pride that you feel about your own mane. Loving your hair, flaws and all, is the first step to finding new ways to manage and grow it.


What’s more important than long or full hair is healthy hair. You don’t want to sacrifice the health or neglect your hair just for appearances. Our hair is more than an accessory. Our hair is a reflection of the nutrients in our bodies, our stress levels and more. If you start by working to understanding and nurturing your locks you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve in terms of growth and new style options. It can definitely be frustrating to not see the results that you want immediately but like all good things they will come in time. When you have an understanding of what works for you, you can get products that highlight the amazing aspect of your own look instead of ones that may help you achieve someone else's.

I have an ever growing list of saved youtube tutorials, magazine cut-outs and saved Instagram photos where that I can use to find inspiration for what to do with my hair.

This collection contains styles on hair that is similar to mine and hair that isn’t just to mix things up. Whenever I see a style I like, I try to find a way to make it my own. I know that I might not have the time, texture, skills, or patience to attain that style I may have seen but I find it fun to use my creativity to do something I think will suit me and my personality.

While I usually do most of my own styling at home I do occasionally visit salons for haircuts, deep conditioning treatments and for complex and special occasion hair styles. These hair care professional usually can provide more than service. I’ve spent time talking with and learning from them tips and tricks on the best techniques and tools to control my curls. Using my favorite Eden BodyWorks products I have mastered some of my favorite styles that make up my signature looks!

February 08, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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