Quick Curly Costumes: A DIY Guide

Quick Curly Costumes: A DIY Guide

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Halloween is just around the corner so we thought we’d share a few natural hair-inspired DIY costumes to help you brainstorm what to put together for that last-minute costume party. 

Up first, X Men’s Storm… after the humidity hits.

Traditionally, in all of the Marvel comics and films, the superhero Storm is portrayed with straight white hair.  Jewellianna Palencia, better known as @jewejewebee, decided to make this costume her own last year by sporting her curly locks, instead of straight ones. All it took was a couple cans of white-colored hair spray, a black jumpsuit (or a black top and pants) and boots. This idea is super cute, and easy to execute!


Next, Susie Carmichael from Nickelodeon’s old show, Rugrats.


This costume is simple, convenient, and also cute! Put your hair into three braided pigtails adorned with those little barrettes most of us remember from childhood.  Throw on a yellow sweater or dress and some purple leggings and you’re practically Susie herself. If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, grab some purple felt from a local craft store and cut out a few abstract shapes to stick on to your dress/sweater as well.


Staying on the Nicktoons theme, there’s also Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power, and even Gerald Johanssen, from Hey! Arnold, for the guys out there.



Lexi Jackson (@leximarcellaa) and her boo effortlessly brought these cartoons to life. For Reggie, just let your curls flow. If you’re feeling fancy, add some purple-colored hair spray. As for the outfit, grab a pink t-shirt, some camo pants and a pair of sunglasses. To create the rocket logo, trace it onto some yellow felt, cut it out, and glue it to your tee. For Gerald, only a red sweatshirt and jeans is needed. Trace and cut out the number 33 on white felt, then attach it to the sweatshirt, and there you have it!

If you’re still stumped for ideas, here are a few more:

Foxy Cleopatra, Hilary Banks, Libby Folfax from Jimmy Neutron, almost any of the characters of the Proud Family, or Nebula Wade from Disney’s Zenon. There’s also basically anything with rounded ears, just style your curls into two high buns or puffs and voila! 

Thrift stores and your very own closet (and possibly your parents’ closets too) are some of the best and most cost-efficient places to create. We hope we’ve helped you find some inspiration. If you’re planning to go out this Halloween, BE SAFE, and be sure to share your costumes with us on Instagram by tagging us in your pics!

See you next week!

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Quick Curly Costumes: A DIY Guide