You may have spotted the lovely art piece created by artist Brooklyn Dolly for our booth at CURLFEST 2017. Anyone who stopped by the EDEN BodyWorks booth had the opportunity to add a splash of color onto the “color me up” mural, and it was a hit!

Color Me Up by Brooklyn Dolly - Eden BodyWorks Color Me Up by Brooklyn Dolly - Eden BodyWorks

The image features three different women and their hair. One with a fabulous afro, another with Fulani-esque cornrows and the other with flowing waves. The ladies are adorned with flowers, leaves, butterflies and more, just waiting to be brought to life with vibrant color. We love this image because it reminds us of the diversity and natural beauty of the community who supports the EDEN family.

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve decided to provide a version of the image that you can download and print out right at home!

Download Brooklyn Dolly's original image

Color it, paint it, do whatever you’d like with it! And if you’re thinking coloring is just for the little ones, think again! Coloring intricate pictures has become a trend, but it’s actually been suggested by a number of psychologists as an alternative to meditation.

In other words, it’s calming, relaxing, and can help to enhance focus and concentration. So if you’re stressed out, bored, or even just looking for a way to get your creativity flowing, try it out and tell us what you think!

You can find more of Brooklyn Dolly’s work at or by following her on Instagram @brooklyndolly

See you back here next week!

August 02, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks


pickee said:

I am def sticking with this defining creme, it gave me soft hair and extreme definition. I tried everything that MM said to try , she is not telling the truth about the products. I wish she was more sincere but after looking on line it sees that she will work for anyone. Shes a sales lady with beautiful hair…. but if you think that yours will come out like hers you are in for a rude awakening. I decided to try something different. I cannot stand all of that coconut oil it is allover your forehead neck etc. Its already in some of products that you use. Any who I had great slippage and did not have to add any oil to my fingers etc. The best outcome is in the technique. The twisting *and the style. I used Aussie 3 min moisturizer first. I then started to do flat twist with only Eden in and it was It was gorgeous!! I was so shocked. Man it looks good! I am finally satisfied. I am an extremely picky person. I have nothing bad to say about this product. It is priced at a very decent dollar and some change. Well worth every cent. Thank you for producing such a working product that do way more than expected. I am sold. My hair is full of body and Thank God I don’t have the frizzes. I was going crazy with all of those diff products. It will confuse you. Now I can twist with confidence.

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