Spreading the Love

Spreading the Love
In the media, amongst our timelines, and in many of the most popular YouTube channels, we see a number of natural haired ladies being represented these days, which is amazing! However, it’s much more often that we see looser (type 3 if you’re into categorizing) patterned hair textures than the tighter coils of our type 4 sisters and brothers.


There are plenty of beautiful type 4 hair bloggers and enthusiasts out there and we want to help share the love.


Check out Bubs Bee. She’s a fabulous beauty enthusiast with a head full of lovely hair. She has an array of helpful videos demonstrating how she cares for and styles her type 4 hair. 




There’s also LaToya Diana. She’s proudly a 4c natural dedicated to creating videos and blog content to help provide styling options for other girls with a similar hair texture.





Abigail, or Ab K, has a lot to share as well. In her very own words, she’s all about, “showing and sending out love to all my thick-haired, breaking combs, poppin hair bows and constantly losing hair pins and bobby pins in our mane type girls.”  On one of her Instagram posts she stated, “I don’t define my hair by a number, but whatever the thickest texture is… I’m there. Lately I haven’t seen a lot of love towards our hair texture. So this post is for us! Our thick hair is versatile, healthy and beautifully natural just like any other texture.” We couldn’t agree more!



Representation matters, which is why we wanted to shine light on these ladies who share quality tips, tricks and reviews for the other 4-something hair types out there looking for a little inspiration. It’s important to celebrate the beauty of all hair types and textures. As we see it, we are a family… with really dope and diverse hair, so let’s not forget to share the love.  

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