Crystal, Queens, NY

Queens, NY

My name is CRYSTAL LOPEZ. I am mixed and here is my story. At my present age of 24, I am now learning to love myself and my curls. All my life I had curls but didn't know how to properly care for them. That's when at age 15, I turned to a relaxer. Needless to say I did it only once. I missed my curls, lol. I transitioned without thinking twice. As years passed me by I still didn't know what a proper regimen was for my hair, but I did two strand twist a lot which helped me with growth. My curly life continued like that up until July, 2013 when I realized how much more I can do for my hair. I started playing around with products. I stumbled across EDEN's line via IG. I got myself the Curl Defining Creme and the Soufflé and instantly fell in love. Now as my quarter century nears, I can't wait to see what fly hairdo I come up with to show off my curls and who it has made me at the stunning age of 25. :)