Pentherapee, Lake Elsinore, CA

Lake Elsinore, CA

Well my story is simple. I have two beautiful coily head daughters, and I go hard in the paint about their beauty, skin and natural hair. However, I realized one day that I'm their first and strongest image of beauty, yet I was looking all Pocahontas up around my head and they started asking for their hair to now be straightened, loving to play in my altered hair strands. I realized my words weren't having as strong of an impact as I needed them to. They were not "doing as I say", but rather they were doing as I did. I decided I had to practice what I was preaching. How could I see so much beauty in their natural hair, but not have that same love, patience and appreciation for my own?!?! So after 2 half-hearted attempts at being natural, 2 years later, kaboom! Now when they look at me (who for right now is the prettiest woman in their eyes) we look alike. In their world it all makes sense...I needed my words to match my actions and passion about loving natural hair. Now I'm not ANTI anything! I still love weaves, wigs etc. and have no qualms about slapping one on my head if I choose, but I have chosen what I believe works well in my household with two little AA coily head girls! Through my journey I realized a lot about my hair and health. I figured out why relaxers weren't taking anymore (low porosity amongst other things). Now I'm in a space where I know without a doubt this is the best hair decision I have made as an adult for many reasons. It was like an awakening after a really good, long nap. Ha! Who knew "life is like a bowl of chocolates." Prior to kids, I would have NEVA given a second thought to a hair journey of any kind relax/natural besides admiring AA women with beautiful healthy crowns. I was moving on with old antiquated hair practices and accepting it as my norm.