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Hair Stories

Kenyada, Cranston, RI

Kenyada,Cranston, RI I love the Peppermint Tea Tree Line! I tried a sample of the shampoo and the hair milk and it was a great pairing. The shampoo really cleaned my hair and scalp and the hair milk moisturized my scalp as well as my hair; not to mention the refreshing feeling. Your hair will feel so soft after using this line! I can only imagine the Coconut and Jojoba lines. :) MORE

Stephanie, Columbus, OH

Stephanie,Columbus, OH I did my FINAL BC back in February 2014. This was actually my second attempt at being natural. In May 2013 I did the BC and had grown my hair out nicely . . . .until my cousins wedding in October 2013 where I was a bridesmaid. For the wedding, i had it wrapped and flat-ironed . . . to look like Tamala Mann's hair style. It was gorgeous! So I thought to myself . . . I wanted it straight again . . . so I relaxed my hair. Guess what!?!? . . . .It did not take AT ALL!!! I had straight, stringy pieces of hair and also curly pieces of hair. It looked terrible. I knew then . . . .that was my last relaxer. Instead of another BC, I was going to transition; however I just did like the stringy pieces. So in February 2014, I did another BC and cut out every bit of relaxer . . . my hair was about 1 inch long! But look at it now!!! In 6 months, I know have four inches of hair! (The shrinkage is deceiving). I know that this time, I’m sticking to it!! #TEAMNATURAL I wa... MORE

Sharnette, Stockton, CA

Sharnette, Stockton, CA My hair story started 3 years ago. I had some medical problems which lead to surgery which lead to my body acting funny towards the creamy crack. I researched and researched until I was confident enough to do the big chop. It took me a long while to get used to not getting a perm and not having heated curlers on my head. The best part of my journey is that it changed who I was. My whole outlook on life is different. I connected with myself in a way that I could only dream and now I pass this on to my daughter. She loves all the hairstyles and products. I wouldn't change this journey for the world. MORE

Jamiea, Vicksburg, MS

Jamiea,Vicksburg, MS I absolutely love Eden body works products! I've been natural for 3 years and it took me about 2 years to find products that my hair liked. I turned into a super product junkie!! Now, I can relax because I don't have to worry about products and I know my hair will be super moisturized!! The curl defining creme is my fave, but I love the leave in, deep conditioner, edge control and the shampoo and conditioner (coconut and jojoba). Try it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. The girls at Curlfriends Natural Hair and More love Eden too!!! MORE

Anissa, Hawthorne, CA

Anissa,Hawthorne, CA I have always been natural in a sense. Never had a perm in my life. Mom kept my sister's and my hair in braids when we were little (straightened for Easter only). In high school we wore our hair pressed all the time. That lasted up until two years ago when I decided I wanted to be able to not worry about my hair frizzibg or getting wet. Summer of 2012 I failed because I used products with parabans, silicones, etc. Summer of 2013 I got on the right track but still was not completely happy with the results and prices of other brands. Now with EDEN Coconut Shea line I feel great and my hair loves theses products. That Curl Defining Cream is true to its word. I will most likely never use any other brand besides Eden again. MORE

Kizzy, Hemet, CA

Kizzy,Hemet, CA For years I have always had long, think curly hair and when I say thick I mean thick! I too with thru different hair phases from perms to bad perms to cutting my hair several times and to my surprise it has only grown longer and thicker. So I myself created a line of organic hair care products to promote health hair growth and to also help people going through chemo grow their hair back with my product called Yennac! I used it on my edges that started thinning and it grew my hair back in two days yes, two days! I would love to showcase my product to you and maybe it will open so doors for myself as well as helping others learn to love their hair and appreciate their healthy, thick hair. Thank you for your time. MORE

Raye, Mesa, AZ

Raye,Mesa, AZ I am currently using the coconut shea cleansing cowash and I love this product. It cleans my scalp and moisturizes my hair and smells awesome. This is now my go to cowash!! MORE

Sherace, Plantation, FL

Sherace,Plantation, FL I decided to go natural as a result of a self-relaxer that didn't take too well to my hair and damaged my fingernails. I thought, well this must do some serious damage to my scalp and hair as well. What really boosted the transition was my younger sister (6 at the time) who always complimented my straight hair and wished hers was the same. It broke my heart to know she didn't like her hair texture. Now that I'm natural and experiment with styles on both our hair, she's pretty content with our texture (4b/c). I'm happy I made the decision. MORE

Aryana, Atlanta, GA

Aryana,Atlanta, GA I started my natural hair journey right after high school and haven't looked back since. This year will be my fourth year without relaxer and third year fully natural. Going natural was really one of the best decisions I've made. It's a fun challenge finding out what works for you. Now that I'm further into my natural journey, I'm learning more about what I put into my hair. I can really appreciate a line like EDEN BodyWorks. I'm now wanting to use more natural products all around and it's fantastic to have a line like this where there is such a variety of natural products. It's an added plus that they are of such great quality also. Before I even went natural I used the EDEN Peppermint Tea Tree Oil on my relaxed hair and was obsessed, and now I'm glad to be able to use them on my natural hair as well. *Hair is in a protective style in this photo ;) MORE

Crystal, Queens, NY

Crystal,Queens, NY My name is CRYSTAL LOPEZ. I am mixed and here is my story. At my present age of 24, I am now learning to love myself and my curls. All my life I had curls but didn't know how to properly care for them. That's when at age 15, I turned to a relaxer. Needless to say I did it only once. I missed my curls, lol. I transitioned without thinking twice. As years passed me by I still didn't know what a proper regimen was for my hair, but I did two strand twist a lot which helped me with growth. My curly life continued like that up until July, 2013 when I realized how much more I can do for my hair. I started playing around with products. I stumbled across EDEN's line via IG. I got myself the Curl Defining Creme and the Soufflé and instantly fell in love. Now as my quarter century nears, I can't wait to see what fly hairdo I come up with to show off my curls and who it has made me at the stunning age of 25. :) MORE

Pentherapee, Lake Elsinore, CA

Pentherapee,Lake Elsinore, CA Well my story is simple. I have two beautiful coily head daughters, and I go hard in the paint about their beauty, skin and natural hair. However, I realized one day that I'm their first and strongest image of beauty, yet I was looking all Pocahontas up around my head and they started asking for their hair to now be straightened, loving to play in my altered hair strands. I realized my words weren't having as strong of an impact as I needed them to. They were not "doing as I say", but rather they were doing as I did. I decided I had to practice what I was preaching. How could I see so much beauty in their natural hair, but not have that same love, patience and appreciation for my own?!?! So after 2 half-hearted attempts at being natural, 2 years later, kaboom! Now when they look at me (who for right now is the prettiest woman in their eyes) we look alike. In their world it all makes sense...I needed my words to match my actions and passion about lov... MORE

Terry, Inkster, MI

Terry,Inkster, MI My hair story is really my daughter's hair story. When she was starting junior high we discussed her wearing slightly more mature hairstyles. She had never had a perm and rarely had it straightened. She is NOT a hair person!!! She told me she wanted to wear her hair in two strand twists, which I knew nothing about. Thus began my introduction into the natural hair world. I think I've come a long way. I started off using whatever was on sale at the local beauty supply store. Now I take the time to read the ingredients and pay closer attention to how her hair reacts to products. Four years later and she has a head full of healthy strong hair. Only problem is she still is NOT a hair person and is now requesting locs when she turns 18!!! Back to the drawing board for this Momma!!!! MORE