Stephanie, Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

I did my FINAL BC back in February 2014. This was actually my second attempt at being natural. In May 2013 I did the BC and had grown my hair out nicely . . . .until my cousins wedding in October 2013 where I was a bridesmaid. For the wedding, i had it wrapped and flat-ironed . . . to look like Tamala Mann's hair style. It was gorgeous! So I thought to myself . . . I wanted it straight again . . . so I relaxed my hair. Guess what!?!? . . . .It did not take AT ALL!!! I had straight, stringy pieces of hair and also curly pieces of hair. It looked terrible. I knew then . . . .that was my last relaxer. Instead of another BC, I was going to transition; however I just did like the stringy pieces. So in February 2014, I did another BC and cut out every bit of relaxer . . . my hair was about 1 inch long! But look at it now!!! In 6 months, I know have four inches of hair! (The shrinkage is deceiving). I know that this time, I’m sticking to it!! #TEAMNATURAL I was your typical product junkie . . .really . . you should see my bathroom!!!  I’ve tried every brand and every product there is to get the result I was looking for. Well . . . Halleluiah . . . I am no longer a product junkie! I have found my favorite product/company . . . Eden Body Works!!! I absolutely love the way my hair looks and feels after using Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree line! My hair is shiny, bouncy, and my scalp feels amazing. I’m a believer!! Can’t wait for the skin care line! #TEAMEDEMBODYWORKS!!!