Aryana, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

I started my natural hair journey right after high school and haven't looked back since. This year will be my fourth year without relaxer and third year fully natural. Going natural was really one of the best decisions I've made. It's a fun challenge finding out what works for you. Now that I'm further into my natural journey, I'm learning more about what I put into my hair. I can really appreciate a line like EDEN BodyWorks. I'm now wanting to use more natural products all around and it's fantastic to have a line like this where there is such a variety of natural products. It's an added plus that they are of such great quality also. Before I even went natural I used the EDEN Peppermint Tea Tree Oil on my relaxed hair and was obsessed, and now I'm glad to be able to use them on my natural hair as well.

*Hair is in a protective style in this photo ;)