The Spring Switch Up

The Spring Switch Up

Versatility is one of the most beloved characteristics of natural hair, and many of us naturalistas like to take advantage of that by constantly switching up our styles - especially when the seasons change. With this being the first week of May, and for many, a transition into warm and sunny weather, there’s a growing itch to find a new look. The problem is, style switching can be pretty expensive, so we’ve decided to share some tips to help you switch up your hairstyle this spring/summer without breaking the bank.

Looking to try a style like Marley Twists or Box Braids? Make it a DIY project


  • It’s much cheaper than paying someone else to install them for you

  • You can control exactly how the finished product will look, and how much or little tension will be put on your hair

  • We all know braids and twists get frizzy after a while. If you install them yourself you can touch them up whenever!



  • Use YouTube! Tons of stylists and bloggers have uploaded easy-to-follow how-to videos on how to successfully install protective styles like these. It may take a little practice, but it’s definitely worth it! Plus, you’ll get a special satisfaction out of knowing you created your look yourself!




Craving Color? Try Temporary Dyes or Hair Chalk


  • Temporary color provides a significantly cheaper alternative to a salon visit

  • Hair chalks and color sprays tend to be much less damaging to hair follicles than the harsh bleaches and stripping processes of permanent hair dye. Some temporary options, like Henna, are actually good for your hair

  • If you don’t like the way your color choice turns out, with temporary color, you always have the option to wash it out

  • Because these kinds of dyes are so temporary, you may feel more comfortable trying out bold colors that you wouldn’t otherwise (the bright pinks, blues, reds, purples and etcetera)



  • Research first! Use the internet, and YouTube! We can’t say it enough! There you will find a number of informative tutorials on everything from the best brands to use, down to application tips.


Looking for a new length? Try a DIY trim, a faux cut using bobby pins, or Clip-in extensions


  • A simple trim can do wonders to refresh your look, and since it’s not a drastic change, there are a number of methods that can be done at home for free

  • Haircuts require commitment, and many of us are attached to our strands. Tucking and pinning your ends under with bobby pins can help create the look of a haircut without actually saying goodbye to your length

  • If you want to add length, kinky/curly-textured clip-in extensions are a great way to go. They’re more of a splurge than the rest of our list, but still, clip-ins tend to be cheaper than full or partial wigs, and you can get them to match your natural texture!


  • Again, we’d advise watching lots of YouTube reviews and tutorials before purchasing clip-ins or putting scissors to your hair; you may even want to try asking a close friend or family member who may have experience with styling hair to help you out when it comes to trimming.

  • Research natural hair extension companies for a hair texture, length and price that appeals to you, then just clip them in at home

Check out @heycurlie using Kinky Curly Yaki Clip-ins to amp up her look


We hope our tips help you to save while you switch it up this spring! Let us know how you plan to change your style!

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