Fusing Styles with Christina Patrice

Fusing Styles with Christina Patrice

By: Christina Patrice | The Mane Objective


I don't mean to cause any alarm here, but I just want to put you guys up on notice.
I've found a style that I just might love more than the wash & go.
Yes. We’re talkin’ less drying time, soft, touchable hair – and gorgeous results that had me thinkin' I was somebody.
Lean in, because I'm about to give you the goods on this gorgeous style. As a matter of fact, sip on one of these citrus-infused cocktails so we can set the mood real proper like.

 *Find the recipe for these yummy cockatils at www.themaneobjective.com


In case you hadn't heard, Eden BodyWorks released a brand spankin' new set of products – the Citrus Fusion Collection as a part of their new Essentials line. Comprised of 2 hair, and 2 hair + body fusion products, this line contains everything you'll need to reinvigorate your hair and skin for spring and summer.


Here's the quick 411 on each product:
Smooth & Strengthen Conditioner for Hair
  • Dual purpose; can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out conditioner
  • Contains coconut oil, shea butter, acai, orange peel, lime, quinoa, and kelp to moisturize, nourish, strengthen and fight damage/signs of aging in hair
  • Consistency is super creamy, non-greasy, and has nice slip
  • Silicone-free
Hydrate & Soothe Butter for Hair + Body
  • Works as a lotion/moisturizer for hair and body
  • Contains coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado, castor, honey, and acai to moisturize, balance pH, and soften.
  • Consistency is creamy, not too heavy, and very smooth. Works easily through the hair and absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • Silicone free
Nourish & Style Mousse for Hair
  • Soft hold; works best for setting styles like braid outs, twist outs, and rods
  • Contains castor oil, honey, acai, orange, lime, quinoa, and kelp to moisturize, boost shine, strength, and nourish the hair
  • Consistency is that of a lightweight, non-stick, non-greasy foam
  • Silicone free
Invigorate & Maintain Refresher Spray for Hair + Body
  • Dual purpose; can be used as a hair primer/refresher and a skin moisturizer
  • Contains castor oil, acai, orange, lime, quinoa, kelp, and chia to moisturize, nourish, and boost shine
  • Lightweight, non-greasy liquid consistency; but you can feel the moisturizing ingredients at work
  • Silicone free
Now that we've got that out the way, here's what you came for. The hair!
Drumroll.... it's a braid & curl!
The braid and curl is a fusion of two very popular natural hair styles – the braidout, and the perm rod set. With this perfect fusion, you get the benefit of plump, stretched texture from the braidout, combined with the flawless, juicy curls you'd get with perm rods.
Executing this style fusion is super simple – trust me. If I can do it, I know you can ace it.
Here's how to cocktail Eden Bodyworks Citrus Fusion products for the perfect braid and curl:
You'll Need
  • Citrus Fusion Invigorate & Maintain Refresher Spray
  • Citrus Fusion Hydrate & Soothe Butter
  • Citrus Fusion Nourish & Style Mousse
  • Clips for sectioning
  • Wide tooth comb for parting
  • Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush
  • Perm rods (I used the blue ones)
If video tutorials are more your style, you can get the scoop right here:
But if reading is more your thing (and I can totally relate), I’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions below.
Step 1
Start on dry stretched or un-stretched hair. Hair that is naked, or nearly naked is best. Wet hair will result in more shrinkage and longer drying time.
Step 2
Spray Refresh Invigorate & Maintain throughout the hair to gently hydrate and make your hair more pliable.
Step 3
Part your hair into 4 sections, twisting each of them out of the way.
Step 4
Take the first section down, and apply a small finger scoop of Hydrate & Soothe Butter throughout. Work it in by hand first, then reach for that BOMB Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush to gently remove tangles and smooth.
Section off your first 1 to 1 and 1/2-inch portion of hair – clipping or moving the rest out of the way.
Step 5
Apply 1 pump of Nourish & Style Mousse to the section you’re preparing to braid – work the mousse through and brush again. It's important that the hair be damp and moisturized, but not soaking wet. If your hair feels too wet, use less Nourish & Style Mousse on subsequent sections.
Step 6
Braid the section down, stopping about 2 inches from the end. Apply a dab of Hydrate & Soothe Butter to the end, and brush through for extra smoothness.
Step 7
Starting at the bottom of the perm rod, wrap the very ends of the hair around the rod. Roll the hair up toward the braid, once over the ends to secure them, and then up the rest of the way until you reach the portion of your hair that's braided. 
Secure the elastic band and top of the perm rod across the front of the braid so it doesn't roll down.
Step 8
Repeat steps 5-7 for each braid, and step 4 in each large section.
Step 9
Sit under hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes, or air dry for up to 2 hours. I highly recommend the hooded dryer to expedite the process, and help create definition.
Ensure braids and ends are completely dry before moving to step 10.
Step 10
Take down all the perm rods first - unlatching the top and then while holding the braid, rotate the rod around the hair counter-clockwise to minimize frizz and leave the curl intact.
Step 12
After all the rods are down, gently unbraid each braid.
Step 13
Shake, fluff, look fabulous, and sip your favorite citrus infused mocktail because girl, #youfly!
To preserve this style, re-braid in chunky sections, stopping where the curled ends are. Tuck all hair into a satin bonnet, and sleep tight!
In the morning, unbraid, shake, and fluff.


You can find the entire Citrus Fusion Collection at your local Sally Beauty Supply, or at EdenBodyWorks.com.


Thanks for tuning in! We'll see you back here next week! 




Christina Patrice the owner and creator of The Mane Objective, and is one of the last L.A. natives standing. By day, she’s a copywriter and CRM specialist. By night she’s a blogger, photographer, gym rat, sneakerhead, and culinary enthusiast. Keep up with her product junkie-ing, sneaker hunting, and kitchen shenanigans on Instagram and Snapchat - @maneobjective.


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