Being An #EDENRealBeauty - How to Believe In Yourself

Being An #EDENRealBeauty - How to Believe In Yourself

By: April C. Kendall

Outside of becoming a health and beauty blogger, I’ve always wanted to model. Not specifically runway, but I always wanted to showcase my natural hair. It has been difficult because I was always too short and never the right size to do so. When I saw that EDEN BodyWorks was looking for real models I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I have always thought about this and wondered if this could be my reality. It is important to understand that dreams can not only turn into potential careers but more importantly bring happiness to your life. I decided to follow my aspirations of becoming a model. Life brings you opportunities that you cannot pass by. Here are a few tips to help you follow your goals:


  • Follow your dreams: No dream is too big or too small to achieve. The only time it is not achievable is when you allow your dreams to remain a thought. Was I scared to submit my pictures to be considered? Absolutely! I have learned that it is okay to do things afraid. The unknown can be frightening, but the action of trying is quite rewarding. A no does not mean never, it can also mean that right now is not the right time to pursue your dream, but one day it will become your turn.


  • Stand tall and represent: I love EDEN BodyWorks. Their coconut shea line is amazing. My two favorite products are their Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash and Coconut Shea Hair Oil. These two products kept my hair moisturized and my curls defined. Before being selected as an EDEN Real Beauty, I was very familiar with the brand. This boosted my confidence because I already knew their products and how it positively affected my tresses. For whatever endeavor you wish to embark on, make sure you do your homework. Understand your dreams and everything that it can encompass for you and everyone involved.


  • Be true to YOU: I’ve learned from this experience that  being yourself is more than enough. There was no pressure for me to be someone that I was not. Feeling comfortable, like you are in your element opens you to a different level of confidence. Your personality and poise can stand out in the crowd - because what is meant for you just is.



I was excited when I got the news that I was selected to be one of EDEN BodyWorks Real Beauties. I believe that it is important to understand that no aspiration you have is hard to achieve and it can happen to anyone. Positive self-affirmations are influential for me. It allows you to set your own standards to continue to strive for greater personal depths. Never discredit opportunities such as social media posts. Do not let them pass you by. It can be your next break to fulfilling your purpose.


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