#EDENU + CurlyInCollege Take Over

#EDENU + CurlyInCollege Take Over

Welcome to April, month of the #EDENU college tour partnership with CurlyInCollege!

A number of young ladies begin their natural hair journey during their college years, as it tends to be a time of self-discovery and acceptance. That could mean anything from simply thinking about going natural, to actually transitioning, doing a big chop, or even just learning how to care for the kinks and curls they’ve always had. The beginning stages of such a journey can ignite questions about hair regimens, what products to try and how to obtain them, especially on a college student budget.  That’s where CurlyInCollege comes in!

CurlyInCollege is a platform that celebrates multicultural college students with naturally curly hair. The platform was founded by Ashley Scott, graduate of Purdue University. CurlyInCollege recruits and develops student leaders who are bold enough to navigate a "curly girl" lifestyle on campus while connecting like-minded individuals to form a national network of on-campus chapters.

                       @ashleygscott - Founder and CEO of CurlyInCollge

Throughout the month of April, EDEN BodyWorks has teamed up with CurlyInCollege to host an on-campus event series entitled FroDown.  #FroDown is essentially a celebration of natural hair. It provides a space for students and community members interested in natural hair to connect, learn, share tips, and embrace their curls. The event is filled with music and activities such as henna tattoos, hair demos, live paintings, makeup tutorials and more. Select campuses will even feature a Q&A session with either an EDEN BodyWorks team-member, or a prominent beauty influencer guiding conversation on what it means to “be natural” after college. Each #FroDown attendee will go home with an assortment of natural hair and body products in an EDEN BodyWorks-filled swag bag. We’ll be stopping at eight U.S. college campuses along the tour this year.

"We want attendees to leave feeling secure in their natural journey, despite any potential criticism that may arise on campus, in the workforce, or in their personal lives," shares CurlyInCollege founder, Ashley Scott. "We believe that making a natural choice to be your authentic self should be celebrated. We hand pick our partnerships, selecting brands that embody a space for self-expression and self-discovery. I'm delighted that EDEN BodyWorks partnered with us for FroDown 2017."

We’re thrilled to be working with CurlyInCollege and all of the students in these communities! To find out more about #EDENU, CurlyInCollege and #FroDown, follow @CurlyInCollege and @edenbodyworks on Instagram.

See you back here next week!

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