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Hello Spring, Papaya Castor is Here!


It’s finally here! The NEW Papaya Castor collection has arrived and we’re excited to share it with you! From scalp to style, this new addition to the EDEN family was created to be a tropical treat to your tresses! As its name reveals, the key ingredients are Papaya and Castor Oil. What are their benefits?



A superfruit packed with antioxidants and Vitamins C and A . It has the ability to add volume, lessen dandruff, clear buildup, and relieve an itchy, flaky scalp.

Castor Oil

Contains fatty acids which provide amazing moisture to both the scalp and hair shaft. Its smooth consistency can also help to protect the hair cuticle from breakage.




Now on to the products! Introducing the Papaya Castor...




Scalp Cleanser

The Papaya Castor Scalp Cleanser is a gentle blend of nutrients that will help to remove buildup without stripping your hair. Papaya naturally alleviates itching and dryness and clarifies the skin. Mixed with Castor Oil, this cleanser also adds moisture, to give your scalp the clean start it needs to remain healthy… and SURPRISE! It has a light and creamy consistency that’s great for detangling too!






Foam Styling Conditioner

We know, a foam conditioner may sound a little suspicious to the seasoned curly girl.  Can a foam genuinely moisturize a thick head of kinks and curls? The answer is YES! We have a strong hunch that this leave-in is pleasantly going to surprise many, and no, it won’t take 10 vigorous pumps just to get enough product to for one section.  A little truly does go a long way! The foam is lightweight and will glide right through the hair, helping to detangle, nourish, and clump curls. It’s the perfect primer for a wash ‘n go or twist out!



Style Tip: after thoroughly applying foam from root to tip, allow it to settle into your hair for a couple of minutes before styling or adding the next product. Diffuse, if that’s your preference.







Nourishing Curl Jam

With a super smooth consistency, this jam acts as a creamy gel.  It clumps curls together, providing amazing definition and hold without leaving behind a hard and crunchy cast. It’s lighter than your average cream or custard, but strong enough to moisturize and define a style whether it’s a wash ‘n go or a stretched style!







Conditioning Hairdress

Your edges are going to love this! The Conditioning Hairdress melts under your fingertips and is great for providing extra moisture and a little hold to slick down those flyaways. Like the rest of this collection, it is lightweight, and doesn’t leave behind build up. Add some shine to a sleek bun or ponytail style, or just give your tougher, dry areas a little extra smoothing and nourishment!








Scalp Massaging Serum

The scalp savior! This serum provides a soothing and cooling sensation that alleviates a dry itchy scalp. It delivers vitamins and nutrients directly to the scalp to help reduce hair loss and stimulate the scalp for a healthy hair growth environment. It doesn’t leave behind a film or cause flaking. Instead, it spreads easily and soaks into the scalp, for optimal moisturization so your scalp immediately reaps the benefits.



Style Tip: after applying, massage the scalp with your fingers for a few minutes to help with stimulation. Use before, during, and after protective styling!





 Emani - @_crownedwithcurlss


Like what you hear? Give it a try! Get the entire Papaya Castor collection for only $40 from now until March 25th, 2019! This collection is going to be a game changer. Don’t miss out!


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In the comments below, be sure to tell us what which items you’re most excited to try!


See you next time!



  • I truly believe I have found my holy grail products. The shampoo is to die for, I can seriously detangle my hair while washing it is the most amazing thing!!!!!!!!! The curl jam is the perfect balance of moisture and hold from a very creamy gel. The hair dress just helps smooth the hair out after a night of sleeping in a bonnet. I ididn’t think a mouse leave in conditioner could do anything for my very thick type 4 hair but it was nice and light since all the other products are heavy. I can could go on and on forever about these products but i"m making continuous orders because i don;t want to be without these products EVER!!!!!!!

    Rian Russell
  • I’m looking for a great moisturizer and a detangler that works. I’ve used your Coco Shea Berry Natural Leave in Detangler on my daughter’s naturally curly thick hair. It didn’t work & I used almost the whole bottle!! I use the Curl defining cream in her hair. I’m looking for something in your line that will help her with dry, flaky scalp & an amazing Detangler!!

  • Havent used your products as yet but what really motivated me to is to see one of my past students promoting your products and her skin her body and her hair all looking healthy and shiny.Go Vida you have done well.

  • Are these products sulfate-free ?

  • I received the Papaya Castor line samples as a gift with purchase. Truth be told this new line is a game changer! My hair and scalp was moisturized for days. The scent is divine….like a tropical vacation.

    Noeisha McKensie

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