Compare + Contrast: Shift Your Beauty Social Media Lens

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Compare + Contrast: Shift Your Beauty Social Media Lens

Doctor? Dentist? Maybe even chiropractor? How did we miss the memo that adulting feels like an ongoing list of health appointments in an attempt to keep us from falling apart.

Well, go ahead and add vision to the unfolding list of responsibilities. No need to start squirming + hoping your insurance covers it because this one can be self-diagnosed from the comfort of your queen-sized bed.

With social media being the go-to destination of obsessing over your fave celeb, innovative style + of course picture-perfect hair, a thin line is created between inspiration + comparison. If you’ve ever felt drained, depleted or overly critical of yourself after your daily scroll fest, we’re here to order up a new prescription to shift your beauty social media lens.

Vision Test

Just like going to the eye doctor + nervously reciting the letters off the chart you can clearly see, it’s the same when it comes to social media. Does everyone else’s hair, makeup and body look crisp and clear, but begin to blur when you look at yourself? If the answer is yes, we’re selecting a pair of chic floral print frames to give you the correct outlook.

We oftentimes tend to elevate others and pick apart ourselves with harsh judgement + social media can be the spark without us even knowing it. Remember, the key is not to yearn for validation from an endless amount of double-taps but to express who you are authentically and in that process you’ll inspire others to lean into their individuality.

Can I Borrow Your Glasses?

Have you ever misplaced your glasses? These are times we wished everyone had a universal prescription so we could just borrow their pair. Just how everyone’s prescription is personalized to their sight, so is your mentality of what the belief of beauty is for yourself. It’s a personal feeling, look + vibe that comes effortless to you no matter the opinions of others. Sometimes it can flow with the beauty current or push against it but only you set the tone. Not influencers, beauty industry, simply you.


Contact SOUL-utions

We’ve all heard the saying beauty is only skin deep + shrugged it off in the same breath. But inhale, exhale + live in that space for a minute. Each of us have encountered at least one person who spent an ample amount of time on their outer appearance but couldn’t even give their internal growth a second look.

Know + understand that there are multiple layers of beauty that can’t be captured in a carousel post or a 1 minute IG video. From your infectious laugh that lights up a room to you being selfless to someone in their time of need, these all play an intricate part of your beauty’s landscape.


“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”~ Maya Angelou

See you next time!

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Im watching you on biz kids and it’s amazing seeing how far you’ve come. I can’t wait I’ll i find my passion ❤️

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