Breathe, Shake + Let It Go: Detox Your Doubts This Spring

Breathe, Shake + Let It Go: Detox Your Doubts This Spring

“Wake up at 5a, meditate, workout, go to work, eat clean, read, yoga, check in with family, fall asleep” and repeat. Day in + day out, you’re striving to stay on track without dropping the ball to life’s juggling game.

Even though you’ve been constantly pushing through, doubts begin swirling in your mind with each day that passes by. One morning your eyes open but the rest of you feels depleted with not enough fight or faith to defeat your negative thoughts. Just breathe. This simply calls for a life detox to reset, realign + center yourself this season.

Fall Apart

Everywhere you look there’s messaging encouraging 100% ambition 24 hours a day no matter the cost, but this is not a healthy mentality for any long-term goal. Society + media can have you feeling guilty for eating a few extra carbs, sleeping in on a Saturday or even slicing down your to-do list.

We need time to beautifully fall apart to remindo urselves the power of slowing down + enjoying life. These are when moments of inspiration can creep back in and flourish. 

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Cancellations Never Felt So Good

Keep a day sacred for you to rest + recharge without the automatic guilt trip. Constantly ripping + running not only strains the body but mentally causes stress, leading to anxiety about your overall life and where you think you should be. You are exactly where you need to be in life. What is for you can never pass you by. Remembering this will remind you to simply become and not chase.

Silence The Crowd

Doubt can oftentimes slip through the cracks when people bring their uninvited opinions to your life. When your choices + actions are being triggered by other people instead of you, it’s time to take a detox from them.

Take a moment to be still and center yourself. Let your creativity flow + immerse yourself in hobbies that bring joy to you while also reminding yourself of your capabilities. From nailing a new recipe from Pinterest, to dancing to your favorite track, you’ll realize life is happening now, and it's essential to enjoy the wave.



What do you do to let go and detox your doubts?  Tell us in the comments below.

See you next time!

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