Get the Verdict: Is Papaya Castor a Go or No?

Get the Verdict: Is Papaya Castor a Go or No?


As you may already know, we recently launched our Papaya Castor Collection, designed to fulfill your hair regimen from scalp to style. Instead of simply sharing the EDEN perspective on these new items, we thought it'd be beneficial to share a review from beauty blogger, Madisen, of 





After using the full collection, she shared her thoughts on each new item! Check it out below.



EDEN BodyWorks recently came out with their Papaya Castor Collection! First of all, I knew from the name that these products would smell tropical, and I was right! The key ingredients in this collection are Papaya and Castor Oil. But why did they choose those two ingredients?

Papaya contains antioxidants and Vitamins C and A. When used on our hair, it can add volume, reduce dandruff, remove buildup, and provide relief for an itchy, flaky scalp. Castor Oil is packed with fatty acids which provide moisture to both our scalp and hair. It can also protect the hair cuticle from breakage.

The key ingredients in the Papaya Castor Collection have many benefits for not only our natural hair but the health of our scalp. We all know that growth starts at the scalp, therefore, the benefits from both ingredients will help create the perfect foundation for healthy hair growth. 

The Papaya Castor Collection comes with 5 full-sized products:


- Scalp Cleanser
- Foam Conditioner
- Nourishing Hair Curl Jam
- Conditioning Hairdress

- Scalp Massaging Serum 


This was my first time using EDEN BodyWorks and I was impressed with my results the Papaya Castor Collection helped me achieve. Let’s discuss how to use each product and how I feel about them.


Papaya Castor Scalp Cleanser



The Scalp Cleanser is gentle, exfoliates, and provides nourishment for your scalp. It removes the buildup of dirt and also balances the pH of your hair and scalp which is perfect if you deal with scalp issues. Some ingredients that stood out to me in this shampoo are: Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Juice, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Vitamin C. If you deal with a dry, itchy scalp, then Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera can become your best friends!

I love how this comes in a pump bottle. It’s easy to get what you need without wasting any product. This cleanser doesn’t lather as much but it still gets the job done! It won’t leave your hair feeling stripped afterwards and the smell is everything. It also has a good amount of slip and didn’t leave my hair tangled, which is always a bonus!

To use this, you want to shake it up well and then apply it to wet hair. Focus the cleanser on your scalp to remove any buildup. Besides smelling like a tropical island, my hair and scalp felt nice and fresh. I struggle with a dry, itchy scalp, and I know this cleanser took care of it.



Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner



This product was interesting since I’ve never tried a conditioner with a foam consistency. The Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner is packed with vitamins and nourishing oils that will define your curls and reduce frizz. It acts as a leave-in conditioner and styles like a mousse!

You want to use a generous amount of this on damp hair and smooth it from root to ends. Since I have high porosity hair, I usually rely on thick, creamy leave in conditioners to provide moisture. However, I can say this product truly surprised me. I used around 2-3 pumps on each section of my hair and it defined my curls very well.




Scalp Massaging Serum



I’m picky with products I decide to use on my scalp since I’ve been struggling with a dry, itchy scalp for the longest now. However, this serum gave me hope that it would help combat those concerns!

The scalp massaging serum is recommended for hair types that experience dandruff and dry scalp. It’s also beneficial to use while wearing a protective style to soothe your scalp.

This serum is hydrating, nourishing, and promotes healthy hair. It contains a blend of Vitamin A, C, D, and E which all have soothing properties for the scalp. The consistency of this serum isn’t too light or too thick, it’s just right!

To use this, you would apply it lightly to your scalp and massage it in for absorption. You can use your fingers or a scalp massaging tool while using this serum. You can also use it on your hair as a sealant and to combat dry, brittle ends.

I love adding oils to my scalp right after rinsing out a deep conditioner. Whenever I do a scalp massage with a nourishing oil while my scalp is still damp, I feel that it works even better for me.



Conditioning Hairdress



The Conditioning Hairdress is a styling hair balm. Yes, a balm! This is used to nourish and strengthen your hair shaft, smooth the hair cuticle, and add shine to dull hair. It’s perfect to use if you have thin, lifeless hair. I used this on my hair after applying the Foam Conditioner and I loved how it left my hair feeling more moisturized.

Before applying this to your hair, you want to rub it between your hands and allow it to melt. This will help with the application process and it’ll be easier to smooth down your hair. A little goes a long way so you don’t need a lot for each section.

The first ingredient in this product is Coconut Oil which my high porosity hair loves. I already knew this product would do great on my hair! 



Nourishing Curl Jam


Finally, I applied the Curl Jam to my hair. Curl Jam is a styling and moisturizing gel for smooth, sleek styling. It provides a light hold for your curls and also enhances your texture.

It has a gel-like, creamy consistency and applied easily to my hair. This isn’t like other gels that you use on your hair. You won’t have to worry about a cast the next day when you fluff out your style!

I was surprised at how well the foam, hairdress, and curl jam worked together. I’m sure you don’t have to use all three when styling your hair, but I went ahead with it and I’m glad I did!

Here are the results of the flat twist out style I achieved using the Papaya Castor Collection. The results speak for themselves, but honestly? These pictures don’t do my definition any justice! 




If you’re looking for a line of products that will help you with a dry, itchy scalp and moisture retention, then the Papaya Castor Collection is the best option for you.

I’m glad this is the first collection I tried from EDEN BodyWorks. It definitely set the bar high for the other products I plan on trying from their brand.

Another great thing about this line is how affordable the products are. Good quality products that won’t cost you too much out of pocket is always a good deal! Each product is no more than $10, so you know what you should do? Go grab the entire collection and receive the full benefits from each product and its key ingredients.

You can find the Papaya Castor Collection on the EDEN App, website, and at! You’ll receive nothing but tropical goodness from this collection and you’ll fall in love with it just like I did.





To keep up with Madisen, follow her on social media @naturally_madisen!

Also be sure to tell us your thoughts on the new Papaya Castor collection in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

See you next time! 




Wow amazing review! Can’t wait to give it a try!


!!I love the Papaya Castor line. I am 68 years young with salt and pepper gray hair. Gray hair tends to be dry and unruly but this new line has my gray curls and waves very moisturized. Thank you, thank you.
PS: I learned about this line from the YouTube channel M.A.D.Curls.

Reeham Ahmed
Reeham Ahmed

I’ve never tried this brand!
I’m going to try it out, I heard of them a few times 😍 great blog!

Melissa (naturealizta beauty)
Melissa (naturealizta beauty)

Thank u for this review!! I have just about every collection from Eden body works, as im a customer who just loves everything since the beginning but this review got me so much more excited to use my collection waiting for me in my closet!! Thanks Madisen!!!


I can’t wait to try this line!! Sounds amazing

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Get the Verdict: Is Papaya Castor a Go or No?