Hello Fall 🍂

Hello Fall 🍂

Autumn has officially arrived, and Content Creator/Writer, Alley Sinai, has a few thoughtful words to share with us on the transition to this time of year. Enjoy!


As we welcome the Fall season, there is much to be expected. The hot cocoa, oversized sweaters, blankets to snuggle with, and so much more. While all of these have become essential to the arrival of fall, there’s more to it than that.
For me, I like to look at Fall as a time of introspection. Where do you seek growth within yourself? What needs to get done? Who do you want to reconnect with? Around this time, everyone is hibernating due to the cold weather, therefore allowing time to truly connect. By doing this, I find myself releasing old habits and being present in the moment. A great way to practice being present is by pulling out a new book. Something fresh and insightful or full of romance is what I typically go for. Grab one of your favorites or that book you've been eyeing for the past week. Be present.



Three things that have served their purpose in my life personally when
dealing with transitions, have been:


- Prayer

- Me Time

- Rekindling with Friends


Feel free to pass these three along to anyone who may need some sense of direction.



Now of course with cold weather comes new hair routines. Our hair may either get dry and brittle or it just doesn't soak up our products as well as it usually would. During this time, you definitely want to give your hair that TLC it deserves and show it what it's been missing. [Helpful tip: Deep conditioning is a MUST for all hair types, especially during cooler months.] In my case, I make sure my hair is hydrated and protected. I tend to keep my ends tucked away more often and find myself wearing my hair out less, especially since hats become a wardrobe staple in order to keep warm. Twists and braids are some of the quickest and easiest ways to tend to your hair's needs. Plus, they can be very low maintenance. Just re-twist whenever you feel it necessary, and go. That’s it. It’s a true life saver for those chillier months. I find that 4 chunky twists and my favorite cap are always a go to for me. It’s simple and CUTE! Give it a shot this season [and be sure your routine includes an ample moisturizer for your hair, scalp and ends as well]. 



Lastly, comes the fun part. We all get super excited when it comes to Fall wardrobes and before we know it we’re back in our sweaters and coats. I LOVE Fall fashion. My motto is, if it’s comfy, nothing else matters. I love my baggy jeans, boots, and oversized sweaters. I also love anything wool. It’s warm and comes in all colors. Some of my fave pieces have come from either thrifting, Forever21, H&M, or even my mom's closet. Who doesn’t love a great vintage piece? Switching up your wardrobe to go with the times doesn’t have to be difficult. Go with your gut and stick with what works for you. Take a look at your color palette and see what colors you gravitate towards most. Find ways to revamp those pieces this Fall and have fun with it! Let this Fall season be a reminder to connect with yourself and replenish your spirit. Find enlightenment in all things and stay true, but most of all, have fun this season!


XoXo, Alley.




In the comments below, share your favorite way to navigate the fall season!

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 See you next time!    



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