Halloween Hair! 3 Effortless Looks with Curlhawkqueen

Halloween Hair! 3 Effortless Looks with Curlhawkqueen
By Mariah Tanter



Let’s be honest, the first thing naturals think about when participating in anything festive is “What am I going to do with my hair?!” This year we are not pulling out the wigs, our natural hair can be the highlight of our creativity and should be celebrated with low maintenance!



Lioness Queen

I know what you’re thinking, this is the most common costume idea for women right? Wrong. What people fail to realize is that there is a secret within your day 5 hair, VOLUME! Don’t give up on a twist out fail or week-old wash-n-go just yet, turn it into a fierce lioness style who is unapologetically bold. Grab some peppermint tea tree oil, massage your scalp, and pick out your roots for a round shape afro. Next, grab a refreshing spray like the amazing Citrus Fusion Refresher and spray all over, adding shine and moisture. Lastly, take any dark eye liner you have plus a quick lipstick and tap into your inner LION.






Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Sunflower Girl

If a high puff, pineapple, or ponytail is your go-to style, this look is for you! Yellow was the highlight trend for summer, but sunflowers are a yearlong favorite that represents happiness in all spaces. Embrace your golden light on a budget. Use a leave-in conditioner like the Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave-In to brush your hair into a high ponytail. If you do not have actual flowers, head to the nearest dollar store and buy 1 bouquet of fake flowers. Simply cut the flowers off their stem and add them to your hair with bobby pins. Feel free to add them to your ponytail or create a crown. To complete the look, add some highlighter to your cheekbone and glow queen!






First Name SUPER, Last Name STAR

Of course we all have that outfit or jewelry we wore once and never dressed up again. Why not snatch edges with a fab slick bun while remixing what’s already in your closet? Pull out the Control Edge Glaze and rock a high bun with a superstar style. Avoid all shade with cute glasses, laid edges, and a boss lady attitude this Halloween. You are a star!





Hope you enjoy these hot Halloween styles! Tell us which one you'd try in the comments below!


See you next time!



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