Haute Holiday Hair!

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Haute Holiday Hair!
‘Tis the season for holiday parties and glammed up get-togethers, which means it’s time to amp up your style! Wash ‘n gos are always great, but as cooler temperatures approach, it’s the perfect time to give stretched styles a try! Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered! A few fabulous ladies have shared their haute holiday hair looks with us, and a few tips on how to achieve them. Enjoy!
Up first, the lovely, @moxieshair_ with a glamorous puff ponytail, adorned with golden hair cuffs!


1) Part hair into a back section + front section
2)  Construct 4 mini ponytails/twists going back with the front section.
3) Gather hair (front and back sections) into one bun.
4) Attach one pack of Marley hair to the bun, using an elastic, allowing the ends to fall into a ponytail.
5) Fluff the hair to add volume and add elastics down the length of the ponytail to create a “genie” effect.

6) Add gold cuffs to the 4 mini ponytails/twists in front + slick down those edges! 

In addition to the Marley Braiding Hair, @moxieshair_ used an edge control and leave-in conditioner for added moisture. Gold cuffs (hair accessories) can be found online or at a local beauty supply store. *TIP: We recommend using our Coconut Shea Edge Glaze and Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner. 

Next, we have this gorgeous low bun from @ab.k! She spiced up this classic look with red bobby pins… gotta love it! 

1) Start with stretched hair.
2) If you have thick hair, try slicking it down in sections. Start with the back - put that section in a ponytail, then proceed to brush and slick down the front. Next, combine all of your hair into one ponytail. Finally, turn the ponytail into four individual braids. Let it set overnight. 
3) In the morning, undo the braids, then tuck and pin the ends under, creating a beautifully textured bun.

4) Apply a serum for shine, slick down those edges, and you're done!

For best results, let hair mold and dry overnight. You can also wrap one piece of your hair around the ponytail holder for a nice and polished look.

Look number three, by none other than @afrobabyt!

To achieve this style, start on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair.

1) Section hair. Apply a moisturizer.
*TIP: Tyler (@afrobabyt) used our Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner + Curl Defining Creme.
2) Detangle hair. Twist the front section. Create 15 mini flat twists curving to one side.
3) Twisy all of the smaller twists together into one large flat twist going in the same direction.
4) Pin it all up.
5) Two-strand twist the back section of the hair. Leave to set for some time.

6) Untwist the back and separate each twist 3-4 times for added volume.

7) Fluff roots as desired.

Finally, we round out our HAUTE HOLIDAY HAIR looks with a glamorous high bun from @heycurlie!

No need to read this how-to, instead, you can watch the magic happen! Click on the below image to launch the video.


Look achieved using our #HibiscusHoney Hydration Custard!

Got enough inspo now? We hope these ‘dos will help add a little glam to your look this season. Should you decide to try them out, be sure to post a photo and tag us using hash tag #stylewithEDEN so we can share it too!
Happy Holidays!

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