3 Easy Hairstyles for Fall

3 Easy Hairstyles for Fall
By Angel Lee 



The time of year is near, when fall is in the air, school is back in session and the pumpkin spice latte is making a reappearance.  It is also a time of year, when the weather is starting to cool down, making it easier to get more wear out of our hairstyles. Here are a few hairstyles that hopefully will help to make this transition into fall a bit easier and all of which, can be prepped the night before.



Curls and Bun

For the curls and bun hairstyle, you will begin with dry, detangled hair.  First, part the hair with a comb or use your hands to section the hair into two halves, a top half and a bottom half.  Apply the EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème to the back section and also add a gel for extra hold. Brush the hair together to form a ponytail.  Once in a ponytail, then form the hair into a bun.

Next, for the top section, also apply the Curl Defining Crème. With that section, twist the hair into small to medium-sized two strand twists and wrap each twist around a perm rod (you can use whichever size perm rod you prefer, I used the pink ones).



Apply a scarf to hair and let it air dry overnight. The next morning, apply a small amount of oil to your hands and take each perm rod out, and carefully unravel each twist.  After all twists have been unraveled, your hair is set and should be nice and curly, and your curls and bun hairstyle will be ready for showtime! Feel free to add any hair accessories, like a bedazzled hair clip for extra oomph.






Twists and Puff

Now onto the second hairstyle. Starting with dry hair, use a comb to part the hair straight across, horizontally, leaving two sections of hair, a top and a bottom section of hair.  With the top section, apply EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème to the hair and create about five medium-sized two strand twists. Gather the twists together at the top of the head and fold them under, pinning the twists in place using hair pins. With the twists pinned in place, it will create a nice design at the crown of the head.  For a different design, feel free to put all of the twists together into a ponytail and from there create a top knot look using the twists.

Next, apply the Curl Defining Creme to the middle and back sections of hair and combine both sections into a ponytail, forming a puff.  Apply gel to the hair as needed for extra hold.

Also, gold or silver hair cuffs, hair clips and other hair accessories can all be added to the twists for extra pizzazz.





The Bun with a Twist

Now onto the final hairstyle.  This is probably the easiest hairstyle of the three, because it is a simple revamp of the standard bun style.  To achieve this look, start off by applying EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème to the hair. Then apply gel to your edges and back of the hair, brushing the gel in.  

Next, take a small section of hair on the right side of your head, directly above your ear, and twist the section, wrapping the hair around a perm rod.  Do the same thing with a small section of hair on the left side of your head, above your ear. At this point, you should have a twist and perm rod on each side of your head.



Then, with the remaining hair, create a center part by parting the hair down the middle of the head and then gather the hair together, creating a lower ponytail. From there, form hair into a bun, tucking it under with hair pins. Tie a scarf around your head. The next day, remove your scarf, and take the two perm rods out.  After the perm rods have been removed, your hair is set.

Also, to extend the hairstyle, each night before bed you can rewrap the two curls around the perm rods and apply a scarf.  Then each morning you can take the perm rods out and apply oil as necessary for added moisture and sheen.



And there you have it!  An added bonus is that you should be able to get a few days’ worth of wear from each hairstyle.  Just be sure to apply a scarf to the hair every night, and to apply oil to the hair when necessary for added moisture and sheen.   


If you try out any of these styles, be sure to share them with us on social media!


See you next time!


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