Carly, Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA

My name is Carly. I'm 19. My journey somewhat started when I was 13, when my mother allowed me to do my own hair. When I was in elementary I use to wish I would wake up with straight hair like my mother. I hated my frizz and curls. When I entered middle school, I started to learn about perms and how it will make your hair straight forever. I finally found the solution. I begged my mom for a perm but she was so against it although she hated my curly. Yes she hated it. She had straight hair and didn't know how to deal with my hair and every time she would do my hair she would say in Spanish, "This is a curse I'm dealing with." Yes a self-esteem booster right. Lol. Anyways she allowed me to do my hair and I began straightening it or more like burning it. Seventy-five percent of the time my hair was straight and the other 25 was curly. Even when it was curly I used bad gel and products that stripped my hair of nutrients. Two years ago I realized my hair was falling out, thinning and not growing. Wait when did this happen? I went on to Youtube and began to search for how to grow hair. I tried every product to grow hair and nothing. And one day I came across a Youtube video that was talking about heat damage and I was like, what heat damages your hair? September 16, 2012 was the last day heat touched my hair. I cut my hair really short and began my journey to healthy hair. EDEN BodyWorks products are my staple. The price is great and the quality is even greater. Thank you for making these amazing products.