16 Influencers Share Why They Love EDEN BodyWorks

16 Influencers Share Why They Love EDEN BodyWorks

In case you were wondering, YES! We are celebrating our 16 year anniversary for the rest of 2020! We wouldn't be the brand we are today without the support of our community! Over the years, we've had the pleasure of partnering with countless talented creators, many of whom have become like family to us. Today, we're passing the mic to a few of these awesome influencers, so they can tell you why they love EDEN!





1. Favorite EDEN product? 

“My favorite EDEN BodyWorks product is the Natural Curl Defining Creme! It’s such a great product! It defines and moisturizes my curls. It became my fave when I realized I could use it for a one product wash n go! Game changer!” - @watchciwork


“That’s hard because I have two! The Citrus Fusion Hair + Body Butter because it’s so extremely moisturizing, smells great and it’s muti-use. The second is the Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress. Again it’s a multi-use product for me; I use it all the time when I’m doing mine or my husband’s hair, it doesn’t matter the style.” - @curlsandcouture


“My favorite EDEN product is the JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner. I love this entire line but the Deep Conditioner gives me a great amount of moisture while strengthening my stands at the same damn time! The jar also lasts forever which is great for my pockets! Love this deep conditioner!” - @maia_poppin


“One of my favorite EDEN products is the Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard! It was the first EDEN product I ever tried and quickly became a fave because of its versatility. The Hydration Custard can be used for protective styling, as a base for twist outs, wash n gos, braid outs, literally ANYTHING. The Hydration Custard is so moisturizing, smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and shiny.” - @somahriah


The Almond Marshmallow Therapy Leave In Conditioner currently has my heart! In the past, I completely stayed away from "spray leave-in conditioners" because they would never work for me! Then I tried the entire Almond Marshmallow Collection & it was a game changer! The leave-in works AMAZINGLY and allows the process of moisturizing my hair to be quicker while still being very efficient. Definitely a Must-have product!” - @knotsncurls


“The Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo is a life saver! As a natural hair blogger, I'm constantly experimenting with new products which can sometimes lead to unfavorable results. After having a horrible experience experimenting with a product, using this shampoo for several wash days really helped bring my hair back to life!” - @stephrachel_


My favorite EDEN product is the Hibiscus Honey Hydration Custard. It’s my everyday goto to moisturize my hair.” - @thevillage_baddie








2. Favorite way to #StylewithEDEN? 

Two & Three strand twist outs are my FAVE to do with EDEN because I get two styles in one. Generally, I use the Coconut Shea Leave in Conditioner + Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme -or- Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner + Papaya Castor Nourishing Curl Jam. I can wear my twists for a week knowing the hydration I receive from EDEN will not disappear and when I'm ready to bring my fro out, I simply coat my fingertips with my Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress and take down my twists. Boom, EDEN has made a wash day stretch for 2 weeks!” - @thisisdananicole


Wash + Go’s are my absolute faveeeuh, my OG, my go to- LOL, you get the point. Plus, I quite enjoy allowing my fro to sorta just do its own thing.” - @tropicurlie


“I love using the Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner to create a rod set.” - @heycurlie


I don’t do many hairstyles, but using the Coconut Shea Leave In as my base will allow all my looks to flourish. Especially my twist outs.” - @naturalpartnersincrime


"My favorite hairstyle to do with an EDEN product is a twist out. My twists always come out moisturized and beautiful." - @heyyyitsmimi








3. What comes to mind when you think of EDEN BodyWorks (or favorite memory)? 

When I think of EDEN, I think family. EDEN BodyWorks is more than a natural hair brand to me. It's a family of creators and curators that provide a new experience with every event and every new product launch. When I use EDEN, I genuinely feel like the product was hand-crafted with me in mind and my hair loves it. Favorite EDEN memory is my very first CURLFEST repping the brand. I was overwhelmed in the best way from all the love I received from my brand family, but also the naturalistas that attended who recognized me and trusted my judgement when recommending products. This sense of belonging and having my seat at the table with this family is an indescribable feeling.” - @thisisdananicole


I think about power, black power. Jasmine- a woman of color, defied the odds stacked against us with 16 years of business neatly tucked under her belt. 16 years of creating diverse and inclusive products. 16 years of helping to mend the beauty industry that once didn’t cater to us. All of this while being active in the community with philanthropic efforts to help women, and all of this as a black entrepreneur? Much more- a black female entrepreneur (who are not awarded the same opportunities as their non-POC and male counterparts)? There are so many hurdles that Jasmine, we, us as a community must overcome in a system that just isn’t built for us. I could walk circles around the block going on about how groundbreaking & inspiring her story is. Jasmine has been leading, inspiring & innovating for 16 years and might I add, ever so gracefully and if that isn’t an example of black power, I’m not sure what is. “ - @tropicurlie


“I had been natural for almost a year before trying any EDEN BodyWorks products. I experimented with so many brands and products (high end and drug store) but had never been able to consistently recreate styles until I started using EDEN products. EDEN BodyWorks has products for all hair types and conditions, with natural ingredients for soft, strong, and healthy hair. Although I do still use other brands, every style I execute I always have at least one EDEN product in my routine, whether that begins with my shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in or styler. I always know what I will get with EDEN products - and that is quality! My hair LOVES EBW.” - @somahriah


Family comes to mind when I think of EDEN BodyWorks. I’ve been using EDEN since I started my natural hair journey. The brand has been a major part of my life and natural hair journey.” - @heycurlie







4. One word to describe your natural hair experience.


Resilient - @watchciwork
Fulfilling - @curlsandcouture
Delightful - @maia_poppin
Enlightenment - @tropicurlie
Transformative - @somahriah
Exhilarating - @knotsncurls
Shocking - @therealdremajor
Enlightening - @stephrachel_
Life-changing - @thevillage_baddie
Revealing - @thisisdananicole
Resilient - @heycurlie
Educational - @syeda_bombom
Transitional - @imaprilchristina
Transparent @kensthetic_
Reinvigorating -  @heyyyitsmimi




Type 4 Naturals


5. How do you use your hair/style to inspire others? 

I use hair to inspire others by showing people how beautiful our hair is in its natural state. Contrary to what the media tries to tell us, our curls are beautiful just the way they are. Our hair is so versatile and unique. With the proper knowledge and products, we all can achieve poppin' hairstyles." - @watchciwork


“I'm a skinny, tall girl with big frizzy hair. In the natural hair world, much attention is given to the perfect frizz free curl and coil and we as women have enough to deal with on social media with body shaming if you don't have the "ideal body type" (whatever that is). Styling and showcasing my natural hair in all its craziness offers relatability. It's a confidence thing that I'm trying to communicate. I want my curlfriends/followers to know that the feelings they felt about their hair and body aren't unusual, but that place of self doubt isn't where they need to stay. I hope that sharing my insecurities and journey to acceptance of my hair and body encourage women to give themselves grace but also to make whatever necessary changes they need to expose the beauty within themselves, to themselves. Get that EDEN product, pick up that resistance band and work out; eat that pasta sis! You're STILL poppin'!” - @thisisdananicole


“When I started transitioning natural and subsequently launched Curls and Couture, my goal was to inspire women to love their natural hair and own it. Whether that was in a twist out, locs, braids, blow out, perm rod set, I want them to fall in love with their crown. So I chose to do that by sharing my journey of learning and loving my hair. “ - @curlsandcouture


“I use my hair to inspire others by showing simplicity. If you master a style and love it, keep doing it until you feel like moving on. That’s what I did. Also, my style is as simple as it gets. I want my audience to know that there are people out there that don’t get glammed up everyday and they’re just as awesome!” - @maia_poppin


How do you use your hair/style to inspire others? By letting others know that styling your own hair can be fun and easy! It's especially fun when you have great products to help you along the way :)” - @syeda_bombom


“Doing my hair is therapeutic. Coloring my hair has now become a part of my signature tresses look. Natural hair is not one dimensional. There are so many options - healthy options that you can turn to,  so I hope that anyone that follows me is able to see that & think outside the box for themselves.” - @imaprilchristina


I use my natural hair journey to inspire my audience to feel more confident in loving their hair and in turn, themselves.” - @kensthetic_


“As a low porosity type 4 natural with medium/high density hair, I use my platform to inspire others with similar hair types to really embrace and care for theirs. Ultimately, with the right techniques, regimen and products, caring for your natural hair is 100% feasible. If I can do it, anybody can!” - @stephrachel_


“I use wash ‘n gos to inspire because I feel like a lot of people think that their natural hair is “too much” or they just don’t know how to deal with it and I want people to see with their very own eyes, what their hair can be capable of doing if they take the time to learn to care for it. I also like to inspire guys. Guys can have natural hair as well. Guys can have NICE natural hair at that.” - @therealdremajor


I consider myself an average Naturalista, so when I’m able to achieve a great style I always go back to my followers with all my tips and tricks and products used to hopefully help them as well.” - @naturalpartnersincrime

I wear my natural hair out because I want to inspire females to do the same and to not be ashamed of their coarse natural hair. 4C is beautiful and it should be embraced and taken care of just like any other type of hair. “ - @thevillage_baddie


"There are many people with type 4 hair that want to become natural or want to maintain healthy hair in general, but don’t know exactly where to go. I try to inspire people through my styles and with experience/knowledge so that they can be motivated and excited to do their hair." - @heyyyitsmimi 




Establishing real relationships and a sense of community remains our passion. We're grateful for the opportunities EDEN has had to build that with these creators and many more. We look forward to making more memories, connections, and amazing products moving forward.




We'd love to hear your EDEN stories too! In the comments below, tell us how you discovered EDEN! 


Also, it's not too late to get your hands on one of our 16th Anniversary Boxes! Filled with 8 full-sized EDEN products + beauty and wellness items from 9 other women-owned brands, it's truly the ultimate self care package. Special treat: receive $20 off your Anniversary Box (shipping included)  by entering code: BOX20 today!



See you next time!


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