This month, we're celebrating 16 years of EDEN BodyWorks! That's right, it's our anniversary! Since day one, it has been our passion to create high-quality, nature-inspired products that deliver amazing results. It all started with the JojOba Monoi Hair Oil and has now flourished into eight ingredient-focused collections. From dry scalp to breakage, and anything in between, we're still dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.  We're so grateful for all of the support we receive! And now, whether you've been rockin' with us since the beginning or you're new to the family, we want to know... 


How well do you know EDEN? 

Never have we ever...

Tested our products on animals
 Used harsh sulfates in our products
Had parabens
Made hair products for only one texture


 If you knew all of the above, we're thrilled! You've made it past first base. Now, it's time you get to know a little more about who's behind the brand.




Jasmine Lawrence



Founded EDEN in 2004


Seattle or San Francisco
North America Travel or International Travel
 Twists or Braids


Name something you learned from your experience in beauty that you’ve been able to carry over to tech (or vice versa)?

I've learned to focus on solving the root problem rather than just treating symptoms. This involves asking deeper questions and getting clarity on expected outcomes and goals.


What does EDEN mean to you now vs. what it meant to you when you first started the company?

It's the same! It's always been my personal opportunity to do good in the world by trying to help improve people's lives. I'm honored to be able to have this impact.


Best part of being a young, Black woman entrepreneur?

Being all of these things has given me the strength and focus that enables me to believe that anything is possible! 


What kind of impact do you want the brand to have?

The impact I hope to see from EDEN BodyWorks is that we can help people live their best lives inside and out. From products, conversations, and education this brand offers a wide range of experiences to meet people where they are on their journies and support them well.


Ylorie Taylor


Vice President

With EDEN since 2011


Suburbs or City (all day)
Date Night Out or Date Night In (too much time inside thanks to COVID, lol)
Zoom Meeting or Conference Call (old school, but I consider myself a closet Zoom Meeting person. I'm warming up to my visual glam as the new norm)


What’s it like leading a team primarily made up of Black women?

I discovered my love for serving and working with women of color, in particular Black women, at the end of my twenties. It was my first opportunity to work in beauty. I had a tech background, where few women, especially those who are brown and black, reside. As soon as I started my new role in beauty, I knew instantly that there was no other place I'd rather be - than surrounded by women who looked like me. Our tribe here at EDEN holds me up.

Most impactful lesson you’ve learned during your time in the beauty industry? 

​That you can work (in) your passion, but never forget your purpose. There are many lessons surrounding beauty - inside and out. I treasure the ability to mentor women in this industry to pull others along. I don't want women to go down rocky roads, when there's a smoother path available. Let me help you cheat to win!

How do you create harmony /manage your time between managing a brand, being a mom of 3 (with 1 under the age of 1), a wife and a mentor? 

​I'm glad you said harmony. I learned quickly that there's no such thing as balance. Something suffers when you're giving one (something) your all. I try to make sure I am deliberate in scheduling time in each aspect of my life, including time for me, so that I reduce burnout, limit stress, and ultimately feel satisfied and gratified in my pursuit of wearing multiple hats. If my cup is empty, I am no good to anyone else. I feed my love of travel and quiet time often. I never take for granted the ability and opportunity to excel in each of these roles. I simply give myself grace and am always in prayer that harmony is achievable.


Debbie Thrasher


Customer Relations Manager

With EDEN since 2011


Staycation or Vacation
Take Out or Dining Out
Hot Tub or Jacuzzi


Best part of interacting with customers daily?

Engagement.  When customers feel they’re engaging with a person rather than a faceless corporation, they enter an emotional relationship with the brand that fosters a strong sense of loyalty.  I believe customer interactions are the lifeblood of a company because they humanize the brand.         


What do you find to be the most challenging part of your position?

I’m most challenged when a customer has an issue and/or complaint and the resolve is not immediate. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes reply/resolution times are slow.  The challenge is keeping the customer satisfied and retaining their business, boosting customer loyalty.           


Funniest or most interesting question you’ve ever been asked by a customer?

The most interesting question recently has been regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.  I’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from customers wanting to know if the brand/founder is Black.  It’s such a pleasure to answer, yes, we absolutely are.




Assistant Marketing Manager

With EDEN since 2015


Big City Living or Suburban Life (but close enough to the city for weekend fun)
Mall Shopper or Online
Netflix or YouTube


What’s the best part (most enjoyable) about working for EDEN BodyWorks?

Honestly, it’s getting to work with so many incredible Black women (both internally and externally)! I grew up and went to school assuming I’d end up in a more “traditional” and male-dominated career environment - one where it was likely I wouldn’t have many coworkers or superiors who looked like me. When I joined EDEN, it felt like my wildest dream had come true. It’s such an honor to be able to work not only with a team predominantly made up of women, but Black women specifically - all who have such unique career backgrounds and reputable skills to bring to the table. I’m always learning from them! 


What are your top 3 beauty product must-haves (1-skin, 1-body, 1-hair)?

Skin - an exfoliator! I love a good natural apricot scrub. 

Body - a quality moisturizer. Any blend of natural oils and Cocoa Butter seems to treat my skin well. 

Hair - Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner! Leave-in the most crucial step in my routine for a great wash ‘n go, and this one has been my staple for so many years. It clumps the curls,  keeps them moisturized, and brings me the same results every time. Can’t help but love it.


Bucket list of places you want to visit (or things to do) before you turn 30?

I have a little less than four years to tackle these goals so they may be a tad ambitious; however, I'd like to make it to Maui and Greece, and later hopefully to South Africa to bring my 30th! I'd also love to purchase a condo.



Ashley Stewart


Designer & Innovator, Patent Ventures Consultancy

Cardio or Weights (but with conditioning)
Glamour or Simplicity (whatever makes you feel sexy; maybe a combination of both with a little G-mentality in there, so sleek)
Twitter or IG (Black Twitter)


Describe your design style.

Jazz personality, G-Mentality. Or Abstract, Conceptual, Sensual. I'm a minimalist who sometimes likes to do the most.


How do you stay inspired to find unique ways to share brands?

By listening. Letting myself wonder. Finding things that please me and indulging and asking the universe really hard questions. 


Number one tip for getting out of a creative/design rut? 

Dance. Have a twerk session. Travel or workout. Whatever releases your mind from its current state into a place where it's free to roam around and explore.



Sean Ondes


Website Services & Consulting


Winter or Summer (Summer for sure. I love the heat and being outdoors)
Cycling or Martial Arts (I like cycling but that's more about just getting exercise. Martial arts, specifically Budo Taijutsu, has been a passion of mine for over 20 years.)
Uber Eats or Home Cooking (Definitely home cooking! I love trying new recipes and sometimes experimenting on my own.)


Favorite part of site-building?

I like the challenge of collecting all the information I can, brainstorming ideas, sketching out a plan, and then putting everything together. Then, at the end of it all, there's this brand new website. The scary part is that no matter how much consideration and planning goes into a project, there's always a huge risk. There aren't any guarantees.

What is it like working with a team of women?

I feel incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a group of professional and capable teammates who I know I can depend on. Honestly, I don't ever think of our team as a team of women -- plus me. Obviously, I know they all are but that thought never crosses my mind.


Most exciting project you’ve worked on with EDEN and why?

It's almost a tie between relaunching EDEN's website last Spring and upgrading our email marketing platform back in the Fall of 2019. I think the website redesign wins though just because of the scope of the project. This was an overhaul from the bottom up of everything that customers see on the site. Ashley and I put in a lot of hours planning, building, and getting all of it ready. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's a nice looking site and most importantly, the redesign is resonating with our visitors.




Designer & Co-Founder, Key Design & Media


Photography or Videography
Bold Colors or Neutrals
Europe or The Caribbean


Is it ever challenging to get on one accord when working with a team of designers vs. working independently? 

I actually love working on a team with other designers. Each designer can bring something unique to the project.  EDEN does a great job of making sure that their design team communicates and collaborates on projects. 


How does it feel seeing your designs go live (on social, ads, websites and etc.)?

I absolutely love seeing my designs once printed. Large formatted prints and packaging makes me the most happy to see.


What do you enjoy most about having EDEN as a client?

I love working with EDEN. They are super organized with their marketing and plan ahead for all of their graphic requests, which gives me the opportunity to think ahead on how to plan and execute an effective design deliverable. Honored to have them as a client for the past several years. 




Most likely to... 

Watch a Rom-Com: Jasmine & Ylorie
Live in a big city: Jasmine & Ylorie
Enjoy a day at a museum: Debbie, Sean, Keisha & Briana
Play with Robots: Jasmine
Have a strange phobia: Keisha
Read a book in one day: Sean
Cook an elaborate meal: Debbie, Sean & Keisha
Move to a different country: Sean
Win a Nobel Prize: Jasmine
Bring home a stray animal: Briana
Hide from the camera:  Jasmine, DebbieAshley & Keisha
Win in a fight: Ylorie & Ashley
Spend hours in the gym: Jasmine & Briana





Thank you for taking a moment to get to know the team! It has been our pleasure to build and connect with our customers over the years. We look forward to bringing you more EDEN goodness in the times to come!


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See you next time!


August 11, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks

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