Summer Style: Fulani-Inspired Braids

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Summer Style: Fulani-Inspired Braids

By now you’ve probably seen this fabulous braided style circulating on your news feed. It’s this summer’s goto ‘do, Fulani-inspired braids. It’s certainly not a new look, but rather a throwback brought to life again. The question is, should you try it out this summer?


pc: @heycurlie


The Pros:

1. It tends to take slightly less time to install than some other protective styles such as traditional box braids or faux locs. It’s also a more light-weight option, should you opt out on garnishing with beads.
2. Easy access to your scalp! Now this may sound weird, but, we all know that healthy hair starts at the scalp. When your hair is worn in protective styles it’s important to moisturize your scalp! Especially because we tend to go longer between washes with these styles.


-Tip: Try a spray oil like our Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil to stimulate your scalp (see benefits here). Also, it’s important to moisturize the length of your hair within the braid as well. Our JojOba Monoi Hair oil is perfect for this! Or, if you prefer to stay away from oils, our Citrus Fusion Refresher spray is a great way to restore moisture while also keeping your hair smelling fresh.


   3. It looks FIERCE!


pc: @kersti.pitre


The Cons:

1. If you choose to adorn your braids with beads, beware of the noise, and of turning your head too quickly (LOL)! You might whip yourself with the wooden gems.
2. The front of your hair may frizz up faster than it would with other braided styles, so if you’re looking for a ‘do that will last you a long time without having to re-braid, this may not be for you. However, for the constant style-changer, this is perfect!


So we vote, go for it!


pc: @caramella_mou
Tell us what you think of this summer style in the comments below and tag us in your pics should you choose to try the Fulani-inspired look out!
See you back here next week!



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Can’t wait to add braids to my summer regimen!

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