Hiking with @NikkiGrowFit

Hiking with @NikkiGrowFit
Be Light. Take a hike. See the beauty of how nature works, then close your eyes. See that same light in yourself.



Just for a moment...allow me to take you on a journey. It's a peak into my world, my mind, my heart and my spirit.



See here...where the hiking path begins. I get to play with the elements of nature- earth, air, water, wind and of course I bring the FIYAH!  Sometimes I'll catch myself wondering, "How did I get here?” Then I remember,  the beginning of all things I pursue in life usually dictates the end. Today, where the hiking path starts to unravel, I set a very clear intention.  The mantra is...Trust. Before fear can seep into my mind,  I already hear my feet crunching the gravel, quads striking up a burn as I climb the hill and the deep rise and fall of my chest with every breath. The adventure is on! 


If you ever doubt whether you should go on, know that your feet will not fail you. Move forward even when what lies ahead is not clear. Begin to pursue that dream you forgot about, achieve the goal to get healthy and lose weight, strive to feel good everyday. Throw all your doubts to the side and just Trust.  You know the way. 



Oooh chile! I am feeling the force of that waterfall crashing downstream. The yearn to be there is strong as if the spirit of the water is calling me to come closer. But fear starts to set in, knowing one wrong move could send me straight into the white, foamy abyss. I remember this same feeling when I first met with my personal trainer Jay Williams at J-Netics Training Academy to learn how to lift weights. I was excited but so afraid! For a split second, I feel the same fear about to take over just before I step up onto the rocks. I shake  it off with one deep exhale and launch into the one legged downward dog effortlessly, light as a butterfly. Under my fingertips, I could feel the vibrational hum of the waterfall, this is what trust feels like.


If you're carrying a lot of doubt, you'll be too heavy to fly. So go ahead and take on that challenge in life. Need some courage?  Learn how to lift iron so you experience what it's like to face fear and end every weight session with a one legged downward dog. You never know the greatness of your light until you just push yourself and go there.  You got this! 



How long can I hang on and wait? Sometimes I get too eager about the destination. I've seen the pictures online of this beautiful Joffre Glacial Lake but my impatience took over.  So I climb faster as if I was competing to get on an Olympic team and nearly wore myself out! Smh. I had to pump the brakes and be still. Nothing like a plank pose to make me stop in my tracks to appreciate the moment and not ruin all the fun. 
If you're consumed with the fruits of your actions, fall back.  Trust, you'll get there. Value the right NOW, because it is all you have in ​that very moment, NOT the future. Drop into plank pose, see what it's like to be rock hard still in your body. Afterwards, enjoy the recovery of just sitting, feeling and watching all that exists around you. 



There is an opportunity to turn back, to just forget the whole damn thing because I'm hungry and tired. Plus, the bad attitude is starting to rear it's ugly little head. It's that same voice I battle every time I take on a new project like when I recently started writing my first book, Stay Bold—Live powerfully beyond fear. So easy to suck my teeth, roll my eyes and throw in the towel because ‘ish gets too hard. But then my leg kicks up and says,”Talk to the foot!"  
"So not the hand?" I ask.
The hands grab the foot,"We're with her." 
So I trust and head to the finish like I did with my book. 


If you're feeling like it's time to wave the white flag, consider another point of view. Maybe it's not what you are doing but how you are doing it. Maybe you just need a different approach or a slight change in the intention. Whatever makes you feel like you are only standing on one leg, know that you are strong rough to hold yourself up until you can put the other foot down. Try it! The big toe standing forward fold works every time. For the less flexible peeps,  just bend the knee of the leg you're holding. See? Trust the entire view, variations/options are always available to you.



 What lies before me is breathtaking. I lift my voice and arms up in gratitude for without trust I'd still be roaming around in the forest, missing the view and forgetting my truest intention. I must always remember the sweetness of life...TRUST. The journey is the gift, not the destination.


If you make it to the end of your journey and you still can't think of one lesson you learned. Well, keep hiking. And if you make it to the end and you learned a lot of lessons, well, keep hiking. Trust that knowing ALL isn't always the goal. Be Light. Namaste.


By Kanika Nikki Utley @nikkigrowfit
Creator/Publisher @BFWMagazine/@Blackfitnesswomen
Photo credit: Patrick Cohen


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