Spring Cleaning! How to Maximize Your Space (with Tips from The Baby Shopaholic)

Spring Cleaning! How to Maximize Your Space (with Tips from The Baby Shopaholic)

Spring is here! It's time to clean!

If you're looking to neaten up your place and maximize your space this year, check out some of the organization tips we have for you below.


Need to Organize Your Closet?

Tall rolling racks can be purchased for fairly low prices at an array of stores. They’re perfect if you have a surplus of clothes that need to be hung, but just won’t fit on the racks already in your closet.  You can roll them right into your closet, or anywhere you may have some extra room. If you’re still struggling to make enough room for your entire wardrobe, extra thin hangers are a big help as well! Many stores carry extra thin hangers that stack without bulk. They can also help you fit more of your clothing into your closet than the average hanger.


If you’re really into making your closet look neat, try color coding your clothes.  Organize them in whatever order you like best, or you could even try doing it according to the order of the traditional rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Blacks and whites can be worked in wherever you see fit.


Storage drawers are also life savers! Whether they be the plastic file-cabinet-style with three shelves, or even wicker baskets, they can help save you space, and keep your place looking more organized. The same goes for shoe racks (over the door are best to save floor space).


When it comes to storing your clothes in the drawers you already have, try rolling them up instead of folding them. Rolling allows you to pack more items into a drawer, but without the worry of wrinkles. 


As much as reading about ways to organize can be helpful, seeing the transformation in action is even better! The Baby Shopaholic

Check out Trina of as she reorganizes some of her home spaces in the videos below!


Need to Organize Your Laundry Room?

How About Those Cabinets Beneath the Kitchen Sink?


You can find Trina's full articles on organizing these spaces along with your kitchen pantry here:


To see how others have taken on spring cleaning, follow along with Trina’s hashtag on Instagram: #organizedonfleek. We’d love for you to share how you transform your space!

Also, be sure to keep up with Trina at @babyshopa on Instagram and of course at TheBabyShopaholic.com!

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