Living Beyond the Label

Living Beyond the Label
If you were asked to describe yourself, where would you begin? Most likely, you’ll start with your name and profession, then expand from there. Or maybe you’ll start listing values and characteristics that you believe make you likable, descriptive words that convey a person worth knowing beyond those labels. 

Women tend to wear many hats, with the demanding roles to match. We don't have the luxury of wearing one at a time, either. If we're moms, we're always moms in addition to being an entrepreneur, CEO, volunteer, carpool coordinator, chef and whatever other role life demands that day. 



Beyond the Label aims to shine light on women at their core, along with their many complexities. We aim to go below the surface and highlight the various tasks and achievements made by the every day woman, including the pursuit in overcoming the personal challenges and obstacles they face daily. It's no longer adequate to look at a woman and see only a carrier for a child or a career. It's also not acceptable to label her solely according to her struggles. She's may be in the courtroom initiating change, in the hospital saving lives (all before putting dinner on the table), or she may be leading a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class at the gym. Maybe she's overseas teaching English, or building orphanages in a foreign country. She may even be at home just trying to get through the day, running errands and etcetera. Either way, she's doing way more than what you see on the surface - including becoming the healthiest and happiest version of herself internally. She's living beyond the label. 


These women aren't the ones you necessarily see in the spotlight. They're hardworking individuals who have chosen to create a life that works for them, a life crafted through trial and error, successes and failures. It's the everyday woman who's had to be innovative with limited resources and push past closed doors. 

Everyone has a story: one of perseverance or defeat or overcoming obstacles. Life isn't always kind and gentle, but if nothing else, women have learned that life goes on. Our hope is that they relate to these stories, share their own, and also connect with women who are just like them. We hope that these stories inspire our audiences to never give up and to stay on the beaten path. 



At EDEN BodyWorks, we value authenticity, simplicity, quality, and wellness, and we want nothing more than to share these things with our community. We invite you to say the following words to yourself daily, as an affirmation to inspire growth and positive living:  


"In this space all that I am is celebrated. I am profound and I inspire others to shatter their own glass ceilings. I've survived my past. I am thankful for my lessons. I applaud my highlights. And I am looking forward to sharing my endless light with the world."


Be sure to share YOUR story with us at! There, you can tell us what obstacles and labels you are freeing yourself from in order to live beyond. You can also keep up with the stories of other amazing women by following along with us on Instagram @edenbodyworks. Feel free to download your photo on the site and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #BeyondtheLabel to join the conversation. 


We can't wait to hear your story!

See you next time!


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