Naturally INSPIRED from Locs to Loose Curls 10 Years Later

Naturally INSPIRED from Locs to Loose Curls 10 Years Later

When we heard that Alyssia was transitioning from locs to loose curls, we knew it would be a story she should share as so many curlfriends go through transitions during their natural hair journey. We checked in to see how she was feeling about the process, her new look, and what she looks forward to now that she is no longer loc'd.  

EDEN: What first inspired you to get locs?

ALYSSIA: I always knew that I would have locs at an early age. I was inspired by the new Loc community that was budding back on Youtube around 2008/2009. I was newly natural, married, just had a baby boy and was desperate for change. I remember learning how versatile locs were and was set on growing my own set. I researched until I took the plunge and started my locs via two strand twists.

EDEN: What inspired you to switch back to a loose natural?

ALYSSIA: I’ve been loc'd for almost 10 years and honestly….I needed something new. Being a Digital Creator and teaching others different styles, new ways to care for your locs…I kinda felt like I had given all I could give. I started to not enjoy it like I did in the past. I can honestly say that I’m ready to focus on my hair health and learn how to embrace my curls again.

We know our hair can be a daily emotion - good hair day, bad hair day, easy hair day, etc. Understanding how Alyssia was feeling before, after, and during the transition was important to share.

EDEN: What was the process like of removing your locs?

ALYSSIA: The process was very emotional. I literally cried because I felt the detachment, not only from my locs but everything that I’ve gone through while growing them. I was very sad, but once I finished, I felt liberated! I did cut the majority of the locs out because I was aiming for a certain loose tapered natural style. I used conditioner and a fine tooth comb to remove the rest. It didn’t take me that long. I was so amazed to see my soft curls after almost 10 years! I called my mom and sister and cried on FaceTime. I'd say it was a very emotional moment.

EDEN: How has the journey been with the loose natural hair?

ALYSSIA: So far, it’s been a dream! I visited my barber and opted for a tapered look with my curls on top. I went low to get a fresh start and my little curlies on top are already flourishing! I think the only con for me is that I will definitely have to learn my loose hair again.  My locs were so low-maintenance and now I am officially remembering the work that goes into caring for curly hair.

EDEN: Do you think you will ever return to locs?

ALYSSIA: It’s possible, but after 10 years…I’m ready to see what I can do with my natural curls. This has been such an emotional leap for me, I want to take my time and enjoy my new look, my newfound freedom. I enjoyed every single year of having locs and now…it’s time to move on.

EDEN: What did your hair care routine look with locs and how has it changed?

ALYSSIA: With locs, I had gotten my routine down to a science! (Lol) I focused more on clarifying shampoos, protein treatments and leave in conditioners. All my products were simple and a little on the frugal side. I washed it every two weeks, threw some leave in and I was done. Now that I’m rocking my curls, I know that there’s a lot more steps and time that will be involved…I’m actually excited for that! I received some goodies from EDEN BodyWorks (THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH) that I am using and I can already tell how rejuvenated, conditioned and seriously moisturized my curls are!

EDEN: How did those around you (friends, family, others) react to your decision to get locs vs. the decision to return to loose natural?

ALYSSIA: I am very blessed to have such a supportive family! Literally everyone was on board for Locs & returning to a loose natural. My family has seen my transition and can fully understand where I was 10 years ago versus where I am today. I was 24 years old starting locs and excited to begin a journey that no one in my family had gone through. So they learned a lot from about product, became interested in styles I came up with and they heavily supported me becoming sort of an influencer in the Loc community. Now at 34, they have witnessed my growth, and can see me emerge into a woman that’s embracing positive change.

EDEN: Did their reactions have any influence on your decision to move forward?

ALYSSIA: I honestly like to throw ideas around with them, but ultimately if it’s on my mind..that pretty much means that I’m going to do it anyway (lol). My hair and hairstyles have always been important to me. If I have a mental picture of a particular style…I’m going with it.

What's next for this former locs girl? 

I am most looking forward to learning how to keep my curls healthy & strong. With this change I am also looking forward to elevating my personal style, so I’m excited to start shopping.

Advice for those thinking about getting locs or transitioning from locs to loose natural?

My advice would simply be : DO YOU. If you want to loc your hair, do plenty of research. Find some loc inspiration on social media and get an idea of what you want. You can do your own hair or visit your local natural hair stylist for a consultation.

If you're transitioning from locs to loose natural, make sure that you are ready for the change and ask yourself “Why you’re making this change?” Growing locs took a lot of patience and years to form, so going to a loose natural state is a major change. Either way you choose to wear your hair, be Proud, be Confident, be Fierce..You are Beautiful!!!

Follow along with Alyssia on YouTube and Instagram @_alyssiadawn.

Thank you Alyssia for sharing your story! We're glad the Coconut Shea collection was a part of this moment.


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Naturally INSPIRED from Locs to Loose Curls 10 Years Later