Knock, Knock Who's there?: Tender Love, Care & Hair

Knock, Knock Who's there?: Tender Love, Care & Hair

If you've landed here you're in for a sweet treat. This Valentine's Day we're recounting our favorite inspirational self-love & haircare moments:

"I believe in being healthy from the inside out. Taking the time to appreciate the good things in your life, regardless of how small they seem, is the key to unlocking your blessings." —Candice 

@candicoatedcurls shared this wisdom with us on the EDEN BodyWorks channel, showing us one of the ways that she keeps herself positive. Taking time to reflect and count our blessings is a great start to inspiring optimism in our lives.  

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"3 Simple Self-care Ideas: (1) Read a new book, (2) Have a spa day, (3) Journal" — Michelle

@Naturalista86 gave our wonder moms three practical ways to practice self-care. We believe her recommendations can be applied universally to anyone looking to begin their self-care session. Michelle even threw in a shout to the EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion collection saying, "Carve out some time and create your own spa day at home. I’m excited that EDEN BodyWorks created the Citrus Fusion line because it’s not only for my hair but also my body. I can pamper myself with a good wash day and also take time to care for my skin as well. As a busy mom, it's nice to have products that can serve dual purposes."  

"You can't serve other people unless you take care of yourself. It's a balance. We encourage people to eat healthy, be active + pursue their dreams ambitiously and without fear."— @edensjasmine, founder of EDEN

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"The last thing on my mind this week has been my hair. This fight will be long, tough and draining. This morning I'm taking a few hours for myself. Self-Care is necessary. "— Staci P

@cocoandclick shared the day that she was introduced to EDEN Bodyworks Coconut Shea CoWash. We're delighted that she took time to care for her hair and honored that she chose one of our fan favorite EDEN products to assist.


Watch @queensheemee show EDEN love with a regimen of EDEN BodyWorks Products, including the new #AlmondMarshmallow products!

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Knock, Knock Who's there?: Tender Love, Care & Hair