Curl Talk with Tacha J

Curl Talk with Tacha J

Hey Beautiful People!


Tacha of here to tell you all about an event Erin (@theesperanzamaria) and I created with you in mind. Before we jump in, let me introduce myself! By day, I work in International Development supporting government-funded projects around the globe. By night, I’m a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, creating community, connecting with women, and sharing my thoughts and experiences. The creative freedom blogging gives me is unmatched; I'm able to express my interests and share my personality in a way my full-time job just doesn't allow. And as a result of my blogging endeavors, Curl Talk DC was born.

It all started with feeling a little left out of the booming NYC natural hair community. Erin and I wanted in on the fun and were determined to bring that same dynamic to the DC area! The idea was simple, actually: every girls night inevitably leads to hair talk. After a few glasses of wine you'll find us raving over holy grail hair products, sharing tips, personal stories, and laughing...A LOT. We wanted to design an event that would embody all that we love about girls night. 



What was initially an intimate brunch for 25 guests turned into a full-on event for over 50! We felt an enormous outpouring of support and while our expanded guest list was exciting, it also meant we had twice the expected workload. We were thrust right into the planning process and though we both have prior experience in event planning, nothing could have prepared us for coordinating our very own!

In the end, the rewards heavily outweighed the challenges. Curl Talk DC brought together women and men of all ages, backgrounds, and stages in their natural hair journey. It was a celebration of individuality, a refusal of the status quo, and provided space for community building and support. 



Keep an eye out...Curl Talk may come to a city near you. You can stay up to date on Curl Talk news and journey along with me via Instagram @tach.j!


To keep up with Tacha, follow her on Instagram at @tacha.j

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