Your hair is such an important part of your identity. When scrolling through Instagram, YouTube and other social media for inspiration it can be really easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. It’s great to have people who are at a different stage in their hair journey to look to but it shouldn’t take away from the pride that you feel about your own mane. Loving your hair, flaws and all, is the first step to finding new ways to manage and grow it.


What’s more important than long or full hair is healthy hair. You don’t want to sacrifice the health or neglect your hair just for appearances. Our hair is more than an accessory. Our hair is a reflection of the nutrients in our bodies, our stress levels and more. If you start by working to understanding and nurturing your locks you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve in terms of growth and new style options. It can definitely be frustrating to not see the results that you want immediately but like all good things they will come in time. When you have an understanding of what works for you, you can get products that highlight the amazing aspect of your own look instead of ones that may help you achieve someone else's.

I have an ever growing list of saved youtube tutorials, magazine cut-outs and saved Instagram photos where that I can use to find inspiration for what to do with my hair.

This collection contains styles on hair that is similar to mine and hair that isn’t just to mix things up. Whenever I see a style I like, I try to find a way to make it my own. I know that I might not have the time, texture, skills, or patience to attain that style I may have seen but I find it fun to use my creativity to do something I think will suit me and my personality.

While I usually do most of my own styling at home I do occasionally visit salons for haircuts, deep conditioning treatments and for complex and special occasion hair styles. These hair care professional usually can provide more than service. I’ve spent time talking with and learning from them tips and tricks on the best techniques and tools to control my curls. Using my favorite Eden BodyWorks products I have mastered some of my favorite styles that make up my signature looks!

February 08, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks
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