There's nothing wrong with adding volume, length, or wanting a new look with a temporary texture. The magic of clip-ins and style-saving ponytails quickly come to the rescue; but are they healthy for your hair? 

Wearing clip-ins and extensions for an extended time, without caring for the hair that is underneath or showing concern for tension points can be damaging. Using non-harmful products on your own hair to strengthen, lock-in moisture, and restore vital nourishment is crucial.  

6 Tips For Keeping Temporary Extensions Healthy:

  1. When sleeping, or when possible, remove extensions to reduce tension
  2. Make sure hair that is left out is moisturized
  3. Avoid constant heat styling and use thermal protection
  4. Gently wash & care for your scalp ( apply a balm, hairdress, or oil to scalp)
  5. Deep condition and detangle your own hair every 2-3 weeks
  6. Use a conditioning product on edges to prevent drying them out
We're serious about healthy hair however you choose to wear it.  We collected a few videos featuring extensions styled with best selling EDEN BodyWorks products. Stream the playlist and shop the products used to blend and care for their hair and extensions.

Watch The Playlist


#5: Side Bangs Tapered Cut ( w/ clip-ins)

 How To: Low Sleek Ponytail On A TWA , Short Natural Hair

#4: Low Sleek Ponytail On A  Short Natural TWA


#3: No Heat Sleek Low Braided Pony ( w/ added hair)


#2: Perm Rod Curly Fro ( w/ clip-ins for volume)


#1:  Half Up Bun ( w/ clip-ins for length & volume)

February 03, 2020 — EDEN BodyWorks

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