Our Ingredients

Peppermint Oil Peppermint Oil is an astringent that regulates the scalp’s production of oil. It helps to normalize both dry and oily scalps to cool and soothe pain, itching, and flaking that stems from irritation and inflammation of the scalp.

Coconut Oil Coconut oil is an emollient that smoothes and softens the hair. The fatty acids in the oil also have antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which alleviate dry, itchy and flaky scalp. 

Jojoba Oil Jojoba oil is a long-lasting moisturizer that seals in moisture and controls natural sebum production to reduce oily scalp. It doesn't evaporate the way water can and thus provides a great substitute for those who suffer from dry scalp as well.  

Monoi Oil Monoi de Tahiti is a natural cocktail of coconut oil and vitamin E. The final product acts as an emollient and lubricating agent that soothes and softens the hair.  

Shea Butter Shea butter contains a combination of vitamin A & E, which soothes dryness, mends split ends and repairs breakage. The inherent moisturizers restore relaxed or chemically treated hair. This ingredient also contains a fatty acid that soothes and heals the skin; it's a great way to protect the scalp before a relaxer to help prevent chemical irritation.

Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory product - the antiseptic properties remove build up from the hair follicle to make room for new hair to grow.