Top 7 Summer Vacay Styles

Top 7 Summer Vacay Styles

Is anyone else ready for vacation? Whether you’re traveling far or just planning for local day-trip outings this summer, chances are, you’re looking for some cute summer hairstyles to help you switch it up for the occasion. We’re here to help bring you some inspiration!

Here are our top 7 vacay hairstyles for summer ‘18:


1. Cornrows! This classic look is great with or without hair added.
It helps to keep your ends protected and out of the way so you can just focus on having fun.
This style is low maintenance too!






2. Fulani-Style Braids! Fulani braids can add a little twist to traditional box braid styles. They allow you to get creative with the design.
Add accessories (beads, cuffs and etc.) for a little extra embellishment as well.





3. Fun Bun! You don’t have to add hair to get a Fulani-inspired look. Just add a couple braids at the front of your hair and you’ve got the look! This style is super cute, simple, and quick to achieve.






4. Bantu Twists! What a fun and creative way to mesh different styles together!
Bantu knots in the front, and two-strand twists in the back, finished off with some golden beads - we love it!
The best part is, this style, though it appears intricate, can be created right at home and it should last you a few days!




5. Wrap Up! Wanna keep your hair protected from the sun/elements? Wrap it! Head wraps are always stunning, and they allow you to keep your hair moisturized underneath! Pick a fun pattern or bright colors to help spice up the look as well!





6. Puff Ponytail! If you’re up for adding a little hair, this look will really amp up the average ponytail.
It is pretty quick and simple to style, plus it adds some glamour to your vacay look!




7.  Faux/Goddess Locs! These are the perfect go-to for an island getaway...or any getaway really.
If you love the look of locs but aren’t ready to make the long-term commitment, give these a try.
Have some fun with the color too! Be warned though, this look can be very time-consuming to install.



And there you have it, our top 7 Summer Vacay Styles! In the comments below, let us know which look is your favorite, and if you try any out this summer, be sure to share them on Instagram and tag us in your photos!

See you next time!

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