To Straighten or Not to Straighten

To Straighten or Not to Straighten

The natural hair community is a beautiful space for learning about and celebrating the hair you were born with. However, within this space, there’s a history of debates on different viewpoints pertaining to hair care. With the weather about to change, some ladies are preparing to get their flat irons ready, which is a major no-no to other naturals. 


Take Kelsey and Kendra Murrell for example, also known as Glamtwinz334 on YouTube. These ladies are known for switching up their texture from curly to straight and back multiple times throughout a year, and they do so fabulously. However, on social media and sometimes even in the comments of their videos they experience negativity towards their decision to heat style so frequently. They spoke on this in their latest “Glamtwinz Hair Journey” video. Other naturals sometimes try to police them, saying they aren’t truly natural or that they don’t really love their natural hair texture - all because they choose to heat style often. Meanwhile, the girls explain that they do it simply because they love the versatility.




On the other hand there are the natural ladies who almost never straighten their hair, ladies like  Whitney White, better known as Naptural85. She tends to opt for protective or stretched styles  when looking for versatility. Then there are also the ladies in between, who only flat iron their hair once or twice a year, ladies like Shaneice Crystal, also known as NaturalNeiicey.




All of these ladies take great care of their hair, from routinely deep conditioning to getting trims when needed, to using heat protectant (if/when necessary). So why all the fuss?  We say, as long as you are happy and your hair is receiving the TLC it needs to be healthy, style it however you like whenever you like!

We want to know your thoughts. How do you feel about straightening natural hair? Is there such a thing as doing it too often? Tell us in the comments below.
See you back here next week!

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