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If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is encouraging women to look and feel fabulous.  Learning to feel fabulous on the inside was not something that happened for me overnight.  It came with the help of prayer, learning the importance of self-care and of course, dressing how I wanted to feel.  I have learned throughout the years that dressing fabulous can truly boost confidence and it does not have to include designer labels.  Dressing fabulous means wearing what makes you feel good and gives you the, “I can take on the world,” feeling.
Thrifted skirt for under $4.
My personal passion is showing women how to dress fabulous affordably.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may be familiar with my fashion steals.  For example, I purchased this brand-new Lane Bryant dress for only $10 and the original retail price was $110.   How do I do it?  It’s a combination of thrifting, couponing and of course, clearance shopping.  It’s totally easier than you think to start implementing a few small changes into your routine to make sure you’re getting the best deals.  Today I’m sharing three tips with you for looking fabulous while still saving coins.  If you start these today, I’m sure you will start getting the best prices on the things you love. 
Three Ways to Look Fabulous and Save Coins
  • Want high quality pieces in your wardrobe that will last for years?  Head to the thrift store!
Can you believe I have been thrifting for almost 15 years?  I remember being a little girl standing with my mom in the consignment store.  I was fascinated by the books, clothes and vintage items.  As I got older, I fell in love with magazines and it did not take me long to realize that I could recreate many of the looks I saw in fashion magazines right at the thrift store. 
If you have never been thrifting, you should start now!  You are missing out on not only high-quality items, but ways to truly save money.  The thrift store can be a great place to find high quality pieces, one of a kind items and even the latest trends.  Want to know a few easy pieces you can always thrift?  Try the following:
They are typically easy to find, unique and affordable.  One way I tend to save even more while thrifting is by going on 50% off day.  For example, if you are in or near North Carolina, Carolina Value Village has 50% off the last Wednesday of every month.  Imagine being able to find a fabulous dress for only $2! 
Thrifted jacket for $2.25.
  • When you head into your favorite retail store, skip the front and head to the back.  Clearance is where it’s at!
The highest priced items in stores are typically in the front and discounted items are in the back.  If you want to save, head to the back to clearance.  There are two benefits to shopping clearance.  One, you can still find a lot of current trends on the clearance racks.  One thing I have found from working retail is that a lot of times, retailers move things to clearance simply to make room for newer items.  Also, if an item is simply not selling, they will move it to clearance.  Second, one key to always remember is to shop out of season.  You can find the best deals, for example, on winter pieces during the middle of summer.  I recently visited St. Augustine, Florida and of course, I had to go shopping while I was there.  I found a H&M winter jacket for only $7 on clearance.  I saved over $50 on the jacket!  You can’t beat it!
Poncho purchased for only $10.
  • Want to know you are always getting the best deals in store?  Download RetailMeNot and sign up for text messages for your favorite stores.
I have to be honest.  I am the crazy person that has rewards cards, apps on my phone and receives text messages from all of my favorite stores.  As crazy as it may seem, I get unbelievable deals on fabulous clothing.  I always recommend the RetailMeNot application because you can look up coupons for more than just clothing stores.  You can look up coupons for restaurants as well as see what shopping areas are near you.  Plus, it will pop up and alert you if there is a coupon for a store nearby.  It eliminates the need for a paper coupon completely!
Also, we live in an age now where everyone has unlimited text messages.  Sign up for those text messages for your favorite stores!  Many stores send special coupons to their customers that receive texts and you are often the first to know of in-store offers.  I recently received a coupon for Payless for $10 off a $25 purchase so I ended up getting super on-trend sandals for under $20. 
Purchased Lane Bryant dress for $10.
I truly hope these tips have been helpful and I can’t wait to see what deals you find!  Be sure to tweet me your finds.
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Which coin saving tip did you find the most helpful?
June 07, 2017 — EDEN BodyWorks


Charlotte Collins said:

Love each and everyone of the looks. Great ideas.

amy stonger said:

Whenever I head into a store I go straight to the clearance racks, you never know what ur gonna find. It’s funny that you mention iy because I taught my daughters at a young age how to get the best deals with coupons and clearance. Now whenever we go shopping they know the drill and they are getting good at it.

Nicole Naicker said:

Thrifting by getting 50% off day on Last Wednesday of every month

Liselle StLouis said:

This is amazing and i learn that its good to save money but going on days when there is a clearance.I find the first tip helpful. If you are looking for quality, its good to go to the thrift store. And also go on days when they have the fifty percent off. Also while i was reading the beginning, its reminds me that women should know how fabulous they look.


By using app..

JD Nelson said:

Simple but smart. I want to save as much as I can while looking fly! Thanks for the tips.

Danielle McGuire said:

Love it

Ebonie said:

The clearance rack is where it’s at! I always head there first. Lots of great steals there.

Mellionie Rogers said:

I love these looks.

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