Mastering Sweat-Proof Style: Effortless Gym & Workout Hairstyles

Mastering Sweat-Proof Style: Effortless Gym & Workout Hairstyles

Finding the best gym hairdo is not just about personal comfort and aesthetic preferences, it's also about function and keeping your hair from falling out or sticking to your face or neck. Whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight, here are hairstyles that are chic that will also keep your sweat out of your way.

The 6 Best Hairstyles For The Gym

The Pineapple

For those with natural hair, the pineapple is a gym hairstyle that allows you to work out while keeping your curls intact.

Headwraps/ Headbands

Head scarves are versatile for any season or activity. Whether you're having a rough hair day and need to exercise to boost those endorphins, simply tie a scarf around your head and you're all set. To avoid a bulky appearance, braid or twist your hair before putting on the head wrap. Alternatively, use a stylish head wrap to add flair to your workout hairstyle!

Effortless Gym & Workout Hairstyles

Bantu Knots

Low-maintenance hairstyles are perfect for the gym, and Bantu knots are a great choice. Begin by dividing your hair into box-shaped sections. Twist and coil each section into small knots. Secure the ends of each twist into the knot's base to maintain your style during any workout. Bantu knots are versatile and suit different activities like dancing, jogging, and circuit training.


If your workouts involve reactive, high-speed, or explosive movements, cornrows are the perfect hairstyle for you. This versatile style can handle any activity, allowing you to focus on your workout without worrying about your hair.

The High Bun

For a high bun, gather your hair at the very top of your head and secure it with a scrunchie or hair tie. This high placement preserves volume and curl shape, preventing flat or stretched-out curls. Or, if you have long or thick hair, two buns can be twice as fun!

Box Braids/Twists

If you prefer box braids, this protective style is ideal for your workout routines. Just keep in mind that box braids require washing, especially after exercise sessions.

Effortless Gym & Workout Hairstyles

How To Take Care Of Your Hair If You Workout Everyday

1.) Protective styles help keep your routine low maintenance and your hair is safely tucked away.

2.) Focus on the scalp post-workout. Peppermint Oil has antimicrobial properties and can help fight against fungi, and inflammation, which can cleanse and soothe the scalp.

3.) Add a co-wash to your weekly hair maintenance. 

4.) Avoid intensely tight headbands that can weaken the hairline.

5.) Deep condition at least once to twice a week.

Effortless Gym & Workout Hairstyles

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair If Your Workout Everyday

Based on your hair's style and texture, we recommend washing twice a week. Use shampoo and conditioner once, and midweek include a co-wash. Some individuals with natural hair who exercise often prefer shampooing once a week and Co-washing mid-week. Additionally, apply a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner daily to avoid dryness and reduce breakage.

An Alternative To Washing Your Hair

Co-washing is a great alternative to washing your hair with shampoo because it gives a gentle cleanse to get rid of dirt, sweat, and odor but also leaves your hair moisturizing as well.

Product Suggestions

Next time you workout, try one of these fun and easy ways to keep the sweat off your face so you don’t have to worry about your hair!

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