Loc Love

Loc Love

 Self-love is one of the driving motives behind embracing natural hair, and we are completely here for it! However, often times, when natural hair is discussed, loose curls and kinks are highlighted, but locs tend to be forgotten about. No, we aren't referring to faux or goddess locs, though they make some pretty fabulous protective styles. We are talking about authentic locs! The kind that take long-term commitment. A part of why less light has been shed on locs, is because an air of mystery still resides around them. To help spread some loc love and knowledge, we reached out to a couple of well-informed ladies. 


Meet the lovely Keisha Johnson, seasoned in her sisterlock journey, and Keianna Springer, a newly loc'd beauty.


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How long have you had your locs and what inspired you to get them? 

Keisha: My sisterlocks were installed September 2014. I’ve always wanted locs since being a kid. I was inspired to get sisterlocks because of the versatility.

Keianna: I have had Sisterlocks for two months. I was inspired by the look, maintenance, and the versatility of Sisterlocks. My loose natural hair was fun and I loved it! But it was time for something new and I wanted a style that resembled my loose curly hair. So that is why I decided to get sisterlocks over traditional locs.


How long did it take to install your sisterlocks? 

Keisha: 16 hours, split into 2 days

Keianna: It took 2 days and about 27 hours to install my sisterlocks. It sounds like a long time but I have heard from others that it can take 40-60 hours depending on the length of hair, thickness of hair, and experience of the sisterlock consultant/trainee. My Sisterlock trainee was awesome and very experienced so I was in and out in no time!


What is maintenance like for you?  

Keisha: I shampoo my sisterlocks about every 2 weeks. Only shampoo, no conditioner. I don’t apply oils. There’s not much maintenance, but I often spritz them with water. I get my sisterlocks retightened every 7 weeks. 

Keianna: My Sisterlocks have saved me so much time these last two months. I literally shake and go! Usually in the mornings I will hop in the shower and the steam gives my hair some moisture and movement. Once I’m out of the shower I use a tiny amount of oil and apply it to my hair. Sometimes I spray my hair with rose water for a boost of moisture and I wash my hair about every two weeks. That's all! No conditioners, gels, leave-ins, deep conditioners etc. I’m free lol!

Do you ever miss not having locs? 

Keisha: I love having locs. Wish I’d done this long ago. I don’t miss my loose natural hair nor do I miss my old relaxer straight hair days either. 

Keianna: Currently I do not miss having my loose natural hair. It has saved me so much time and money. I wish I would have loc’d sooner!







What are your favorite/staple products to use for your scalp/locs? 

Keisha: I don’t apply anything to my scalp. Just simple water. 

KeiannaMy favorite/staple products to use for my locs:

     -EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo

     -A natural hair growth oil

     -Rose Water



What is your favorite thing about having locs? 

Keisha: The freedom and versatility. I’m so thankful I don’t have to worry about the Tampa rain or the humidity ruining my hair. 

Keianna: My favorite thing about having locs is the maintenance. When I had loose natural hair I would spend hours doing my hair and I always had to plan out the week to fit my hair my schedule. Now it takes me about 10-15 mins on wash day to do my hair! It is the best decision that I made for my natural hair so far!


What is a common question/comment/misconception about locs that you'd like to address or set straight? 

Keisha: The most common question I get is that sisterlocks are high maintenance. I tend to disagree, yes the installation may have taken longer than most but after that there’s basically no maintenance. I go to bed and wake up the same..shake and go. 

Keianna: A common misconception about Sisterlocks is that since these types are so small they will eventually break off. This is so wrong! Sisterlocks can actually be very beneficial for loose natural hair. It is basically a protective style you never have to take out lol! It can thrive and become long like any other hair styles. I always remind others that natural hair can break off in its loose natural state or being loc’d. Dry brittle hair comes in many forms and styles. A proper balance of moisture and protein is the key to thriving and healthy hair! 




Want to learn more about Keisha, Keianna, and/or sisterlocks? Feel free to check them out on social media @k_adore and @keiannajenay_, and be sure to leave your questions in the comments below! 


Thanks for joining us in spreading a little loc love!


See you next time!



I started my journey 12/28/2019. My hair is soft and I have unruly gray. I love my hair but don’t see short hair styling suggestions. I still wear a wig to work because I don’t know what to do with it during the budding phase. Any ideas?

Ylizabeth  Jackson
Ylizabeth Jackson

It was lovely reading about their journey and experiences! I’m so excited to LOC my hair one day. I know what to look forward to and what to do. Thank you Eden for this article! Much love, xoxo

Troy Perkins
Troy Perkins

Hello, I am contemplating getting locs. I am still trying to understand the difference between sisterlocks and microlocks. I see some images and they look the same. In other images the microlocks look larger; I’ve seen pictures where the sisterlocks are larger. Could you tell me what the difference is? Is there a difference in how they are created or how they look or maintained? Thanks so much- Troy

Keianna Springer
Keianna Springer

Thank you so much for showing the loc community some love this month and featuring Keisha and I💕.


This is amazing and well said. Thank you ladies @k_adore and @keiannajenay for sharing your stories. Both of yalls sisterlocks are beautiful. && thank you EDEN for shedding light on the beauty of sisterlocks! Natural hair isn’t just loose natural hair, it includes sisterlocks, regular locs, microlocks, braidlocks, etc. I predict in the next 5 years, more loose natural sistas will make the jump to get sisterlocks.

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