How to Prevent Hair Breakage

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

Taking care of your tresses can be hard work especially when you may be dealing with a hair concern like breakage.

First, understand that hair breakage and hair loss are not the same. It is natural to shed hair every day, but it is considered breakage when there are shorter pieces of hair breaking off when you are combing or styling it.

If you are struggling with breakage, you could also be struggling with length retention. If the hair can’t stay strong from root to tip without breaking off, then it will not retain its length. Keke (@kekecurly) shares the difference between the hair breaking off and shedding.

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For the most part, hair breakage is reversible and can be treated by simply taking the steps to find products that work for you as well as getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Here are some common causes for hair breakage. See if there are any changes you can make to your regimen to help your tresses.  

Causes of Breakage

Tight hairstyles - Wearing your hair repeatedly in buns, cornrows, and box braids could lead to hair breakage or hair loss due to constant pulling at the root. The same goes for using rubber bands which pull on the scalp and hair cuticle. Instead, invest in a good hair tie or scrunchie that allows you to wear your hair looser to avoid pulling out strands during the takedown. Tip: Allow your hair time to breathe by letting it down every now and again.

Frequent use of heat - We've all heard about the risk of heat damage when using blow dryers and flat irons. The heat can be very drying and damage the cuticle if done too often. It is best to use heat in moderation and prep hair with products, a thermal protectant.

how to prevent hair breakage

Trimming - It’s time to trim! Don’t be afraid to let go of those loose ends. Cutting off the broken ends will stop the hair from splitting higher up the strands. Tip: It is recommended to trim your hair three to four times a year.

Diet - Another cause of breakage could be attributed to your diet and the nutrients you could be missing from your meals to maintain healthy hair. For example, eggs and fish contain biotin, a vitamin commonly recognized as a factor in helping to grow healthy hair. If you are unable to get all the vitamins needed from your meals, consider taking vitamin supplements.

Stress - Maintaining healthy hair can seem a bit stressful, which can actually worsen your breakage. EDEN strives to make wash days stress-free, which is one of the reasons we created our Lavender Aloe collection. Don’t look at your hair as a chore, but as a time to cater to yourself by pampering your curls.

Hair products - Watch out for products that contain harmful additives. All of EDEN's products are made with clean ingredients (click here for vegan-friendly options). Be extremely careful when relaxing, perming or coloring your hair because you could damage your hair if not treated properly. Your hair could become more susceptible to breakage due to its weakened state.

Slowly making these changes to your hair routine and diet can be beneficial in restoring your hair to a healthier state.

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

Wash your hair - It is important to wash your hair routinely to help keep your scalp healthy. Even when you have a protective style in your hair, it is important to cleanse the scalp. A popular method while wearing a protective style is to use a bottle with an applicator tip. This will help to prevent the hair from frizzing at the roots while shampooing.

how to prevent hair breakage

Steam time - Deep conditioning your hair is very important because it gives your hair the protein and nutrients that it needs. If you routinely take time to deep condition your hair, it will strengthen your hair and help to prevent breakage. Adding steam to your deep conditioning treatment can be a great benefit. The steam adds moisture to your hair, which will help to keep it hydrated. It is very essential to keep your hair moisturized because dry hair is more vulnerable to breakage.

Lastly, don't forget to select products for your routine that will nurture your hair and not cause any further damage. Here are a few of our curlfriend faves:

Coconut Shea Hair Masque Treatment

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How to Prevent Hair Breakage