Happy Birthday, EDEN!

Happy Birthday, EDEN!

Here's a story about a girl named Jasmine...


Who knew there was much more to life than damaged hair. After experiencing chemical damage, she researched ingredients and started mixing oils right in her mother's kitchen. Those were the beginnings to her FIRST product - JojOba Monoi Hair Oil. Fifteen years later, she's merged her love for beauty with tech and is still creating products with natural ingredients to help address your moisture, dryness, breakage, fullness concerns and more!


We are celebrating EDEN BodyWorks’ 15th birthday this month + the life that has been cultivated and shaped by your love, support, and encouragement! Our team is beyond grateful for the loyalty throughout our evolution and the voice of our community that aids in molding us to empower you in the highest form.
As each year sashayed by, we were able to not only understand your hair needs but also embrace the genuine beauties who love EDEN BodyWorks. From our #BrunchwithEDEN event series to introducing EDEN overseas, our ears always perked up listening to your feedback and support.

Empowerment is not just a word we aim to weave into our conversation, it is the actual foundation we use to lay bricks of strength and courage to uplift women. Our team is made up of women who believe in paving the path for generations to come, not only in the beauty market, but in wellness, self-care and self-esteem. We could not be celebrating a NEW personal year if it wasn’t for each + every one of you!

Thank you!

Now, you know a bit about our founder professionally, but we thought it'd be exciting to share a few interesting tidbits about her that you likely did not know.

15 Fun Facts About Our Founder

  1. Favorite hairstyle is two strand twists
  2. Plays the harmonica (in the key of C)
  3. Favorite animal is penguin
  4. Afraid of falling down stairs
  5. Favorite fast food is Taco Bell
  6. A few things in her bucket list are to go to Antarctica, road trip across the US and go to space
  7. Likes to volunteer with organizations that provide access to STEM education to underrepresented groups
  8. Has an insane memory of commercial jingles from the 90s
  9. Loves to swing dance (West Coast style) 
  10. Stopped drinking coffee in 2016
  11. Devout member of the Beyhive
  12. Casually been studying the French language since 7th grade (not fluent yet)
  13. Favorite alcoholic drink is an Old Fashioned
  14. Prefers baking pastry to cooking whole meals
  15. Has been journaling since 2002


Let us know in the comments which EDEN BodyWorks products you were first introduced to and your favorite fun fact about Jasmine!


Anderea Vaughan
Anderea Vaughan

Every product I used from your line my hair loves and I rotate them all. I was late getting to the party but glad I got there. Congrats on your success. Happy Birthday.

India Thomas
India Thomas

The Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner is by far my favorite! The amount of product, the smell, and the moisture is unmatched ❤️

Also, I love 2 strand twists also!!!🖤

Maryi perlaza
Maryi perlaza

Soy feliz de por haber conocido por primera vez el livin y la crema de risos de coconut y me encanta usar otros productos solo puedo comprar en Colombia en tiendas en linea, sus productos no son comerciaiizados aqui Dios los bendiga siiempre

Sonja Henney
Sonja Henney

I am so overjoyed to have found your product. I bought the curl defining cream at Target and was so pleased with the results that I went out and got another jar at Walmart. I enjoyed the videos on your product and your overall vision. Thanks for giving me a quality hair care product. Love it!!!

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