Changing Seasons: How To Winterize Your Hair Care Routine

Changing Seasons: How To Winterize Your Hair Care Routine

Winter can wreak havoc on our hair due to the cold weather, harsh winds, and dry air, leaving locks dull, frizzy, and brittle. And after a long day, you might want to jump into a hot shower to warm up; however, hot water can cause stress on your hair which increases its porosity. Most people don’t realize that using hot water on your hair can have a significant impact on its health and appearance. When you are using hot water to shower, it breaks the keratin and opens up the cuticle layer of your hair strand. This is important because the cuticle protects the hair shaft from damage and helps to seal in moisture. When the cuticle layer is intact, your hair looks shiny and healthy, but when the cuticle layer is damaged, your hair can become prone to breakage. But don't worry, you can still take hot showers and enjoy the winter weather with these tips on how to winterize your hair care routine and keep your tresses looking their best this season.

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  1. Moisturizing Shampoo and Cowash

If you’re using a clarifying shampoo, switch it out for a moisturizing shampoo and a cowash. Using a moisturizing shampoo and cowash can have several benefits to your hair during the winter months. They help add extra hydration to your hair and scalp, reduce frizz and tangles, prevent breakage, split ends, and hair loss. We recommend that co-washes are used in between regular washings so your hair will feel soft, smooth, and healthy.

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  1. Deep Condition

Using a deep conditioner every time you shampoo can help restore the moisture and hydrate your hair. Deep conditioning treatments provide essential nutrients to your hair and help prevent future damage so your hair remains strong, healthy, and more resistant to environmental stressors. We recommend deep conditioning every time you shampoo or a masque with a steamer once a month.

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  1. Hot Oil Treatment

It’s important to do a monthly hot oil treatment to help penetrate moisture and soften hair. The heat opens up your hair cuticles which allows the oil to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and scalp. Hot oil treatments also help to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which can encourage hair growth with both length & volume. TIP: It's a good idea prior to applying oil to your scalp and hair for the full treatment to test a small patch to assure it's the right temperature.

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  1. Styling Products

Just like having to add extra layers when it comes to your wardrobe the same applies when it comes to your haircare regimen.  Layering products and swapping them out for thicker ones can combat the outdoor winds from absorbing all of your moisture from your curls and coils. Switching to heavier styling products can be a game-changer for dry hair. These products will help to hold your style in place while also adding hydration and shine all day long!

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  1. Seal Your Ends

Oh, your delicate ends! Remember that your ends are the oldest parts of your strands which means they're the most fragile and prone to breakage. Sealing the ends of your hair with oil or butter can protect it from damage, lock in moisture and coat strands to resist unnecessary frizz.  Also, make sure you're sleeping with a bonnet or satin scarf at night to ensure your ends are protected. Especially, if your goal is length retention this will help with achieving your hair goals for 2024. 

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Winterizing your hair care routine doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. These simple changes such as using a moisturizing shampoo and cowash, applying hot oil, and protecting your ends can make a huge difference in your hair’s health and appearance. We’re sure your hair will love the pampering!

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