Beat the Heat: 6 Summer Hair Tips For Your Gorgeous Tresses

Beat the Heat: 6 Summer Hair Tips For Your Gorgeous Tresses

August, baby! It’s official, the hottest month of the year is always our fave!

Hello, anniversary month!

With record high temps and the humidity aggressively greeting you at the doorstep, staying cool is at the top of our agenda for summer hair.  Yes, please, and thank you!

That being said, we’re here to help you beat the heat with a few summer tips to ease stress and keep your tresses maintenance to a minimum. With more island trips, rooftop brunch dates, and the last droplets of outdoor festivals happening this month, let your summer hair have its own care-free vacay as well. No matter, if you’re wearing coils, curls, locs or straight we have at least a few hair tricks that will get you through the end of summer. So let’s get to it….

Summer Hair: Twist-Out + Curls

Accessories: If we had to pick the villain of this season, the number one enemy to our styles would be humidity hands down. Yes, we appreciate the moisture that humidity can bring but does it have to steal our definition every single time it decides to makes an entrance? Enters our holy grail, curly girl approved, humidity-resistant Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme, a great shield in this battle~ controls frizz, protects definition, and gives a medium hold. It has a history of unapologetically slaying humidity ASAP. 

But once you’ve taken your twists down, add another level of protection and don’t be afraid to use accessories to preserve your looks while commuting to your destination. Try a cute yet stylish scarf to secure your summer hair. And even, the above cap hack will help block  the humidity. Head to the bathroom take off your headwear, pick the hair out, shake and you’re ready to go!

Don’t touch: Frizz can do bad all by itself, it doesn’t need your hands constantly touching your hair to help it along. Translation: curlfriend, please stop caressing your strands. I know you love the feel of a soft selfie-worthy wash n’ go or a moisturized twist out but you're undoing all of the hard work you've invested in your wash day (causing fairy knots too). Ensure frizz stays away by actually protecting your beautiful mane and getting your 6-8 hours of ‘beauty rest’ too. Ideally, every night you should wear a scarf or  bonnet. No judgment sis because we've all been victims to the tired nights dozing off on the couch with nothing on our curls and waking up a misshapen curly fro. 

LAZY NATURAL TIP: keep a scarf or bonnet near your resting areas so in those exhausting times you can just reach for it without even getting up. 

Summer Hair: Let's Talk About Locs

Bun love: A top knot will always win as a cute go-to style for summer hair, because it’s simple and looks great in all types of hair, especially locs. No matter if you have long or short ones, the above hair net tip makes it easy to sculpt the perfect orb for your bun. Gone are the days when hair nets were only used on high school cafeteria ladies.  They're making a comeback and their light, thin texture makes it almost impossible for others to even notice you’re wearing one. Plus, it eliminates the 37 bobby pins that are usually used to keep a bun in place. 

Let them dry: We all love a cool sensation on our scalp, especially coming in from 90-degree weather. Moisturizing your locs and scalp can help prevent breakage and dryness while keeping them strong and healthy. But make sure you’re giving them enough time to dry before going to bed. Going to bed on a consistent basis with wet hair can promote mildew growing in your locs and also cause further damage as well as frizz.   If your scalp needs a refreshing pick-me-up and your locs need some additional shine try our Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil or Lavender Aloe Hair Oil.

TIP: Plan ahead. And if you’re too tired to do a complete wash day, put it off another day so you give your hair time for each step including drying them.  This goes for braids too.

Summer Hair: Pulling Up On Protective Styles

Take care of vacay braids: If you don’t call this a 90s-style comeback we don't know what is! From Poetic Justice to Brandy gracing the screens with her ever-changing braided style on Moesha, box braids have been making a style-wave that’s forever celebrated in our culture. They're addictive, but just because you have braids doesn’t mean you get to abandon your hair altogether. We know it’s tempting after sitting in the styling chair for 6 hours to want to forget about your hair for the next 6 weeks, but keeping up with a simple routine will help the health of your hair and keep your braids looking neat and fresh the rest of the summer.
Ponytail Vacay ~ You know we love a good Barbie-inspired ponytail these days too. This style is quick and fun no matter your texture. You can give bone straight silkiness or puff glory with the type of extensions you decide to use. Find your summer hair texture match at Latched and Hooked. Give yourself a polished look and combat ponytail fly-aways with our Lavender Aloe Smoothing Gel and/or Coconut Shea Edge Control Gel

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