10 Ways To Revive Your Edges & Promote Growth

10 Ways To Revive Your Edges & Promote Growth

Kicking this read off with a riddle...

Tik-Tok ready twists, Pinterest style pin-ups or even the Insta-envy waist-length faux locs; what do all of these styles have in common? Answer: The finishing touch to each of these looks are unapologetically laid edges! 

We’ve all witnessed it before as our thumbs lead us on a scrolling marathon to our fave beauty influencers’ page. Those side profile closeups of perfected hairstyles showcasing their bountiful and beautiful edges. There’s just something so appealing about seeing impeccably neat swirls and waves, right? 

But what about the beauties who strategically hide their edges due to their thinning hairline? Yes, as much as we would love to embrace and pretend that our hair is thriving every season, we have to admit sometimes that may not be true in every case. Remember, there is a major difference between baby hairs and breakage. 

So, if you’re striving to revitalize your edges and nape hair, bookmark this blog because this read is for you! But before we roll out 10 ways of getting your hairline flourishing before the spring buds bloom let’s dive into a few causes. This way you can break bad habits and prevent them from appearing again in the future. 

Tips to Help Care for Your Edges

Puff, bun + braids addiction is real! How can you not love low maintenance + timesaver styles? It’s the dream for convenience but your edges may be living a nightmare if you’re not careful. If you’re constantly wearing tight styles they can easily lead to tension, friction and eventually hair loss. Stress can also be a disruptor to your overall hair cycle and cause follicles to pause growth temporarily. When this happens, it’s typical that when the stress stops, hair resumes its normal cycle. Tip: If stress creeps up on you every time you think about dealing with your coils, take a deep breath and reimagine your wash day to prioritize your self-care.

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Now that we have the causes out of the way, let’s dive into the solutions!

  1. Be gentle with your edges  ~ Your strands are fragile, especially around your hairline. Take a deep breath before styling. Many times while you’re in a rush or frustrated, you can mindlessly yank, pull or be overly aggressive trying to quickly style your hair. Exhale and remember being gentle is a vital step for regrowth.
  2. Bring on the moisture ~Many times the edges and nape area don't get to join in on the deep conditioning or hot oil treatments like the rest of your curls + coils do. Make sure to send out a bi-weekly (or at least a monthly) invite to them.
  3. Switch up your styles ~ As 2022 continues to unfold make sure you’re keeping up with your hair resolutions. And one of them should be trying fresh new looks other than your devoted puff or bun (no shade, we love these go-to styles too!). As much as we love them they can cause thinning around the hairline over time.
  4. Relax on the “laidddttt” edges ~ Oh! We love to see waves and designs the edge brush can create as your baby hair becomes the canvas BUT doing it on a daily basis can cause over manipulation. So let them breathe every now and then, your hair is still gorgeous!
  5. Quality control ~ Check the quality of products you’re applying to your hair. Ingredients matter especially in your styling products. Hard truth: Some products you may be using can temporarily perform well but are filled with damaging ingredients that will show up later down the line. Our Coconut Shea Edge Gel is packed with coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter, you can’t go wrong with this top-tier list of ingredients.
  6. Accessories roll-call ~ Wide-brimmed hats or that colorful and bold printed headwrap are on your trend list but make sure you check the inside lining. Rough fabrics can create intense dryness.
  7. Massages are a scalp's best friend ~ You know how your body feels reinvigorated after a smooth Swedish massage, well think how your scalp would feel if it received similar treatment. Your scalp will start to come back to life by stimulating the blood flow + strengthening your roots.
  8. Block the heatwave ~ aka use a heat protectant. And that’s only if you ABSOLUTELY need to apply heat to that area at all. Keeping a heat protectant by your side creates a safe barrier between your curls and heat to prevent further damage.
  9. Seal it with a kiss, a peppermint kiss ~ Did you know when you feel that satisfying peppermint oil “tingle” it is actually at work increasing circulation to the area it’s applied to which eventually stimulates growth?
  10. Put in a request ~ We’ve all seen or even experienced the stylist that braids every single strand around the hairline, and most of the time your real hair is holding on for dear life. Next time, make sure you request that they leave your nape + edges out of your protective style so they can breathe.

Bonus Tip: Thou Shall Love Thy Bonnet! ~ Make sure when you’re wearing your bonnet it’s giving you full coverage from your edges to your nape and it has full satin lining around the hairline. 

Follow these steps with just a sprinkle of patience and you’ll be throwing your edges a welcome-back party in no time!

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